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  1. he's no longer 1 cut go, decisive back. He gets to the hole and tippy toes until the first guy gets to him. We need to start activating Hill or Ollison
  2. good to see Duke putting them fresh, 0 significant snap legs to use
  3. sooo, move his *** to safety? Dude can't cover to save his ******* life
  4. Here we go again with this ****...control the game for 3 quarters then **** yourself over in classic falcons style
  5. Where the **** is julio. Who the **** is Ryan throwing to?
  6. Nice to see a player play up to his ******* contract
  7. Freeman is slow AF too much indecision Offense needs to keep the field position and bail Bosher out
  8. thats a steal
  9. if I'm understanding this right, he wants to play safety and not corner?
  10. yes, but even if you made it country wide, location will matter more for the cream of the crop
  11. like some of these guys go to college for 'their education' and they won't always have people doing their homework with or without more stuff on their plate...Antonio Brown writes texts like hes in kindergarden. His 'academics' took a back seat waaaay before college.
  12. it wouldn't even be a piece of the NCAA pie, Maybe they lose a small chunk off autographs but these kids would get money from sneaker shops, car dealerships and whatever other local business wants to use their image and fame. The only thing that makes sense to me from a NCAA view is less highly skilled players will go play ball in a college town in the middle of butt**** nowhere and will just be drawn to the bigger markets in the bigger cities like LA where they can make the most off their image. Recruiting is already shady so who knows.