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  1. the same Brian Billick who drafted a guy named Kyle Boller in the 1st round? Allow me to give 0 ****s about his opinion on QB's
  2. I feel like these 2 things don't make him a scheme fit for what coach Smith runs I don't find his arm impressive either to say he could be a Big Ben type QB.
  3. this one doesn't make much sense, we need a camp arm anyway and he showed some promise
  4. why would we bring back a guy who hasn't done **** for 2 years in the scheme he was actually drafted for?
  5. 12 teams made calls to Watt yesterday, you think they don't have a good guess who they are? please
  6. seems we're not even sniffing around https://www.nfl.com/news/j-j-watt-landing-spots-steelers-cowboys-packers-among-nine-teams-that-could-be-h
  7. why would he go from one dumpster fire to another?
  8. How has building around a old QB work for the Saints, Steelers, Colts this year? I'm sure theres other examples but Brady is an outlier, always has been. Not the rule. The mentality of "we should do like so and so" is faulty. We need to find our own way regardless who plays QB.
  9. showed me much of the same thing that I've seen with this organization for the past 3 years, a sub par O-line and poor coaching will not get you anywhere.
  10. reality is this horse won't fully die until we win one
  11. They can't block for ****, looks all too familiar
  12. that throwing mechanic has UDFA written all over it ha
  13. think it came out that the texans want 2 1st 2 2nd and some defensive players
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