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  1. Def should’ve gone local. Should’ve been Lil Bow Wow...
  2. He’s on the Colts practice squad. Falcons could snipe him, but would mean we have to put him on the active roster for some certain number of games. Colts would have the option to activate him to their active roster for said amount of games to block the sniping. I would guess unless he just really didn’t impress the team they are at least looking at this option. Considering we didn’t stash him on the PS, they may have seen enough already.
  3. There is still a looooooooooooong way to go in the season. Lol.
  4. Between that and Dieon’s hit on him last year he may start to think twice before he takes off on this defense.
  5. Kuechly is single-handedly running that defense.
  6. Eagles over the last year have avg giving up 12-pts at home and 26 on the road.
  7. I'm guessing Ish will play SS on rushing downs and Kazee will come in on passing downs. Kazee isn't really built as a run stopper. On passing downs we'll probably only have 2-LBs on the field, which means it'll likely be Foye in at WLB.
  8. Don't get too carried away, Jameis will come back and start giving away games again, Mike Smith will lead a bottom 5 defense and Koetter and Smith will be looking for a job in January. If anything I think the Saints were way overrated by the pundits. They have some serious flaws.
  9. That would explain why we picked up that DE from Philly.
  10. Last year at home Philadelphia's defense gave up an average 12.4 pts per game, and in there last 6 home games 12-pts is the MOST they have given up. Last year away they give up 24 points per game. They are the best defense in the league at home and are built to match up against our zone team. Also considering how little our offense practiced in preseason, and we stalled out inside the 10 twice, it's definitely not panic time yet. But, it also means we need to bust our *** for home field advantage in the playoffs so we don't potentially have to go up there again.
  11. Gotcha... I’m slow.
  12. 12-pts is the most Philly has given up at home in the last 6-games. They gave up 12 on avg last year at home (and 26 away). They are a crazy good defense at home. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do better, but we will look better every other week.
  13. Defense better get pissed for them trying that clown trick play ****