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  1. pretty much what I've been doing all year which is worry about my fantasy leagues first and the falcons a distant 2nd until they give me a reason to give a **** again. I play dynasty so the draft is always fun to dig in to for more than just the birds
  2. and and and the falcons are now 3-7 which makes this thread a bit funnier with the disillusion from early in the week
  3. yeah Matt has plenty of blame to go around but line got mauled today, playcalling sucked, Gage couldn't catch, Julio can't stay on the field, Hurst in invisible in big games and I'm not even going to get in to the run game
  4. Maybe we can now end the delusional run for the playoffs talk
  5. instead of blaming chubb maybe point the finger at your underperforming bums instead
  6. its a fun site but the only loss we can afford is to the chiefs. If we drop one game to either saints or bucs we're done
  7. Contingency plan also means games won't get played which means we are ****** as a 6 loss team needing every win possible.
  8. the Bears don't have a spot. 3 teams in the West will get in.
  9. I'm going to go with "nah" on our chances to make the playoffs. The math is a lot simpler than you think. One of Cardinals/Rams/Seahawks will win the West and the other 2 will make the wilcard. They are all 6-3 and playing good football, looking at 11-5 minimum for all 3 One of Saints/Bucs will win the South and the other will win the final wildcard, both have 7 wins already, even if we sweep the Saints they still have a 2 game lead on us The North and East don't really matter, one team each will make it. I dont think 10-6 gets in this year and if it does we lost a bunch of
  10. probably split with the saints and bucs, beat the raiders, lose to the chiefs and blow a game vs the chargers in classic falcons fashion for 3-4 to close out and 6-10 total is my prediction
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