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  1. Some risk, but I think the Jets will nab Beasley and the Redskins will nab Shane Ray, the Jaguars will get Fowler, and I don't think Bud Dupree has the skill set Gregory has. It is a gamble I think will pay off.
  2. I think he would do okay with the Falcons and Matt Ryan throwing to him. Sign him to a one year prove it deal based on games played. Would help out in the slot.
  3. The focus must be the draft because the FA signings are very pedestrian. Nothing to get excited about with the exception of Kroy because it makes the idiots on this board even bigger idiots for saying Quinn would get rid of him and coach up Massaquoi. So much for that pipe dream. If Kroy stays healthy, I think he gets double digit sacks in this new scheme. Anyhow, I think the draft the Falcons will pull a shocker and draft DeVante Parker who is 6' 3" and 209 lbs and produce big plays besides Julio. Hopefully they draft an offensive lineman, and draft running back Jay Ajayi. With the new scheme
  4. LMAO!!! All of the clowns on this board who said "When we get a real coach like Quinn, then Kroy is gone and Mass will get his chance to start because Quinn knows how to coach...... Reality was Smith and Nolan were correct. Kroy was superior and Mass was lazy. Quinn cut Mass, but resigned Kroy. Let me say that again....QUINN CUT MASS AND RESIGNED KROY! Where's your God now.......? I think the Titans signed him.
  5. I am for signing Tebow. He would be a great addition to the team
  6. It was just a few weeks ago the majority of you were saying undefeated season due to coaching change. I am anxiously awaiting the season to see if the Quinn fans are still Quinn fans after week 5
  7. Well if he is a free agent that explains why the Falcons are going after grade b players so they can create enough cap space to sign Kroy. Bring him home Dimitroff.....................
  8. Dwayne Bowe had great leaping ability which will be useful since Matty Ice will not have an offensive line to block for him. Bowe can catch those off target throws when Matt gets popped.
  9. I was thinking in Spanish and put his last name first.
  10. Miami has signed Suh and Cameron Jordan. They will make some noise this coming year. Meanwhile the Falcons go after the 2nds and 3rds. Still no offensive lineman. I find that "offensive"
  11. I know all the board whiners thought the signing of ex-Jaguars went out the door with Mike Smith, but now you can all say hello to Justin Durant. He was playing well for Dallas leading them in tackles before he got hurt. Hopefully he stays healthy for the Falcons. Brooks Reed was a solid pickup, not real flashy, but solid, and I guess Hankerson will be the new 3rd option receiver. I just hope these guys realize that Matt Ryan is a pocket Quarterback and needs a sound offensive line. I guess they are saving the money for the draft picks.
  12. Obviously they are not going after any big names. I think they will sign Jordan Cameron and Roy Helu. Helu is a running back for the Redskins but he knows the offense of Shanahan's having played in it for several years and he is an excellent receiver. Cameron would fit well with Matt Ryan and would give him that threat over the middle like he had with Gonzales. A good red zone target.
  13. Anyone who didn't see this coming is an idiot. Mike Nolan talked about how Mass would play more if he practiced harder. The idiots on this board talked about how Nolan and Smith played favorites. Well your analysis was 100 percent wrong as usual. You're own God (Quinn) cut him down like chopped pork. So much for the incredibly stupid idea by you people he just needed "coached up".
  14. No, he is a head case and Atlanta can sign an under the radar receiver like Denarius Moore that would help but not be so expensive.
  15. Weatherspoon is like Mr. Glass, he is forever injured. Dimi wants his former top pick to produce, but health issues always derail that hope. They better draft some decent talent and sign a productive free agent or it is back to 4-12. 1.Sign Jordan Cameron tight end. He knows Shanahan's offense. 2. Draft Fowler, Quinn has actually worked with him while coaching in college. Draft Jay Ajayi as the new running back. 3. Cut Antonella Smith and J. Rodgers. 4. Sign the free agent defensive end from Buffalo Bills because he is not a good fit for Rex Ryan defense.
  16. It is a very relevant topic folks. To rebuild the Falcons defense is the equivalent of climbing Everest without oxygen. It will be a true challenge. I don't think the existing talent pool is here on the Falcons defense like Quinn had in Seattle. Plus Quinn has to rely on Dimitroff and Pioli to bring in the talent and they have had mixed results so we shall see. The change of offense will be a real challenge, especially the change to zone blocking. Ryan might be comfortable in the west coast offense, but there are ten other guys, plus the backups that have to learn it also. Since Atlanta is the
  17. Quinn's biggest challenge going from a very talented defense to one which only managed 22 sacks. He is going to have to sign some talent via free agency and the draft that help immediately to turn things around. He has to depend on Pioli and Dimitroff. It is going to be a very interesting new year for the Falcons. There will be lots of noise, they won't have to pipe it in artificially!
  18. 1. Saints 2. Falcons 3. Panthers 4. Bucs Saints will run away with the division. 2014 the injury bug depleted their defense and even part of their offense. Bad luck seldom strikes twice and with a healthy team the Saints win the division easily. The Falcons will finish 2nd. It will take time for the Falcons to adjust to the new offensive scheme and the defense will need to get some cohesiveness also. They will be better by the end of the year, than at the start and will finish 2nd. Carolina will slide this year. Too many holes on offensive line, defense, etc. Bucs will be starting rookie QB so
  19. I think 2016 wii be the recovery year. 2015 the Falcons have to many adjustments to make working with the complex offense that Shanahan brings with him. It takes time, plus the switch to zone blocking will be a challenge too. Defense should improve because they will be drafting for that and also signing some free agents in the bargain as well.
  20. Blank simply wanted Quinn. His own players called him a defensive Mastermind, sort of the way the Cowboy players called Dave Wannstedt a defensive mastermind when the Bears hired him as a head coach.
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