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  1. could always toss a 5th out there and see what happens
  2. he any good?
  3. he should have been 1st ballot so fk em for making him wait. Its the correct play knowing TO
  4. an absolute unit
  5. our website/media team is shait
  6. dude has a camp, a preseason and an offseason now over the other UDFA's, think he is now the favorite for the job
  7. drops are drive killers, so yeah
  8. that **** literally never gets updated after the combine. Year 10 players are still listed with their rookie weights
  9. Dan Quinn about to heehee and get him to the pro bowl
  10. starting to use real dummies I see
  11. wouldnt mind having both back
  12. We have Garrison Smith and Justin Zimmer for depth besides Crawford but I dont see any UDFA's coming in...
  13. surprised we didnt bring in like 5 DT's...
  14. If we drafted Cappa I would 100% have got his jersey
  15. I think we get another DT tomorrow, then we also need a RB, linebacker depth and probably a fullback