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  1. This bet is getting interesting now.
  2. Which is all a part of the Due Process that I said that he's entitled to. No confusion.
  3. Then why is the US Court of Appeal hearing any of this?
  4. He's entitled to Due Process like everyone else.
  5. The regulars started their own, no-holds barred site at
  6. No way he said anything like that to Julio. ****, he wouldn't say that to anyone on the team. Not sure you guys noticed, but he's kind of weenie.
  7. At least he still has that streak of 200 yard games going.
  8. It would be great to see the Saints get the first ever victory in that new facility. That would be a cherry on top of that Super Bowl debacle.
  9. Is that the new line to toe? DiMarco only played in 30% of the offensive snaps?
  10. You're nuts cuzz.....
  11. So, the NFL fixes games and the players go along with it. They work their butts off for most of their life to get to the NFL to participate in a league with predetermined outcomes and no one....not one player ever, has come forward and said anything? Is the whole season scripted or just the Super Bowl? If just the Super Bowl, how do they make sure that the right teams get there? What if a player doesn't go along with it? How about coaches? Are coaches on board with the fixes? Just head coaches, or the entire coaching staff? What about owners? Do the owners not care if they win or lose, or is it just about money? This is astoundingly stupid but I'd love to get these questions answered.
  12. Yeah, congrats.