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  1. 1 hour ago, Mescalito said:

    I'm afraid we're going to make Jalen Hurts look like Patrick Mahomes.


    You can at least count on Pees not to show a rookie QB a vanilla defense all game long like DQ.  If nothing else he will at least try to confuse him with looks and pressure.    


  2. 24 minutes ago, richardc said:

    Agreed. No need to panic.  

    regarding QB… open question, do we really need 3 QB’s?  I mean if we lose QB’s, and unless Kurt Warner is our 3rd QB, isn’t our season done anyway?   Maybe we use the 3rd QB spot to carry another O-Lineman, that can help prevent the need to have a 3rd QB.  Just asking.  


    Probably don’t need 3, but no reason not to keep Franks on the practice squad to see if he can develop. The raw talent is there.

  3. 7 minutes ago, hashmark61 said:

    Wasn't it Sean McVay that said he had been copying his offense for the past few years.?





    And right out of the gate, McVay said he’s been stealing plays from Smith for years.

    “I tell you what, you talk about best offensive minds – one of the best,” McVay said. “What he did in Tennessee these last couple years, he has been lighting it up. Been seeing their stuff. I’ve been copying his [expletive] for the last couple years,” McVay said. “Man, it’s been awesome watching him do his thing.”



  4. 3 hours ago, JDaveG said:

    Max's BS about the Super Bowl is nonsense.  Matt Ryan threw the pass to set up the game winning FG.  Then Shanahan and Capt. Slogan Choke stepped in.  His dumb *** doesn't remember that because nobody remembers things like that.  But to go with the "Ryan cost them the Super Bowl" nonsense is stupid, and anyone who parrots it is stupid.

    Didn’t he have the alltime QBR record for a SB losing QB?  Hard to put that loss on him.



    Edit:  Looked it up.  Matt has the #4 alltime SB QBR for that game. Tom Brady’s best game is 9th alltime.

  5. In 12-years as a DC on 3 different teams he's only had 1 year where he wasn't top half in scoring defense, and only 2 where he wasn't top half in yards.  That said, while I know our personnel is better than our previous record, this might be the weakest personnel he's had compared to those 12-years.   Some of those New England and Baltimore defenses he had were stacked.    

  6. 18 minutes ago, ATLskinjob said:

    Am I the only one that thought that Hurst looked good in his limited usage last season? I had him in fantasy last year, so I watched him closer, and I thought he did really well in his limited catches. The real problem was the Koetter couldn't get the ball to him ever. He was schemed less and less as the season went by and Dirk completely lost it/gave up. 

    I'm really hoping he balls out this season. It wouldn't be insane if he has more yards than Pitts this season.




    If he balls out it gives Arthur some really interesting flexibility in working out of 2-TE packages and then either smashing the defense in the mouth or motioning to split one or both of him and Pitts out wide to get some really lopsided match-ups.  

  7. I do hope that since Smith is using some variation of the same verbage Shanny used (that DQ idiotically forced Sark and Koetter to learn) there won’t the typical two-year installation before the offense gets humming.

    I also assume with all the pessimism it means we are actually going to win 11 games.  Remember the 0-16 predictions Ryan and Smitty’s first year when we pulled off 11-wins?  

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