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  1. I have to travel for work and it is a burden no matter the money you bring in. You can't replace those hours with your children and they grow up so fast.
  2. Ryan usually eats blitzes up. Just needs to get back in sync with the DK offense so he can act without thinking. It's clear he's still processing things a little too slowly, but it should start picking up in the next few weeks. Minny and Philly are two tough defenses to try to find your groove on.
  3. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!
  4. Lol... I stand corrected! Faircatch Franks was infuriating. I never want to see that again.
  5. With this offense the A1 most important part of a returner is not turning the ball over. Don’t take the ball out of Ryan’s hands. I’d rather have a conservative returner who consistently gets a few yards and doesn’t make mistakes than a risk taker.
  6. Ah, a Saints fan. Wrong forum. I was confused by the “us” for a second and thought you were talking about the Falcons.
  7. Maybe they still have injury concerns with Free? Stash Hill on the inactive list for a few weeks to be sure Free’s 100% when the game gets full speed. Then they have an extra back if not.
  8. No, but they’ll put him on the practice squad to keep him around. Next year he can battle Benkert.
  9. Clowney... I mean, your talking the difference between a top 5 draft pick and an undrafted free agent. It’s not even close.
  10. Elam, another great, fell off a cliff all at once for us after being great the previous year. He went from 93% to 63%. He was just 39 when that happened. You can’t run away from aging.
  11. Every year DQ uses preseason for practicing specific scenarios, hitting weaknesses and assessing fringe players; and every year fans complain about execution, winning and sustaining drives. It’s simply not a focus or priority for DQ like it is for some coaches and teams. It can be frustrating, because it means we have to wait until regular season to see what we have and it also means we sometimes start the season slow, but it is what it is.
  12. Ish made it this far being able to be an avg backup at multiple positions, which is always valuable with limited roster spots. Unfortunately he seems to have slipped to below avg at both spots. Not a good place to be.
  13. Both sides are right on this one. The line struggled because there was no proper game planning to counter-act against an aggressive blitzing D. And also Sambrailo and Schweitzer both looked like garbage. No need to panic, with game planning we will have someone to help Sambrailo and audibles to counter-act the blitz and Schweitzer will be riding pine. And the retooled line will need a few weeks to gel. At the same time I hope McGary comes back soon and plays well enough to take Sambrailo's job by the bye week.
  14. I hope he has double digit luck sacks this season.
  15. I think who gets the proverbial #2 is going to depend on the defense they’re going up against. Their strengths are very different. I’m guessing they will at least finish with very similar numbers though.