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  1. Eagles got me this week, I'm out :/ on the flip side im somehow first in pick'em
  2. maybe a way for them to punt some cap hit to next year
  3. I hope you get 'ridden hard' for **** pay at your job too. I know we all want the team to do well but just hating on guys trying to provide for their family is ****** up
  4. I'm just messing around, I actually have no idea how much tickets are as I dont live anywhere close. Besides baseball I've never not been in my seat for any sporting event I've purchased tickets to outside of a bathroom break but everyone is free to spend their time however they please as a paying customer. its the organization's fault for trying to make it a 'game day experience' and not focusing their efforts on the one **** thing that matters, the home field advantage.
  5. any of you living within 50 miles of the stadium watching on TV cant talk **** about it
  6. they can have it in the swamp dome every year if thats the case
  7. dont worry guys, the defense has been making strides in practice
  8. need to open it to let the stank out
  9. didnt know Kelvin Benjamin was a falcons fan
  10. not a fit for this scheme. a player that was maxed out coming out of college?
  11. good D-line draft, I think you take someone there
  12. the guy is trash...can you imagine how trash you have to be as a top 10 pick to get cut in your 3rd year? This is the missing piece from our trash heap of a team