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  1. I'm watching redzone so I can catch glimpses of actual football being played
  2. I'm fully expecting Brandin Cooks to torch us for a couple of long TD's. 8/9 178 yards 2 TD's sounds about right. My Fantasy team needs it .
  3. Raheem is in the same meetings that aren't getting **** done this year. If he was worth his metal he would make his voice heard. I am sure DQ trusts him as the assistant Head Coach and would take his opinion into account.
  4. name me a team that kept the interim the next year and succeeded long term. Its never a good idea.
  5. think he is gone at 1-7 or if we lose by 30 on Sunday to the Rams
  6. how has winning the last few games helped us last year, or helped us in 2014? No guarantee picking 7th would have been any better but it would have given us trade down options to acquire more depth.
  7. its not a guarantee that tanking will be successful but winning pointless games isn't the solution either. All you can do is put yourself in the best position to get the best results in the future.
  8. Bill has no loyalty to any player. He will use you until you get too expensive or stop performing and then will find the next guy to take your spot. Its pretty straight forward and yet no one else does it because they are scared of fan back lash or going with your gut backfiring. Arthur Blank is too worried about everyone getting paid to see the bigger picture and that will forever be an issue here.
  9. right, but you play the regular season to make the playoffs. If you're out of the playoffs, what gives you the best chance to make the playoffs next year? Winning a pointless week 17 game against your division rival or losing and getting 5 spots higher draft position?
  10. Agreed, we haven't seen the worst yet. prepare to be embarrassed by the Rams next week, they need a good pick-me-up
  11. isn't the point of the sport to win a Superbowl? I could care less if we win a random game that helps nobody. Give me the best path to get that trophy
  12. what does it matter if he gets fired today or in week 17? The season is lost anyway. Worst thing that can happen is stringing together pointless wins to finish this season 6-10
  13. its funny that the guy thinks the game would go in to overtime and this defense would get a stop with 1:53 left. My money was on a late FG by the cards to seal it anyway.
  14. change brings hope, a concept Dan Quinn clearly has no clue about
  15. definitely TNT the defense. I think you have to bring in someone that will run WCO concepts on offense. Its the saving grace of this job
  16. Matt Bryant's main quality was that he was clutch and always won us games late. Once you lose that and you're dirt+3 old, its time to hang it up
  17. you know it....its the ultimate falcons way
  18. We better not win 3 pointless games to end the year again...
  19. I think at this point we should draft a RB in round 2 or 3. Lots of good ones in this class.
  20. The only player that could have made a difference right now is Brian Burns but I think everyone in the FO was staying away after Bustley...still have no ******* clue why we bought him back on 5th year option.
  21. Dan Quinn is clueless about calling a good defense in 2019. I haven't seen a single reason for why this would be different in 2020. I haven't seen a single adjustment that has improved this defense in 6 ******* games. No personnel changes, nothing. Matt Ryan is having a career year again and its getting wasted by this clown who hasn't been able to put together a half assed product in 4 years on the other side of the ball. For all those reasons, get him the fk out of here
  22. Bye week if we go 1-7 or Thursday night loss to the Saints whenever that is
  23. you can always rely on the Falcons Defense for a career day
  24. ****** by the refs but giving up 34 is inexcusable yet again. Fire the fool