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  1. Wait a second my nigga....Did you get rid of my clips with the unshaved migdet broad dressed like Winnie the Pooh and the Great Dane?
  2. Ah ****, I see ol' Recce now!
  3. Maybe it's me, but now I have even more questions: 1. Is the fantasy football section of the site open? 2. What's a php error? 3. Is there an estimated time of the site being restored? Today? Tomorrow? What? 4. Who the **** is Steven? 5. What is that a picture of in Steven's avatar? 6. Who is leading the NFCS right now and by how many games?
  4. Agreed. Crazy ***********.
  5. JB wasn't the only reason.....
  6. You making this **** up, huh?
  7. 0-3 staring the Falcons in the face.
  8. It was 1st down on the 25. Likely forced a punt if called? They had just mounted a 25 point comeback on that defense. You think it's likely they would have stalled, not picked up anymore yards to at least get in better field goal position? Really?
  9. There would be one less member in the Lomardi-less club if the Eagles win. Soar Eagles Soar!!!
  10. Such bad people, booing some grown man dressed up in a red jumpsuit with the intention of having kids sit on his lap and tell him "what they want". Atlanta fans must go for that type of NAMBLA crap though, with how offended you are about his treatment in Philly. Also, the fans threw batteries at the falcons last weekend too. It's just nobody noticed because those players snatched them up so fast to put in their vibrators for the long flight home.
  11. Another Super Bowl winner. This thread is oozing with jealousy.
  12. What an awful attempt at a put down. You do realize that Santa Claus ain't real? What's next, you gonna rag on how we can't stand the tooth fairy?