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  1. Yep. That sort of thing happens a few times a year.
  2. lol
  3. lol entitlement is hysterical
  4. I dont feel confident about much right now...but I do believe the Giants, Dolphins, Bengals, Jaguars and Jets are basically locked out of the playoffs. The Cowboys and Patriots are good. If I had to pick 6 playoff teams from the NFC, I'd probably pick the Cowboys, Rams, Packers, Seahawks, Falcons, and Vikings, in descending order of confidence. If I had to pick 6 AFC playoff teams I'd probably pick the Pats, Chiefs, Ravens, Colts, Bills and Texans. But I'm only confident about the first three.
  5. Higher than they would be with him being healthy. I dont think we know nearly enough about this team to suggest they should be a favorite to win the division. We havent really seen a good game yet. But Brees being hurt is a positive development for us, as are the struggles of the other three teams in the division.
  6. I didnt say two weeks of play didnt matter. I'm saying two weeks of "total yardage" shouldnt be construed as a measure of defensive quality. There are reasons to be encouraged by the defense. I just dont think those reasons include a "total yardage ranking." And I dont think the available data is sufficient to say "Dan Quinn still has it!" or any similar conclusion. That doesnt mean he DOESNT "have it" but we need to see quite a bit more before we start drawing larger conclusions.
  7. This is an awful lot of speculation here, bruh.
  8. Agreed. I'd probably bump the number higher. Not necessarily the number of rings he's won with Brady, but certainly consistent contention with the occasional breakthrough SB ring.
  9. These conclusions are quite hasty. Also: yardage "rankings" are bunk.
  10. I didnt see it that way but I admit, I havent watched it since Sunday night. I do believe the call could have gone the other way...I just think it was a 50/50 call.
  11. This is revealing, albeit not in the way you think it is.
  12. Yep. This is similar to what I've talked about. Have ~3 officials watching the game on monitors. Let the guys on the ground call the game as they see fit. The 3 officials watching the game can signal down when 2/3 disagree with a call at first glance. If all three officials agree the call was wrong after replay, it gets overturned.
  13. The new rule isnt supposed to turn ever 50/50 call into an opportunity to change the direction of the game. They've been conservative with reversing the call on the field and for good reason. I dont think this call was close to what it needed to be in order to get overturned. Now....cases like the play against the Saints where Julio was tackled before the ball got there or that play late against Seattle in 2016, those would be different stories, imo.
  14. Honestly, I dont think that was PI. Certainly not enough to overturn the call on the field.
  15. Nah, its useful as a way to tell who doesnt have a clue I dig it.