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  1. seriously. people pay the money, if they feel like walking through the **** statium, going to get food or to take a **** piss its their right. You are not obliged to be glued to your seat and go crazy for 4 hours straight
  2. if you're so concerned about it why dont you just buy some tickets
  3. we can forget the playoffs alright with a loss today. We really can afford to lose 1 more game, so Dan Quinn better find whatever magic beans he used last year for that run cause we will need it.
  4. I dont think 6-2 gets you to the playoffs in the NFC unless you get lucky and its the 6th seed we are 2 wins behind any playoff team right now. need to sweep the division to have a shot.
  5. again I ask, who the **** are you replacing him with. All the posters want a change but are giving 0 thought to who do you replace Sark with. This coaching staff is built *** backwards as far as potential goes
  6. The question is who the **** replaces him as the playcaller? Dan Quinn built this offensive staff in a real **** way. We have no one else with potential on it or with playcalling experience. Sarkisians lackey is the QB coach and hes a rookie. the RB coach is a rookie, the WR coach is a former defensive guy. O-line and TE coaches are long time positional guys. Who do you get to call plays midseason?
  7. #Quinned?
  8. yeah because throwing people under the bus or giving you a controversial hot take is good for anyone
  9. probably has something to do with the game not stopping every 5 seconds for a **** commercial break. NFL games shouldn't take 4 ******* hours to play 1 hour of actual game time.
  10. its not the losses that are the problem, its the fact that we are playing like **** and not making any adjustments.
  11. 4th and long is a desperation play that you probably have 25% chance of converting. I dont like those odds
  12. if we have no momentum on 3 downs, what makes you think we get some on the 4th? its just dumb