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  1. bring in Freeney
  2. could be worse. next man up!
  3. not according to the idiots on this board who watch highlights of anybody else in the league and can say otherwise
  4. The I is fine, we don't have a good fullback to run it
  5. I'm happy, I was getting PTSD that last drive, and even tho we stopped a ****** offense on 4th down, I'm happy that we were able to get it done
  6. the only people roasted were whoever was supposed to cover Cohen all ******* game
  7. its week 1, lets hope we study tape and improve. We def looked beatable, ****, we were one good throw from Glennon from losing, good thing he has 0 competent WR's
  8. he really is made of glass, smh
  9. yeah he sucked, should work out some guys this week
  10. incoming Nick Williams complaints
  11. trevor knight is trash, wonder if hes moving to WR.
  12. I think hagemann was gone regardless after this year, so none?