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  1. With a 17-game season they should 8-home, 8-away and 1-neutral field, be it Mexico, London or somewhere else.
  2. That rule was dropped when they expanded the active roster from 45 to 46.
  3. I really think having Julio for at least this year will really help with the transition to Arthur’s scheme.
  4. The counter to doubling two of the three is a dangerous running game, and the ability to run and/or pass out of your formations, which I have no doubt Arthur will build. That is when defenses truly have no answer.
  5. It helps coming in that no one on the roster is one of "their guys". They have no undue loyalty to anyone. Hopefully this mindset stays true.
  6. I think Pees will find ways to apply pressure from places other than just the d-line, which went against DQs philosophy (despite never having an adequate d-line to run his defense). We’ll see if that plays out.
  7. Mills to Hou means we can expect him to our backup in a few years.
  8. He seems to be the obvious BPA. We'll see if that really is TF's philosophy or if he goes more for perceived value.
  9. That game destroyed me for a long time, and I was just watching from home. It’s not surprising it zapped all of DQ’s mojo. It will likely haunt him the rest of his life.
  10. The fact that Terry just restructured Matt’s contract determines that this is a smoke screen.
  11. Even if he is average it will be a step above our recent CB play. Good signing for the price.
  12. Good for him. I'd be happy to bring him back as a coach whenever he decides to hang up the cleats.
  13. This is a two to three year turnaround. The biggest thing this year is hording draft picks that fit Terry and Arthur's vision and instilling their systems and procedures. There will be MUCH more cap room and flexibility in contracts to make more dramatic changes next year and the following year.
  14. I think he’ll be above avg back w/ Shanny. He was an atrocious run blocker last season, but Koetter’s system wasn’t doing any of the lineman any favors. It doesn’t matter because he cost more than we could afford anyway. This is what you groom draftees for.
  15. My gut says that if QBs go 1, 2 & 3 we take Sewell and if Sewell goes at 3 we trade back to someone who will overpay to get the 3rd QB left. But, nobody really knows. We have never seen a TF draft before so we have no idea of what his tendencies will be except for what little has been share with the media, and that could all be smoke and mirrors.
  16. As someone with a daughter, she isn’t wearing anything that she doesn’t want to. She’s 7 now, I think the last time I convinced her to wear a jersey was in my avatar pic.
  17. Didn't realize Matthews was still only 29. Feels like he has been here longer than that. This one is a no-brainer.
  18. On top of that given the COVID cap issues league wide, it could be the perfect year with a deeper and cheaper free agency market than normal.
  19. If you don't intend to extend, then don't restructure. It will be a painful cap year this year regardless and it gets much easier to exit Matt's contract next year. Personally, I would be all for extend a year or two if Matt is willing to make it more team friendly, so that we can use that space to add pieces this year.
  20. Yeah... But Joe Burrow managed to get 5,600 yards and 60-TDs with that all star cast.
  21. He doesn’t need a Henry. Dirk Koetter with MJD actually ran at a higher % than Athur did last year. This team is built around the passing game, and I think Arthur, true to his stated commitment of flexibility and playing to strength, will continue to keep that as our strength. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t simultaneously build a strong run game, but it does mean we don’t need an all-pro RB that can carry the team.
  22. Rico should move into coaching, or if he still wants to play go help DQ install his system in Dallas. He wouldn't have thrived in Pees system anyways.
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