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  1. I didn't bother posting anything until you became determined to undermine the thoughts of us members. This is NOT JUST AN INTERNET MESSAGEBOARD. I don't see how you can view it that way. For some of us, we come here on a daily basis because part of our lives revolve around the Falcons. This is not just some board for us to post on, this is our LIFE. Hal, what is the point of being the administrator of FALCON LIFE if you don't believe in the cause? Im just shocked and appalled at what the admins are writting here. We are being told to shut up and deal with it. In our real lives we don't just la
  2. You freely signed up. You freely posted. We freely banned you. I love democracy too
  3. We saw the same 6 plays being called the entire game. You can't expect to blame Ryan for a choice of SIX DIFFERENT PLAYS.
  4. We are all over-reactors, but it's clear to see that our offense is not flowing. White was phenomenal (minus the two simple catches).
  5. I've went ahead and moved my site (see sig) from a blog feed to a message board. I believe we all see the need here.
  6. We will rise again. We just need a new OC. :ph34r:
  7. I don't see how we get rid of MM. Maybe Ted knows the plays just as well, but I doubt Blank wants to hype up a season and then fire the OC the next week. We are not on the same page offensively. I don't blame the players. Notice how the pro bowlers all have the same answers. 0-2 maybe 0-3 they start speaking their minds.
  8. The players see this as an issue. That is why the Offense is completely out of sync. They want to go out and win, not just dink and dunk.
  9. 1. Defense looked good against a power back. The 50 in OT was bound to happen. We did well against the run, but I'm not sold on the pass D just yet. Dunta looked like he wasn't in position most of the time. 2. Our offense is STILL not in sync. This is blatantly to any person watching the game. It's easy to see that Ryan and Roddy are the only two on the same page. Ryan did O.K. but not nearly what we need him to play at. I honestly believe that Mularkey is holding this team back. Turner was stuffed every time he went to the middle. The outside was open nearly every run play but MM is
  10. Slavery ended a long time ago. Why in the **** do people keep bringing it up? Really??? Slavery??? This is 2010.
  11. Everything you just said = Your Obama vote didn't work out. I could have told you that before you voted for that guy. He doesn't have experience and it shows.
  12. Not think about what is going on? I have to drive 7 hours and I WANT to keep updates, but I want to watch the game on the DVR when I get home. Obviously I can't listen to the radio because the score might be announced on a random station. I need help. What do you recommend doing to pass the time. This is the FIRST GAME and it's killing me.
  13. I predict that you won't be able to post as much because the board will be down from too much activity and then it will be redirected to Publix.com for the time being.
  14. I own atlantafalconstalk.com Maybe I should change that to a message board with a wide format. Eveyone would be happy
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