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  1. less talk, more walk, get to steppin'
  2. not so worried about the practices during camp if everyone is cleared daily. The issues will come from travel where everyone is stuck on a bus/plane for hours in close quarters, and once camp breaks, players not quarantining properly, going out, partying, etc And fans going to games will not help unless they somehow screen thousands of people before every game.
  3. theres lots and lots of coaches admins and owners who are waay past the retirement threshold age in this league and you can already see a trend with opt outs with the linemen as they are higher risk due to BMI, all it takes is a few severe cases for **** to escalate and a few nuckleheads to go out partying after a game to **** it up. I'm hopeful but I'm not optimistic.
  4. you can be in denial all you want, its just facts
  5. yeah I'm sure guys with multiple SB rings opt out of millions and to come back a year older so Bill can get his QB. some top shelf TATF logic right here....
  6. thats good, will still suck for a couple of them that will get the axe in the next few days before vets report...the offseason roster this year was cut down to 80.
  7. you really expect the NFL to make as much money as they did last year without fans in the stands and a real possibility of missed games? I don't
  8. If the cap goes down to 175 mil next year due to Covid, which is a very real posssibility we will not only not have money to sign anybody, we will have to cut some guys to stay afloat. Will not be a fun offseason.
  9. I don't see a season happening at this point. thanks anti-maskers!
  10. I dont think the ATL thing will age well, hopefully they make it smaller or get rid of it in a few years, for now I prefer the throwback black jersey
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