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  1. I'm not going to bother with free agency for this exercise but I think we will bring in more help for the D-line, maybe Preston Smith, Dante Fowler, etc. You can put in your flavor here. 1st Round: Greedy Williams, CB, LSU, 6'2 185lb Lets face it, Trufant has one year left and thats because its more expensive to cut him than keep him at this point and we have zero depth with Alford and Poole gone. Williams is a great fit for Quinns system and we all know TD has a LSU fetish. I don't like any O-linemen in the 1st round, maybe the combine will change my mind but I think the Guard value is in Round 2. 2nd Round: Dalton Risner, OG, Kansas State 6'5 308lb Risner can play all 3 O-line positions which besides versatility, tells me he is very smart and a hard worker. He is compared to former Kansas State Cody Whitehair, which I liked a few years back and has since become a pro bowler with the Bears. Alternatively Chris Lindstrom, OG Boston College. I really hope one of these 2 will be there and I think both can play Day 1. 3rd Round: Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama State 6'5 322lb Athletic Former TE, small school guy compared to Terron Armstead. i think its a great opportinity to take a shot at a high ceiling guy in Round 3 and have him compete for the RT job. 4th Round: Renell Wren, DT, Arizona State 6'5 295lb This guy has Quinn written all over him, he is a 'quick twitch', 'lenghty' player who will need some refinement at the next level. Another High ceiling low floor player. 4th Round(Comp): Isaac Nauta, TE, Georgia 6'4 245lb We should take advantage of the TE class depth and pick up Nauta in the 4th. He can step in as the #2 TE and add some versatility to the position 5th Round: Daylon Mack, DT, Texas A&M 6'1 325lb I'm doubling down at DT in this deep class and adding some depth behind Grady and Senat 5th Round(comp): Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State 5'11 220lb Raw but flashes potential to be an NFL starter if he puts it all together. 6th round: Jalen Hurd, WR, Baylor 6'5 227lb We should pick up a potential Sanu replacement in this draft and I like Hurd as a player with a high ceiling that can be a redzone threat Day 1 and even play some gadget RB. May need to learn Spacial Teams to get on the field. 7th round: JoJo McIntosh, SS, Washington 6'1 210lb Hitstick safety who can be a special teams contributor day 1 and maybe provide some depth as a box safety.
  2. Tampa or Chicago for Bryant I think TeCo goes to San Fran or the Jets
  3. OL-OL with TD pulling the trigger? Sounds like a new front office for 2020
  4. its free agency...we will have to overpay for any worthwhile player when other teams have 2x our cap
  5. this early game is pretty **** good
  6. Honestly I can see us going after Quinns boy Dante Fowler
  7. Clark isn't going anywhere...everyone in the media here in Seattle expects the tag
  8. I think its more of an extra set of experienced eyes when watching film, etc
  9. when is the last time we gambled on someone with domestic violence? I dont think Blank will allow it
  10. dude was probably never on our board to begin with because of his off the field, doubt he will be now
  11. I watch the Bears more cause its the girlfriends team. Hicks is a boss, I would love him next to Grady
  12. Quinn+ a guy who worked with Andy Reid a lot for clock managament, guess two wrongs make a right?
  13. if Quinn doesn't fix the defense this year he needs to GTFO before Ryan is out of his prime
  14. I don't think we draft this guy in the 3rd. Just how we operate with off the field stuff
  15. I would guess they were told the roof would be closed for the entire game leading up to it so they planned accordingly. Seeing it open just adds new variables they didnt plan for