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  1. Second half of the season Packers is another good one to look at. and for each 2000 Ravens dumb argument anyone wants to bring up, those are 1/20+ exceptions to the rule. I know hindsight and all that, but very rarely were more than 1-2 QB's projected to go top 5 since 2001 Even looking at 2011, 2012, 2016 and 2017 mocks, the QB's were projected to go a lot later and teams moved up or reached for them. This QB class is a lot more talented than guys like Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, Tannehill and even more talented than the guys who went last year or 2. Teams will reach both because of need/scarcity and because of recent track record of success(its a copycat league). Lets not forget Goff/Wentz were projected to go in the teens and went 1-2, and both GM's look pretty smart now.
  2. if you dont have a QB, the rest of your roster doesnt really matter
  3. They also had to move up before the Bills, Broncos or Cardinals got a chance. Good chance 4 QB's will go in the top 5-8 this year.
  4. 2014 - Paul Soliai, Tyson Jackson, Jon Asamoah remember when we overpaid for these bums, the board was happy and the team was still ****?
  5. better coaching, less shooting ourselves in the foot
  6. well, no one, but I think the boards expectations are a bit unrealistic
  7. dont think he is an upgrade over what we got from Clayborn and will cost about the same or more
  8. we must be going for DT with 2 of our first 3 picks this year...risky to put rookies in to day 1 D-line starting/main rotation roles
  9. riiiight Ryan is not even on the books next year. Neither is Jake Matthews and even tho he's not a probowler, theres a good chance we bring him back in this O-line starved league. Grady Jarrett will get a new deal. Vic Beasleys option will need to get picked up so thats another 10mil plus each. 75 mil will be gone pretty quick.
  10. man, I liked Bryan but I guess hes going to bust now
  11. way to dumpster OP's thread