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  1. he will probably have an in with us as a PFA. I just can't see a safety running 4.75 at 5'10 204 ever get drafted
  2. no, but these guys are professionals, you also draft these players early due to their football IQ. some guys can switch in a week due to injuries, I think with 6 months of practice and a training camp it should not be a problem. At the very least learning multiple spots has benefits for the season even if they don't become the day 1 starter.
  3. he saw the 5 or so dudes just like him in the draft and made the right decision
  4. I like a ton of safeties in this draft and while I would be perfectly ok with safety in the 2nd I chose to take some later because its a deeper position. I like Andre Cisco, Elijah Molden and Jevon Holland as earlier FS picks
  5. if mcGary can't play guard in camp I would just see if anyone will give me a 4th rounder for him and move on, new regime, can't be married to old regime players even if they were 1st rounders.
  6. the biggest issue with mcGary at guard is he is taller than average, however I went back and read scouting reports of him coming out and some people had projected him to guard coming out of college, so its worth a shot at the very least in this scenario. think he struggles more with speed than power so that would help him in the new position. Obviously hes never played Guard so its definitely a projection.
  7. two reasons, 1. because hes a road grader in the run game. 2. because Jake Matthews has played LT far longer than Sewell and it makes no sense to move Jake and have a rookie cover your QB;s blind side, that just seems idiotic to me. also I see no scenario where Jake plays guard, its always going to be McGary moving.
  8. I'll have to check him out, the only NTs I've watched are Shelvin and McNeill
  9. he is not for everyone, I agree. if he had that missing component you mention he would be a top 20 pick though. RB here in the 2nd could be my other choice or defensive back then go other directions later in the draft.
  10. my bottom line was I haven't seen enough of a jump from McGary year 1 to year 2 to make me say, yeah hes our RT for the next 10 years. Hes serviceable but I would take OT over TE here if these were my options since I think the O-line has more impact on the game. Williams is a high upside project, I don't expect him to play a lot year 1. Game needs to slow down for him.
  11. my weapons argument is Ryan isn't a rookie anymore, he should be able to play with a few 'lesser guys' on the perimeter if you give him more time in the pocket, which is what my goal here was, if anything I wish it was a better RB class, we pretty much have to pick either pass rush or RB in the 2nd, neither position will have anybody 'elite' later. I went with the pass rusher because we need to find ways to stay in games and get to the QB
  12. Ronnie Perkins would probably be there if all 3 guys were gone but I would probably switch this up to Najee Harris/Javonte Williams, corner or take Elijah Molden to play FS for me and re-evaluate later rounds
  13. 1.0 Mock with trade down scenario can be viewed here: Sticking with the no QB top 5 theme for this one, nobody will be able to convince me a TE is worth a top 5 pick as a 'lets compete' decision so I am going with a position of impact and a player than can be a difference maker at RT and eventually move to LT in 3-4 seasons. Bottom line McGary is an average tackle so maybe he can salvage his career at guard if not we find his replacement next year. Just like my other draft I will focus on defense heavy in the middle rounds to attempt fixing some of the holes we have R
  14. if the Jets are going to jet and take Jones I see no way in flying **** the 49ers don't take Wilson.
  15. Yes, at least somewhat possible. I am hearing absolutely 0 buzz on Trask from any talking heads. Whenever the 6th QB is brought up all I've seen is Mills and Mond.
  16. they are both good football players, its possible Carter will be there in the 3rd, would be perfectly fine with the pick.
  17. yeah I guess I am a bit harsh on the undrafted but the 3rd is way too early IMO. to me he is a 6th or later type of player. Sure he is pretty much Tarik Cohen in size and measurements but I would have liked to see better receiving out the backfield, he only has 20 career catches, in the NFL hes going to get a 1 to 1 ratio at least. Cohen was a better football player coming out and he went in the late 4th. I'm not sure his running style will work well vs good defenses. See Notre Dame game. He is the type of player teams will need to scheme 5 plays a game for on clear passing downs. y
  18. I like the trade but I think the pick is trash from a needs perspective, and I like JOK as a player but we have Foye, no need for another MLB. Give me Paye, Oweh or one of the corners.
  19. no hes not somewhere in the middle, nfl.com goes off school reported size, he was 155 at his pro day 2 weeks ago.
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