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  1. By all accounts Terry was a hot GM prospect, and likely even being groomed to be Loomis' successor in New Orleans if he had chosen to stay there. If he didn't select or at least approve the head coach, or didn't like the hierarchy of the firm, why would he have taken the job?
  2. It depends if Terry brought some of that Saints cap voodoo with him. They seem to worm their way out of cap **** and sign big dollar contracts every year for the past ten years.
  3. Probably hanging out with Bear Woods somewhere.
  4. Based on what I saw this year, I'd rather roll the dice with a rookie.
  5. LOL, they just hired Ravens assistant HC David Culley. Texans fans are pissed.
  6. He hosted a sports radio show in Tampa while Rich was GM there. So I was just saying it’s possible they know each other. But yeah, point taken.
  7. To be fair, if he is a TB affiliate he could actually be friends with McKay like he says from his TB days (although color me skeptical!) Also, of course they are taking calls. Doesn’t mean they are going to act on them, but you have to establish a market price to make an informed decision.
  8. I think absolutely Arthur will want to keep Mack for 1 or 2 years to help install his system if he is reasonable on price.
  9. Does Arthur use Shanny/LeFluer’s terminology? The same one DQ forced Sark and DK to use the last few years?
  10. His defense when he was DC of the Texans went from middle of the pack to almost last in the league the two years he was there. Of course that was 10-years ago.
  11. Or just get Cox back in here to coach the d-line.
  12. Bush certainly has a lot of experience, but he also bounces around a lot. Seems like he is a good LB coach who keeps getting promoted beyond that and failing back into the LB coach role. But that's just my ignorant first glance take from looking at his wiki page.
  13. Yeah... I suppose it was a mutual need for a change of scenery, but he is a **** good coach, and doubt anyone they hire now is going to be better.
  14. Imagine how they feel these last few seasons having let Andy Reid go.
  15. Ben Kotwica might have quietly been even more disappointing here than Dirk Koetter. Our ST was one of the worst I have ever seen, and we've had some really bad units before. Outside of Younghoe I don't recall one single bright-spot from our ST while he was here, and Kotwica had a really good resume and a solid unit in Washington before coming here (despite all of their dysfunction otherwise). Eager to see some improvement here.
  16. Would it make everyone feel better in this hypothetical if they just named Gannon DC and named Pees a defensive consultant? It feels like many here are getting caught up on titles, but if both are comfortable with it and clearly understand the division of labor and their respective roles and responsibilities, does it matter what their titles are?
  17. I like it. It gives us a known entity for winning now and a clear succession plan for two years from now when Pees retires again. One of Quinn's biggest downfalls was having no plan for what to do when Shanahan left for a HC job. Everyone in the NFL knew he wanted to be a HC and would jump at the first chance, but we had no-one on staff to keep the ball rolling. Instead he had to replace almost the entire staff because the OC left. It was very myopic.
  18. This is his first ever press conference and the whole Zoom based presentation had to be distracting. The linguistic tics will likely subdue as the nerves where off and he grows more comfortable. I personally thought he came across as extremely affable and professional.
  19. So in Dallas is he going to call plays for 1/2 the year and then hand it off, or hand it off for 1/2 the year and then take it over?
  20. It would be hard to argue the 3rd best QB in the draft is the best overall player left in the draft.
  21. I'm assuming LaFluer used Shanny's terminology in TEN, but I haven't heard any confirmation if Arthur also used this or not. Just have seen growing pains in this area in the past.
  22. Does anyone know if he uses the same Shanahan play calling system that Quinn also forced Sark and Koetter to use? Or is he implementing a new lingo?
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