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  1. It was against the Rams... Seems more a testament to how bad Harrington is than how good Redman is.
  2. "lol actually im having a brain fart and dont seem to get any of the above answers... i get 17/12 and im trying to figure out if it's a misprint or I'm just as stupid as I thought lol"If you convert 1hr45min to 105 minutes and then do the math, it is a lot easier.
  3. I have a feeling we are going to get a lot of stupid posts just so people can pad their count...
  4. once again, this poll shows that most fans know whats up, and the vocal minority just yell loud enough on this board that they get heard over the sensible masses.
  5. deangelo hall is what, 23 or 24? he is not a man and has no business shouting at his coaches.
  6. how come every single person above here who would keep hall over petrino has either hall or vick in their username?
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