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  1. Dude... If you're smelling burnt toast call 911, buddy. We need you on these boards **** posting for a long time to come.
  2. I thought when Sark was coming in the reason the team didn’t sign Dimarco or find a competant replacement was because Sark prefers using TEs in that FB/HB role, but then when didn’t see that. They kept using Coleman who was completely lost. Maybe this year we’ll see Sark get more comfotable doing things his way.
  3. It must be a special teams category.
  4. Maybe they could replace the glutton they took out with some lust.
  5. I think they came in too emotional and didn't execute. Then a couple of bad plays went against them early and they never got that momentum back. Especially the roughing the passer penalty that cancelled out Alford's interception and ended-up in a NWE touchdown and then going for it on 4th down with 2-min left in the half that resulted in another NWE touchdown. If those two plays go differently then it would have been a completely different game.
  6. FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. –The Falcons will make the trip down I-85 to hold their first-ever open practice in Mercedes-Benz Stadium for their third 2018 training camp session on Sunday, July 29. Prior to the start of the team’s fully padded practice, fans are invited to attend a special roof-opening ceremony to witness the first fully automated opening of the stadium’s one-of-a-kind roof. For complete details on the Falcons Fan Day event and open practice, click here. · When: Sunday, July 29 at noon ET. · Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium · Price: $5 (Buy here) Parking lots will open at 8:30 a.m. ET with stadium gates and the Front Porch opening to the public at 11 a.m. Accompanying the opening of the gates and Front Porch will be music, a drumline and Falcons cheerleaders. The roof-opening ceremony will take place at noon. Once fully automated, the eight individual panels that comprise the stadium’s roof should open in as little as 12 minutes with the single push of a button. Following the opening of the roof, the Falcons will take the field in full pads at 12:30 pm for the start of practice. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn lauded the speed and energy his team had during OTAs and minicamp this summer, but the real evaluation will begin once the pads are on and the helmets strapped up. All ticket proceeds from the event will be used to benefit the Super Bowl LIII Legacy Project at Kennedy Park on Atlanta’s Westside For those who want to attend the team’s practice and the opening of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof, additional information as well as links to purchase tickets and parking for the event can be found on the “Together We Rise – Falcons Fan Day” page at
  7. That's good insight. I never watched his college tape, just going by draft profiles. Clearly he and Debo had the same college coaching and experience and Debo came out much more polished, so something mentally didn't click the same for Riley.
  8. Yeah, instinct is harder to quantify. You might be right. Sometimes the speed of the game takes a year of adjustment and makes guys look like they don't know how to position. I thought play diagnosis was always one of his strengths coming out of LSU. I think one way or the other we will know all we need to know after this year.
  9. I think that is the only carrot he will be able to offer to get a raise. Julio says he wants a raise, the FO will likely say they want an extra year or two of control in return.
  10. What do you think he is lacking?
  11. I think Riley gets a pass for last year. He has all the tools and it’s a big transition. Debo was by far the exception for rookie linebackers. Although Campbell showed more flashes than Riley, he struggled a lot his rookie year, too. The jump from year one to two for him was tremendous. Either way I remaining cautiously optimistic while hoping one of the rookies flashes so we have a decent back-up plan if the worst happens. Hope for the best, plan for the worst as they say.
  12. I feel like our OL depth this year is better than I recall it being in some time. You’re often lucky to have anything more than scrubs as backups given the overall lack of quality olineman league-wide.
  13. Alex Mack may be #101 and Julio Jones #4, but Mack is more important to this offense... He will always be #1 in my heart.
  14. Are all of these articles written by people that don't watch the games and just read the stat lines? It certainly seems so.
  15. He’s just a contraian. He slammed him MR’s whole MVP year then defended him last year.