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  1. The league is full, thank you all for the overwhelming interest, I think I had 4-5 people who did not make it in, so there is potential interest for another league if anyone would like to host one.
  2. I sent out an e-mail for everyone to renew either in the league forum or in our groupme. I didnt see you in either the past 3 weeks, so I did make your spot available since I had not heard anything about you wanting to continue.
  3. you message me with an e-mail address. Looks like you figured it out
  4. Reserving post for Survival League. Currently unavailable to relaunch
  5. Edit Update: The league is full, thank you all for the overwhelming interest Hey everyone! I will be hosting Season 5 of AFMB Fantasy Football over on Yahoo. This is a 16 team League. Rosters are: 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1 W/R/T, 1K, 1DEF, 6 Bench, 1IR . Scoring is fairly standard, with the addition of .5PPR. We use GroupMe for league chat. This is a free league. We will do a poll to determine draft time once the league is full. Draft will be around the 3rd-4th week of the preseason Aug 20-Aug 31 Send me a message if you are interested, with an e-mail address.
  6. thats fine, rest up and get ready for the second half of the season when we have all those division games.
  7. because, unlike fans, players don't really take rivalries that seriously. Its just a job, the better you get, the more you get paid. And they all went to the same school before NFL bonds.
  8. its just people setting themselves up for disappointment. You all forget these are THE Atlanta Falcons. Fool me once, etc etc. I'm taking this **** one week at a time, lets just get a W.
  9. website updates for things like transactions and current roster have been dreadful since the last offseason. You're better off going to wikipedia where fans actually put in some work.
  10. nice. I had one made a few months ago as well
  11. any undrafted D-linemen will probably have to be on PS year 1. we are really stacked
  12. If anything we cut Shelby. I think there is room for both guys with Beasley also spending time at OLB. DE: Beasley, Clayborn, Reed, Takk, Freeney DT: Garrett, Poe, Hagemann, Crawford, Upshaw/Shelby