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  1. A washed Hester is still better than Roberts, yes. But definitely not worth the $3.7mm cap hit when we released him.
  2. I think Gruden only lets the rumors that he is going to go back to coaching continue so that he can leverage the possibility in renegotiating his broadcasting contract. I expect "Romo to return" rumors to persist for a few years too, as long as his agent tells him he can use that as a potential negotiating leverage.
  3. Yep... Falcons were down 31-17 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Outscored Pitt 17-3 in the 4th quarter to tie it up, then 0 pts by either team in OT to end in a tie.
  4. They would have only had 7 in the first half if not for 30-yds in personal fouls by Vikes on one drive. They really haven’t been moving it well. Vikes have better o-stats on every line except points. Stupid mistakes kill ANY team.
  5. Refs handing out 15-yards like candy these days.
  6. A vast majority of this board wanted Shanny gone by this point in 2015.
  7. They should do it by division. Then the following Thu night game can always be a division game, too.
  8. To be fair their whole defensive game plan was to rape our WR every down and hope they don’t get called every down. And it almost worked, it was clearly getting in Julio’s head which is not easy to do.
  9. I called it before Minnesota and NO ran the play. There has to be better communication to switch defenders on the pick play in the end zone.
  10. I also thought when they came out they were going to hard-count to try and draw offsides then timeout and kick the FG.
  11. I don't know who, but I liked the passion. I do appreciate how humble he is, and don't like showboating, but he is a little too quiet sometimes. It was good to see him fired up.
  12. I think we need to wear the all-white next time. It seemed to make some of the Saint's defenders invisible. The refs couldn't see them holding and Matt couldn't see them standing in front of the receivers.
  13. We've got a 3-game win streak going against the Saints and Quinn is officially in Sean Peyton's head. Also Deion Jones is the new Brent Grimes. Brees is going to be having nightmares about him for the next two weeks.
  14. All I want in an officiating crew is consistency. That's it. But that seems to be too much to ask for these days.