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  1. I was never and will never be a Ryan basher just thought by the time we actually put a team good enough to win around him he will regress too far to make it work and would have preferred he goes somewhere to win a ring before he retires. I still stand by that statement, two close wins against the lowlifes of the AFC(Dolphins and Jets) doesn't really show me anything, those are teams you expect even a bad team to win against and a good team to blow out. I will eat crow on Pitts though, he seems to be developing quicker than expected and may actually help win us games as a rookie which I did not think he would do.
  2. some people are too...immature? lets go with immature; to think of the consequence of their actions
  3. the new unii hasn't grown on me just yet like I had hoped it will...something about the number font and the giant ATL on the chest that just doesn't look right
  4. Surprised Arizona - San Fran is mostly on the west coast
  5. looks like we're drafting top 5 again? if you like the offseason thats positive right?
  6. Dan quinn cut him so he must be good 🤣
  7. linebacker seems like the least of our worries, unless he can play O-line, RB, CB, SS/FS, P to name a few
  8. Starting to believe it wasn't Dan Quinn. This team just finds new ways to suck. Nobody steps up to make a play over and over and over
  9. people think Wentz is trash and Big Ben is washed, yet they are both above Matt. hmm
  10. everyone except moron Matt "Dan Quinn" Nagy expected Fields to move around more. Call some RPO's something, its ridiculous
  11. its easy for me to see why, nobody in college football besides maybe Alabama and sometimes some of the other SEC teams can play defense in college while in the NFL every defense is substantially better than college even if they 'suck' overall.
  12. not that Pitts is lighting the world on fire either but rookies are still rookies, lets see how they perform year 2 and 3. this season is more than expected they would take their lumps, especially since most of them are on **** teams(Jags, Jets, Bears, Texans)
  13. feel like we could have sent them Hurst for Henderson and a pick. Would have done that in a heartbeat
  14. I know we suck but jesus christ how are the Jags not #1 lmao
  15. we'll be punting a lot so might as well get our moneys worth
  16. meh, this dude is 39, tells me Smith has no clue where this team is at why not sign a JK Scott who may be here for the next 10 years?
  17. hope we bring in JK Scott for a workout, didn't realize he wasn't on the packers anymore until I watched monday night football
  18. That oline has me salivating...must be nice...
  19. entirely depends what your season expectations are. if its drafting in the top 5 again then yes i feel better about those chances...
  20. Matt didnt leave the game in a body bag so I guess he was serviceable
  21. what do you define impressed as? I just want to win games so far 0-2
  22. if you expected anything different thats on you. TF and AS thinking this is anything other than a rebuild just makes them look more clueless than the fans, which is actually concerning
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