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  1. The failure rate for late round QBs, let alone UDFAs, is probably 99+%. I’m going to have to see something really special on the field before I get even a tiny modicum of hope that he can fill Matt Ryan’s shoes when he decides to hang them up.
  2. It's the Hotel California man... Of course we're all still here!
  3. In 12-years as a DC on 3 different teams he's only had 1 year where he wasn't top half in scoring defense, and only 2 where he wasn't top half in yards. That said, while I know our personnel is better than our previous record, this might be the weakest personnel he's had compared to those 12-years. Some of those New England and Baltimore defenses he had were stacked.
  4. If he balls out it gives Arthur some really interesting flexibility in working out of 2-TE packages and then either smashing the defense in the mouth or motioning to split one or both of him and Pitts out wide to get some really lopsided match-ups.
  5. I hope he gets a lot of yards, but I want to inherit a high 2nd rd pick next year.
  6. I do hope that since Smith is using some variation of the same verbage Shanny used (that DQ idiotically forced Sark and Koetter to learn) there won’t the typical two-year installation before the offense gets humming. I also assume with all the pessimism it means we are actually going to win 11 games. Remember the 0-16 predictions Ryan and Smitty’s first year when we pulled off 11-wins?
  7. Ravens: We want Julio! Mom: We already have a Falcons WR at home.
  8. I joined in 2001 as Raptorial Bird. Mostly was a lurker for while... Guess I still am. The board has definitely had it's ups and downs. I'm not as old as you, but I think we all need rest!
  9. I hope he goes somewhere cold and miserable with a horrible QB who can't get him the ball and doesn't win a single game.
  10. They both like to run multiple plays out of a single formation and personnel package. It allows for seeing what the defense does and then later exploiting the weaknesses they show.
  11. We are better with Julio, yes. But Ryan made Jenkins, Sanu and Justin Hardy look like #1 WR at times when everyone else went down. Having a real running game also takes the desperate need for a WR who can get open in triple coverage much less dire.
  12. https://twitter.com/AtlantaFalcons/status/1394684494628769798?s=20
  13. With a 17-game season they should 8-home, 8-away and 1-neutral field, be it Mexico, London or somewhere else.
  14. That rule was dropped when they expanded the active roster from 45 to 46.
  15. I really think having Julio for at least this year will really help with the transition to Arthur’s scheme.
  16. The counter to doubling two of the three is a dangerous running game, and the ability to run and/or pass out of your formations, which I have no doubt Arthur will build. That is when defenses truly have no answer.
  17. It helps coming in that no one on the roster is one of "their guys". They have no undue loyalty to anyone. Hopefully this mindset stays true.
  18. I think Pees will find ways to apply pressure from places other than just the d-line, which went against DQs philosophy (despite never having an adequate d-line to run his defense). We’ll see if that plays out.
  19. Mills to Hou means we can expect him to our backup in a few years.
  20. He seems to be the obvious BPA. We'll see if that really is TF's philosophy or if he goes more for perceived value.
  21. That game destroyed me for a long time, and I was just watching from home. It’s not surprising it zapped all of DQ’s mojo. It will likely haunt him the rest of his life.
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