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  1. We're all hating each other at RivalsCentral.net now.
  2. Didn't they do this with the Navy Seals before? It got them to the Super Bowl. We shall leave it at that.
  3. I have no problem with that. Since Matthew is better than Wentz, that makes him above......never mind, I don't want to hurt more feelings.
  4. Shanahan: Matt, we're running a simple pass play. Complete it and we win the Super Bowl. You got that? Matthew (MVP): No, Coach. Can we just run it?
  5. Shanahan failed him by not taking the ball out of his hands? Maybe Shanahan, like so many here, believed that Matthew was better than that.
  6. Then those people would laugh and say, "Montana was already an established star by the time Rice arrived in 1985. He was a veteran of two Super Bowls, three Pro Bowls and had two world titles and two Super Bowl MVP honors to his credit."
  7. Fact is, after being up 28-3, Matthew got his offense in scoring position 1 more time, not even the red zone. From late in the third until 00:00 showed on the clock. 1 time. Fact is, that wasn't enough.
  8. Ok, there are at least 30 NFL QBs that could have put their offense in a position to score 3 more points after having a 28-3 Super Bowl lead late in the 3rd quarter which would have been enough to win the biggest game in the organization's history. Period. (Feel better?)
  9. I have no idea which posters would foam at the mouth over my opinion but, if they did, I'd hope that they would respond with a genuine response like yours vs. name calling and memes. Speaking of definitions: Overly or unjustifiably offended or resentful. What is "Butthurt", Alex?
  10. I've thought about that too. Personally, I think it's easier to accept blowing a series lead versus a single game. Don't get me wrong, they're still epic collapses, but there are other variables involved, like: traveling (home vs. the road), days in between games, having different pitchers, etc. In the Super Bowl, you're up 28-3 with mere minutes left and blow that.
  11. Why stop there? If you're going to throw crap against the wall, make it really good. I have one. There are at least 30 NFL QBs that could have held on to a 28-3 Super Bowl lead late in the 3rd quarter. Period.
  12. I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings. I was just expressing my opinion as to whether Matthew is "the most underrated QB in the NFL right now". I mean, I think he's good. Why the name calling?
  13. Nothing, in the history of competition, compares to the collapse that occurred in Super Bowl LI. Nothing.
  14. Matthew Ryan is what he is. An above average QB that has all of the tools to take a really solid, all-around team far into the playoffs. It's been proven. Don't take this as a knock because 20 or so NFL teams would love to have him right now. Maybe more with a cheaper contract.
  15. What's wrong with being a "system quarterback", if you're successful in that system?
  16. This is my early "Thread of the Year" nominee. You guys are great. The NFL is rigged.
  17. It's really whoever, at the time. Some games last season it was Tre'quan Smith, sometimes it was Keith Kirkwood, other times (once or twice) it was Cam Meredith.
  18. You guys don't think other teams try that against the Saints? Every week you hear, "Hit Brees, make him uncomfortable" "Take Thomas away", etc. It sounds good, until they hit the field.
  19. Teams see it, they just can't effectively stop it.
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