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  1. It’s misleading to look at one year. This is his worst year for hit and his salary is structured so we will be able to move on any of the last two years without much of a hit. But, yeah, it’s prohibitive and there is no way to drop him this year, so we just have to pray he finds his form again.
  2. Don't get antsy. Free agency hasn't even started. Clubs can't even contract with unrestricted free agents until mid-March.
  3. I might be in the minority, but I think he'd be a good starter with a reliable RG next to him. I'd rather spend the money on a top flight RG FA than a replacement RT and rely on trying to find a guard in the draft.
  4. His deal with Oakland was 4-year $37m. They released him in the middle of year-3. Our $1.5 was on top of $8m the Raider's paid him, so he still got $9.5m last year.
  5. He was the linebackers coach under Quinn with Gators and then moved to offensive side as Assistant QB Coach with the Seahawks in 2014.
  6. I’m hoping Brooks Reed being released means we’re planning on keeping him.
  7. Irvin has not been resigned.
  8. Grady will be a lifelong Falcon just like his dad. Hopefully by the time he is done he will have had an even more successful career.
  9. Sutton has had some really good defenses over the years. Wouldn't mind having him help break down film, too. Not sure what happened last year, but from 2013-2016 KC's defense was 5th, 2nd, 3rd and 7th in points. But they were 24th last year and that's what got him fired.
  10. They interviewed Keith Armstrong to be head coach a couple years ago... But I have a hard time believing he was a serious candidate.
  11. Cutting Shraeder would give us an extra $7-8 million per year over the next 3-years. I expect he’s gone. Fusco cut would only save us $3m this year and $4m next. I expect he stays as depth, but he also costs us very little dead cap if TD and DQ think they can find a better option for $4m per.
  12. If they are going to mix in some man (which is my guess), no way they’ll tell us about it now. Better to say they’re sticking to 100% ZBS and try and catch the first team or two off guard or unprepared for it.
  13. Sark had WAY more experience and had called plays previously (albeit college).
  14. I think that is a little unfair. I think he was just promoted way too soon. He's only been coaching 6-years total and went from an Assistant Secondary Coach to DC and calling plays in three years. That is a really huge jump really fast. When he was promoted all of the articles and buzz around him was that he was a hot young coordinator that would almost certainly be a head coach candidate in a few years. Although he still obviously has a lot to learn, I still wouldn't write-off Manuel as a good coach yet after the cards he was dealt in only his second year calling a defense.
  15. The difference is cutting Alford gives us $7-8m more in cap room and cutting Trufant would net us -$1m in cap space due to the dead money. It would cost us more in cap space to cut him than to keep him. That makes the decision a little easier.