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  1. LMAO!!! All of the clowns on this board who said "When we get a real coach like Quinn, then Kroy is gone and Mass will get his chance to start because Quinn knows how to coach...... Reality was Smith and Nolan were correct. Kroy was superior and Mass was lazy. Quinn cut Mass, but resigned Kroy. Let me say that again....QUINN CUT MASS AND RESIGNED KROY! Where's your God now.......? I think the Titans signed him.
  2. Anyone who didn't see this coming is an idiot. Mike Nolan talked about how Mass would play more if he practiced harder. The idiots on this board talked about how Nolan and Smith played favorites. Well your analysis was 100 percent wrong as usual. You're own God (Quinn) cut him down like chopped pork. So much for the incredibly stupid idea by you people he just needed "coached up".
  3. Here is the link to Brennan and Simpson/ COLT BRENNAN AND JESSICA SIMPSON
  4. D.J. Shockley was cut. I think he will be picked up by another team such as Carolina or the Jets. There was some bold predictions for him on this board, but they were the same ones who said we would all be kneeling at the alter of Petrino and that Colt Brennan would not make the NFL. Brennan has made it in the NFL His second year now on the Redskins. He is also dating Jessica Simpson. Not bad for third string.
  5. Welcome Back Joey. You are a good quarterback and a great team leader. Go Falcons!
  6. Joey played for new offensive coordinator Mike Malarkey down in Miami. He knows the offense much better then Redman or Shockley. It is simply the truth. Joey had a great year last year when you consider the fact the offensive line was the worst in professional football. One important factor to remember why Jake Long should be the Falcons first pick.
  7. Joey knows the offense and he is an excellent leader and a very capable quarterback. P.S. Go cry Goosedaddy and Grendel, Leftwich is gone....
  8. Colt Brennan would lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl. He is DA FUTURE!!!!
  9. Joey might be back pretty soon. I think he is key for a successful season.
  10. Brennan is DA FUTURE!!!!!! The Falcons would be wise to draft him.
  11. Colt Brennan is DA FUTURE....................... Bring him home "guy who replaced McKay"
  12. The coke can with the word "Choke" on it needs to be addressed towards the New England Patriots rather than the Yankees. One game from history and choked in the most important one.
  13. To answer your question is quite simple. So far Shockley has not done much more then carry a clipboard and learn. He has never started a regular season game. Does that make him a bad quarterback? No, it just means he has never started a game. If people would have mentioned Derek Anderson as a possible player the Falcons should obtain before the start of last year you would have been made fun of and persecuted. Now that Anderson had a good year, nearly 75% of the idiots on this board wanted to trade the 1st round pick to the Browns for Anderson before he re-signed with the Browns. Shockley is a
  14. Hopefully the rumors of Joey resigning with the Falcons are true. With the current state of the Offensive line, Atlanta might need six quarterbacks to make it through a full season. I can see Joey signing with the Cowboys. The offensive coordinator is Jason Garrett and he was Joey's quarterback coach in Miami. Joey has much more mobility then Brad Johnson and great accuracy with his throws. Plus he has a shot at going to the Super Bowl.
  15. The release of Joey Harrington guarantees that Ryan will be picked.
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