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  1. LMAO!!! All of the clowns on this board who said "When we get a real coach like Quinn, then Kroy is gone and Mass will get his chance to start because Quinn knows how to coach...... Reality was Smith and Nolan were correct. Kroy was superior and Mass was lazy. Quinn cut Mass, but resigned Kroy. Let me say that again....QUINN CUT MASS AND RESIGNED KROY! Where's your God now.......? I think the Titans signed him.
  2. Anyone who didn't see this coming is an idiot. Mike Nolan talked about how Mass would play more if he practiced harder. The idiots on this board talked about how Nolan and Smith played favorites. Well your analysis was 100 percent wrong as usual. You're own God (Quinn) cut him down like chopped pork. So much for the incredibly stupid idea by you people he just needed "coached up".