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  1. The only issue I have is that it is just impossible to know how much of the success is due to him. Everyone knows that offense is Andy Reid's first and foremost, to the point that Bienemy doesn't even call the plays. That doesn't mean he isn't a prodigy who has been sitting learning from the best, but it does mean he could be riding the coattails of one of the best offensive minds in the league and would not be capable of running things from the top. It just makes it more of a question mark.
  2. Don't trust any smoke screens coming out right now. They are playing games like the draft. I think Blank is smart enough not to leak who they are really after, lest it pushes other teams to move first.
  3. This is the gut feeling I got. I think Smith is the real front runner.
  4. I think we would have to win out and finish 9-7. That would mean beating Saints, TB 2x and KC. So... If you think that's possible Vegas will give you +1700 odds.
  5. He was mentioned in the article multiple times?
  6. Why have we not adjusted to the blitz? God, I hate Koetter.
  7. This is mostly Saints and TB, as they account for 4 of the games. With Brees out, Saints are a different team, and in conference games are always a wildcard regardless of record.
  8. I feel one mistake that has hampered us for some time, is that we clearly have placed a vast majority of our emphasis and money on our offense, but yet we have had a defensive head coach for all of MR's tenure. That means that we have to settle for a 2nd rate offensive coordinator, or else we lose them to head coaching positions. If we are placing our money and emphasis on winning with our offense, then why wouldn't we invest in securing one of the most important aspects of running that offense?
  9. There is no question he elevates WRs. I don’t think he can make a bad o-line look good, though.
  10. I’m loving all the blitzing. It’s nice to see us try something different.
  11. what did Falcons fans do to deserve this eternal torture?
  12. I think this was the problem to begin with. Maybe Raheem will just let Koetter run his offense. It may not be the best in the league, but it will be better than him trying to run someone else's offense. I frankly can't believe that lesson wasn't learned the first time around after trying to force Sark to run Shanny's offense.
  13. I don’t think other coaches in the league respect him after what he did to Indianapolis. He didn’t just quit on them, he quit on all of the assistants he was bringing with him. Are you sure he could attract a competent support staff to come join him here?
  14. That would be a terrible mistake. There is no way to ever live up to those expectations.
  15. I have nothing to back this up, but I would surprised if the owners did not vote to keep it flat next year instead of adjusting to revenue.
  16. Doubt it. New blood sells tickets. Blank has to drum up some intrigue and excitement to sell any tickets next year.
  17. Does anyone know if they are planning to continue to have Ulbrich call 1st & 2nd downs and Morris 3rd downs? Also any change in Ulbrich’s role or was the promotion to AHC just a monetary deal to keep him from entertaining other offers?
  18. This might explain Mularkey’s departure. He was the run game coordinator and zone is not his strength.
  19. ESPN models are more worthless than the original COVID death prediction models.
  20. I’m sure they’ll be shopping the bargain bin for a 1-year steal. Anyone think Raheem can get Kazee back on track? We could really use him taking a leap.
  21. I expect with the 5th year declined we will see a quieter, more motivated Takk this year since he knows it’s a make or break year and he’s gone either way. Best case he plays wells, goes and gets a fat contract somewhere else and nets us a nice comp pick.
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