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  1. playing this cookie cutter scheme versus adapting to your players strengths or opponents weaknesses is wearing thin. The 'selling point' of Quinns defensive phylosophy was its easy to learn and you 'play fast'. Bunch of hot air at this point.
  2. Grady Jarrett kind of, but fair point
  3. we will find some other scapegoats. The O-line coach is probably as good as gone. I dont think DQ will do it but his good buddy Marquand Manuel needs to go too. The secondary is a weakness on this team and that's supposed to be his bread and butter. DQ needs to take over playcalling if he wants to keep his job next year.
  4. Congrats everyone! As an avid Sounders fan, seeing Portland lose is like seeing the Saints lose so thanks for taking care of business
  5. 4-12 here we come
  6. nah, we will beat the Cowboys soundly, THEN throw it all away the week after. This team is all about the long con
  7. should we enforce some football knowledge minimums to start a thread?
  8. its ok 'tell the truth Monday' will forgive all after a collective "my bad"
  9. Quinn went to the Andy Reid school of clock management
  10. Can Deion Jones play corner?
  11. I havent taken these jokers serious since that superbowl, I think a piece of me died that day but after ****shows like today I can just shrug at 'just falcons things' and move on with my sunday I'm looking forward to something I dont expect again, like them playing well and blowing out inferior teams on a consistent basis.
  12. she deserves better
  13. its just the beer talking But I like our chances with Debo back taking over for scrub Duke