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  1. Can Hill play snaps at FB? I don’t recall him doing so. Will we use one of the TEs in that role?
  2. That’s a good point. Wasn’t Knapp Youngs QB coach in SF? Makes you wonder. He certainly should have known how they used him. I’m guess they gave Young a lot more responsibilities.
  3. There also wasn’t a running QB playbook to take plays from when Vick came along. Knapp ended up looking at college and brought the option to the NFL, which other teams started copying. He wasn’t totally inflexible.
  4. I do wonder if they peaked too early. They have had at least three really lucky wins early in the season. Playoffs is about getting hot at the right time. I’d rather go in with the wildcard and momentum.
  5. I agree, and primarily early in the game. I think a couple of really quick scores would have the effect of making them stress too hard on offense and quickly take the crowd out of the game. Then you can slow it down a little if/when we are able to get up a couple of scores. The Browns also aren't exactly a team with the confidence to mount a comeback.
  6. BOOM! So much for sitting idle. Welcome home!
  7. Algernon is still one of my all-time favorite Falcons. I think it's in large part because of his name, but he was also a beast for a few years and I love good TE play. Seems like a genuine guy, too.
  8. We are #1 in the league in 3rd down conversions this year at 53.3%. We were actually #1 in the league last year, but we're even 8.6% above that rate this year. We were 11th in 2016 at 42.1%.
  9. I was really glad to see us add the pick plays. We really got picked-on with that last year (especially on the goal line) and it's clear the officials are pretty lenient on it. So why not use it?
  10. Panthers still play the Saints twice. Plus Steelers, Seahawks and us. Still a tough road ahead for them.
  11. Hopefully Oliver has progressed a whole offseason's worth over the bye week.
  12. Hall filled his role of ST gunner and occassional deep threat for about $8m less.
  13. He can play all 5 positions. Most likely a back-up swing guard and center.
  14. Yeah they are. They looked much better last night than they did earlier in year. Early on they lost to the Bucs, should have lost to Cleveland at home and easily could have lost to us down half of our defense. But beating Ravens and Vikings back to back weeks is a tough task. I will take back what I said. Still a tough road for them ahead, though.
  15. Flacco is pure garbage.