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  1. I'm not completely positive we will get into the playoffs but it could potentially happen. Regardless, as I stated, I'd rather us not make it. 8-8 is still an improvement from last year. hey if browns fired him after one year what makes you think we cant/wont? amen brother!
  2. Since lots of people who have not posted in a while made disgruntled threads about the current situation with our team I guess I might as well join them, why not eh? To get to the point, yes I am pissed off as much any real fan on these boards. Sure in the heat of the moment we can put blame on the most observant things, whether it be a player's mistake or a coaches play calling. It's easy to get angry, blows off steam by attacking all the negative factors of those individuals we believe are deserving of blame, simply because it makes us feel better. But the reality is everyone and everything
  3. I love how they're targeting the big offensive linemen. about time.
  4. this is nice. here is the NFL Draft profile on Tank. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2013/profiles/cornellius-carradine?id=2539224
  5. i really like this idea. A lot of positions would get addressed, draft some more guys, and creates even more competition. Love it!
  6. i am not usually mean and I 've seen a lot of dumb posts in these boards, but yours has to be one of them
  7. im fine, I'll live, but I am still in complete disbelief. I mean c'mon, 4 yards away from the SB!!! so many things could've been implemented better now that I look back at it. But shoul've, could've, would've,.....just cant believe we let them come back after being up 17-0. ****ing ridiculous..
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