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  1. He's been a legit bright spot on this defense and a nice piece moving forward.
  2. Gonna have to make another move to get an iOL body on the roster. All things considered, the team has weathered this nightmare fairly well.
  3. If it doesn look like 11 - 0, its not a real win! OTHER TEAMS ARENT ALLOWED TO HAVE GREAT PLAYERS!
  4. So wait....because your assessment was out of line, I need to stop "sipping the kool aid"? Wut? Also lol @ "Quinn's track record is shaky" nonsense. Quinn's "track record" is currently 35-25 with an NFC Championship and three playoff wins in two years. But apparently thats what happens when you're "in over your head" more than any other coach in the league.... Meanwhile, Hue Jackson has two wins in two and a half years.
  5. They won't tell you how its not the smart play because it IS the smart play.
  6. Dude's more of a name than an asset right now.
  7. You need to watch more football.
  8. No. The Falcons are weeks away from being legitimately considered a "contender." But the fact that its even still on the table is encouraging given what we saw in the first quarter of the season. Keep winning winnable games and showing incremental improvement and maybe we get there.
  9. And now, we're all set with this thread. I appreciate your concern. It is duly noted. Take a gander at the COC, read it, think about it, and post accordingly. If you want to toe the line, be willing to accept the consequences flowing therefrom.
  10. I can't speak to why I was approached about becoming a mod other than to say that I've been on this board for ~15 years, have never been warned, and have been fairly active. I can say for certain that I was not/am not "buddy buddy" with the previous moderators any more than I'm "buddy buddy" with any other poster on this board. As for whether or not any given moderator's conduct meets your approval....well, thats not really how it works. We voluntarily moderate these boards in our free time and in an effort to maintain something of a collegial fan community for fans of the Atlanta Falcons. So to the extent you're still upset about your Saints-centric thread being put out to pasture, you're going to have to come to grips with it.
  11. Debo can return after missing 8 games. So the Dallas game would be the earliest he could play in a game. But he can start to practice after 6 weeks.
  12. What are you talking about? Honestly this is ranting and raving with no obvious context or specific incident? Who said anything about "tonya Harding"? As for the rest of appears as though you have a misunderstanding of how the mods and the COC relate to each other. I'd urge you to visit the Terms of Services thread to refresh your recollection as to the expected code of conduct applicable to the board:
  13. If you feel that's what you have to do, shoot your shot. I'll even give you a name if you'd like.
  14. FO hasnt released their weekly update but headed into this week, Washington was 22nd in total DVOA, 21st on offense, 23rd on defense. They were narrowly ahead of the NYG and us. Their record is a bit over expectation given their point differential. They're playing ~.500 ball. The game is winnable.
  15. Takk is very much a problem for other teams. He's been an absolute stud. If we can keep him and the rest of the DL reasonably healthy, we could see some improvement over the second half of the season.