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  1. Does anyone know if they are planning to continue to have Ulbrich call 1st & 2nd downs and Morris 3rd downs? Also any change in Ulbrich’s role or was the promotion to AHC just a monetary deal to keep him from entertaining other offers?
  2. This might explain Mularkey’s departure. He was the run game coordinator and zone is not his strength.
  3. ESPN models are more worthless than the original COVID death prediction models.
  4. I’m sure they’ll be shopping the bargain bin for a 1-year steal. Anyone think Raheem can get Kazee back on track? We could really use him taking a leap.
  5. I expect with the 5th year declined we will see a quieter, more motivated Takk this year since he knows it’s a make or break year and he’s gone either way. Best case he plays wells, goes and gets a fat contract somewhere else and nets us a nice comp pick.
  6. The way rookie and vet deals are structured now it simply does not make sense to trade away picks like it did when we traded for Julio. You need as many players as possible on rookie deals to win these days as vet deals are so inflated. Just for maximum cap friendly deals you need to fill out roster depth with talented rookies instead of low-tier free agents.
  7. This would make 4 MVP QBs in the division! ...Oh wait, only 3. Brees has never won MVP
  8. I did some digging and it looks like they are expecting the cap to be ~$200m for 2020, which is a $12m increase over 2019. A bigger spike is expected to come in 2021 if the CBA is reached and new media deals are locked in, though I couldn’t find any projected figures.
  9. If that $5b in new money to players has any credence, then that is ~$150m per team. I wonder if contracts will go up in a prorated amount for the extra game? Either way, the cap is clearly set for a nice increase.
  10. Hopefully either he accepts a lowball to stay, or he gets such a huge offer somewhere else that it won’t tempt DQ and TD to match (and we get a nice healthy comp pick in return). I’m ok with either of these.
  11. I prefer nitrogen sports if you are comfortable with bitcoin. Been around forever (I can look in my history when I used to bet and lose 1-BTC on games when a BTC was only worth $35 ) with a good reputation and instant payouts.
  12. It sounds like from the quote and from what we saw this year they were trying to run a hybrid of Dirk’s offense with Shannahan’s terminology. That’s like a worst of both worlds. I would rather see Dirk’s simplified terminology with the concepts from Shannahan’s offense.
  13. May he be the next Bobby Petrino
  14. Yeah, that’s a good point. He had to at least have been able to practice or he would’ve shown up on the report.
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