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  1. Time to get to work! He is going to absolutely love Flowery Branch after working in a rat infested, poop smelling swamp for all these years.
  2. Doesn’t Matt have trade veto? Why would he do it? If he rejected it and made the Falcons release him if they want to move on it would give him more money and more flexibility.
  3. If Wilson is there at 4 I’m taking calls to see if we can get a king’s ransom to move down.
  4. There are many instances of good coordinators that are bad head coaches. Also, Dirk got chased back to college, that doesn’t really count as getting snatched up. He, IMO was the biggest problem.
  5. To this point it’s important to note that Arthur started his career on defense, I expect he has a more wholistic view and perhaps more specific defensive scheme preferences than other OC turned HC. What that preference might be though is anyone’s guess.
  6. Fun fact: Dirk Koetter had a higher run/pass ratio in Jacksonville his last two years with MJD than Art Smith did in Tenn his last two years. Dirk in Jax 10-11: Rush 1,001/Pass 938 Art in TEN 19-20: Rush 966/Pass 933 The point is you use what you’ve got. I have no doubt he is going to open up the passing offense more here than with what he was working with in TN.
  7. Strong run game and play action has been the formula for all of Ryan's best years.
  8. He also called plays in Jacksonville, so I think you're right in that regard.
  9. From what little I've seen I like the guy. He seems to a really high energy and high IQ guy, who is able to connect with players even as curmudgeonly as Rodgers. He also brings an offensive scheme that our current players would all do well in. Those are all good HC traits. But, that said he comes with the same question marks as Bienemy regarding play calling and tail-coating. And there are so many other very important things that I just have no feel for. Like game planning, in game adjustments, roster building, full picture philosophy with defense.
  10. You see it all the time where philosophical or personal differences between core leaders end up in sour relationships that ruin franchises and run people out. It absolutely helps if your executive group have worked together before and know ahead of time they have a similar view on how to build a team, and already have that personal connection, trust, and rapport that is absolutely crucial and simply takes time (that teams don't have) to build.
  11. Not my first choice, but I could get behind it. Primarily because I just don't know much about him.
  12. He has the #4 all time Super Bowl QBR. He is the only one in the top 10 who didn't win.
  13. Quinn was the odds on favorite the year we got him, but I don’t think Mike Smith even made the list the year we got him. He came out of nowhere.
  14. I want to know if anyone has put actual money on Byron Leftwich. He might be a really good coach, but I can't get the image out of my head of him trying to show Matt Ryan how to wind up like baseball pitcher before throwing the football.
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