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  1. lol yes we have And no, the best coaches do not overhaul their schemes to fit a 53 man roster. The best coaches identify what individual players can do before and after acquisition and put them in positions most suitable to their talents. Which is something this team does without question. Perhaps not as well as other coaches in certain aspects but definitely overall.
  2. The fact that you dismiss how ridiculously complicated the draft is doesnt mean other people should do it too. As for it "absolutely killing us in the Dimi era" its pretty bizarre that anyone could say anything has "killed us" given that we have the 6th best record in the league in the "Dimi era" So yeah....not so much, bruh.
  3. @Sidecar Falcon And not for nothing but who cares what "more fans" were calling for? I don't care if 99 out of 100 fans are calling for using a Top 10 draft pick on a running back.....its still an awful idea. You ALWAYS go pass rusher over RB in that situation. 100% of the time.
  4. wut? Honestly, where does stuff like this come from?
  5. The problem is that the approach doesnt exist in anything close to the way people seem to think it does. Everyone's board is different. So the "best player available" is inherently varied. It also ignores the reality of positional value which is a mistake. There are tons of factors that go into draft picks. I dont know why thats so difficult for people to understand. Positional value/need, ceiling/floor, scheme fit, athletic profile, medical profile, psych profile, background check, etc.
  6. lol the Falcons went like 18/19 in their next 19 red zone appearances. Currently 9th in "red zone %" 9th in YPP, 9th in expected points added, 6th in AY/A, 5th in expected points added in the passing game. the run game sucks for sure and I think Sarkisian has to own a lot of that. But you guys are vastly vastly overstating the problems with the offense. Just like everyone did last year. Sark is part of the problem. As are the players dropping the ball and the players missing their blocks and the players making poor decisions about where the football should go.
  7. Probably. Because most folks don't understand why/how things work, they just chase "results." Which means one year you're saying "DO X!" and the next year you're screaming "DO Y!" Chasing shadows.
  8. In order to find football players, you need to know what you're looking for said football players to do. Scheme is incredibly important in that evaluation. There are very few truly scheme transcendent players in the league....especially along the lines.
  9. It's really not though. The verbage etc. is similar because a lot those things are WCO terms/concepts. To that end, you'd like to keep the same verbage so you dont have to teach guys a whole new set of terminology. But Sarkisian's offense isnt Kyle Shanahan's offense.
  10. I keep seeing this sort of thing on this board and I think it misstates how NFL offenses work. Quality coordinators, on both sides of the ball, aren't calling plays the way people did in Tecmo Bowl. It's not about the "playbook" so much as its about how a given coordinator actually calls the game and is able to anticipate and create adjustments. In that respect its really about the play-caller, not the plays being called, if that makes sense. Said differently: if you gave Kyle Shanahan's playbook to Offensive Coordinator X, he's not going to all of a sudden be Kyle Shanahan.
  11. Or maybe the NFL is a brutal league of the highest competition imaginable? I'm sure Takk has growing up to do....he's 23 years old. But this sorta stuff seems to imply that high-level success is less difficult to obtain than it actually is.
  12. Yep. And a healthy Deion Jones and Keanu Neal changes the responsibilities for everyone on the defense, thereby causing QBs to hold the ball longer and giving the pass rush more time to get home. It all has to work together unless you have utter gamewreckers in multiple positions up front. I'd love to get a couple of those types of players, for sure. So lets use an unanticipated garbage season to add a couple of those guys.
  13. Which is hysterical because before 2016, people were saying the exact same thing about Kyle Shanahan needing to go. Funny how that works, isnt it?
  14. Still doesnt get it....