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  1. good thing we drafted that guy Brian Hill...oh wait, nevermind
  2. Bring him.... ah who am I kidding, Mularkey sucks
  3. we scored 10 ******* points and the only touchdown was from a turnover drive at the 20. I'd be pissed too.
  4. cold sunny windy. I hope we dont have to kick a lot of fieldgoals today but if we do I have confidence in $$
  5. same **** as in february...they never learn...
  6. if the falcons blow another lead this year i'm ******* done with this sport, my liver cant take much more
  7. better not lose now ********
  8. something something 20-7 lead...this **** all over again. feels bad man
  9. can the bands shut the **** up and not play a 5 second jingle after every play? its really annoying...
  10. lol who the **** is 48, send him to the locker
  11. Dan Quinn is not good at most types of management, what else is new?
  12. FTS!