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  1. I think that would require a total migration of the board to another forum platform. But I'll defer to some of the more experienced mods who might have more insight into what the platform can do.
  2. In general, no, no team ever fixes all of its issues. Are the Falcons well situated to be competitive again? Absolutely. Doesnt mean they will but theres a good talent level on both sides of the ball, a ton of experience on the coaching staff, a great QB/WR situation.
  3. Smart post. The only things that matter are: The annual cap hits The guarantees The overall structure. Reactions to APY without incorporating those elements ^ is silly. It's all about cap flow. Always has been, always will be.
  4. Oliver probably doesnt. Senat may have but the reality is, none of us are in a position to say one way or the other. I mean, the whole post you're replying to is pretty lol. Its so funny how willing some are to act like they're working with complete info rather than 10% info.
  5. Nope. If I'm allocating $10m to a DE, I'd rather get a younger FA.
  6. He's retconning the idea that Gurley/Donald were "BPA" over Beasley/Matthews because......????????? In reality, neither of those things are true. But that wont stop the nonsense.
  7. I'm pretty much to the point that I dont think I'd pay the Leveon Bells of the world either. Not without a very very very good reason related to team chemistry/continuity. There are just too many suitable replacements.
  8. Of all the obnoxious fallacies that live on this board, NONE are anywhere near as awful as the hindsight-bias-fueled "BPA" derpage. Absolutely insufferable.
  9. ................ wut?
  10. Yeah it is man. Teams have just become too adept at finding "Pro Bowl caliber RBs" for relatively minimal investment. There are too many other competent+ RBs to pay RBs $10m per year. We see it again and again and again. Thats not to say you never keep a back or that Freeman is JAG. But if you're going to overproduce salary anywhere, its almost certainly going to be at RB....if you choose to, that is.
  11. You should read the Signal and the Noise. While I applaud your initiative, this sort of analysis has a very high probability of being more noise than signal. And even if theres some signal in here, theres nothing to say that you can drill down into arbitrary slices to find conclusions that are applicable to team building or fundamental philosophy. Also, "Top 10 X Defenses" based on total yardage needs to be checked at the door.
  12. Happens pretty frequently, TBH. Its not like we're talking about Quenton Nelson here....
  13. Absolutely not. If I'm giving up a mid-round pick, I'll just draft a RB in the draft.
  14. It's a lot for a RB. A real lot. Too much, to be perfectly frank. That being said, you can overpay for players that play well moving forward. I have faith in his talent and I'm not nearly sold on the "injury prone" nonsense, as we've discussed. But having an RB w/ a cap hold of almost $10m (2020) is nowhere close to ideal.
  15. That probably has something to do with the fact that you A) arent a doctor B ) Havent reviewed his medical records, imaging, etc.