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  1. There is still a long offseason to go. Often times patience is a virtue in FA. There will be more opportunities to come.
  2. We do get Crawford back who was serviceable in that role. Still really thin, but I do find solace that Quinn is a d-line coach first, if anyone knows the importance of the line it's him.
  3. Every **** year. We're like 2-days into free agency and people start freaking out because we haven't signed one of a few over-priced vets. Calm down people.
  4. I wouldn't say a lot, but even with Suh being a better player if it really was a money issue with Poe, Suh is going to be even more expensive. Why would they let Poe leave and then go get an even more expensive replacement? I just don't see it. I'm not saying he wouldn't immediately make the team better. I just don't think it's likely at all. Quinn has shown he would rather spend big dollars on the offense and build his defense through the draft and second tier free agents. Even with Poe being a big splash, he was just a one-year rental. What big long term contracts have we targeted in FA on defense since Quinn got here?
  5. I don’t see it. Why would we let Poe go for money reasons and then sign Suh?
  6. Harlow has one more year of practice squad eligibility, right?
  7. I don't disagree with you, but the players ultimately did agree to the percentage of revenue allocation. There are definitely some owners who would like it if there were no cap (Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder) but that would kill the current parody in the league, which is part of what has made it so popular. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens at the next CBA. I doubt the negotiations are going to be friendly. I like the idea of having one player per team that you are allowed to not count towards the cap. That gives you the option of keeping your franchise star player and paying them a ridiculous contract without taking up 15-20% of your cap on one player.
  8. Poe is a big reason for this. We need somebody else next to Jarrett to eat up double teams and help keep him clean so he can keep getting the TFL and getting to the QB.
  9. Owners don't choose the cap increase, it is tied to league revenue. That percentage amount was decided during the last CBA.
  10. Drafting has now become VERY important. Not that it wasn't always, but with the crazy FA contracts and the low rookie contracts it is become more and more vital to get real production out of your drafts.
  11. So what you are trying to say is...
  12. I've been hearing about Tampa Bay being great "next year" for ten years now. Meanwhile they haven't won the division since Gruden left. Falcons are going to win the division next year.
  13. Yep! To be fair, I suppose we should also concede it easily might have been we lost Detroit and Chicago and finished 8-8, too. Parody in the NFL is real.
  14. Last I heard were reports they were working on a long term contract. Definitely don't think they plan to replace him. I would think they would put a 2nd round tender on if a deal isn't set by the deadline. They can always keep negotiating after the fact. It would be surprising if they didn't.