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  1. A striking majority of mass murderers started off torturing animals as children. There is a distinct correlation between the two. There are millions of dogs worldwide who have contributed exponentially more to society than you ever will. I wish the Commish would hurry up and reinstate Vick so his legion of ******** minions would go elsewhere.
  2. Not to justify either crime, but there is a distinct difference between the two. Mike killing dogs was premeditated and repetitive (for those "less privileged" readers, that means that he knew what he was gonna do before he did it and he did it many times.) While Stallworth's crime is inexcusable and he definitely should have gotten more time, I think it's safe to say he didn't intentionally kill the guy. There's absolutely nothing accidental about what Vick did. They both got off light if you ask me.
  3. 5. Matt Ryan will have more touchdowns than Jay Cutler. Cutler is one of the most talented and strong-armed young quarterbacks in fantasy football. He showed that last season with a career-best 4,525 passing yards and 27 total touchdowns -- those numbers ranked him fifth in fantasy points at his position on NFL.com. Ryan was solid as a rookie, but his numbers (3,440 passing yards, 17 total TDs) paled in comparison. After an eventful offseason for both players, though, Ryan will be the better fantasy option. Not only does he have one full season under his belt and the support of a tremendous ru
  4. You misunderstood. The contradiction was your placing an easily debatable, opinionated and biased remark about rap vs. rock in the same sentence as the phrase "I won't make this into a rap/rock debate." If that isn't a contradiction, I don't know what is. Don't give me that crap line about how rock puts out more nonsense than rap. Praising the acquisition of girls and money is far from breakthrough, be it in a positive manner or otherwise. And if not in reference to the lyrics, what did you mean by "nonsense?" Stuff that you don't like personally? "Swagga Like Us" is a regurgitated version of
  5. Hall is too effin stupid to see how he constantly makes a mockery of himself. His own remarks in the interview regarding the fallen rating prove once again that he couldn't care less about getting burned on any given play, all he cares about are interceptions. He is not a team player. Hall is at best, good depth. I still can't believe anyone would give starter salary to that ego. Well, what about EA making in-season improvements to the ranking? “They do that as the season goes on, so hopefully if I grab ten or twelve [interceptions], and get my respect back, my dignity back … we’ll see.” Hall
  6. Naughty by Nature and C & C Music Factory are both infinitely more tasteful than TI and the majority of crap these "artists" fart out these days. Nice self-contradiction there! Suddenly rap generally has a positive message? HA! Laughable! Lets keep the gangsta mentality away from the dome altogether, shall we?
  7. What a ******. Vick is savior? LMAO! It's a fairly easy concept to grasp that the difficulty of schedule holds no bearing on our chances at another playoff berth. Each and every team in our division has to face the same rough schedule. I can hardly believe there are still people left in the world daft enough to think that not only will Vick be reinstated to the NFL immediately upon his release from prison, and not only is he going to be at the top of his game after having been out of the NFL for 2 years, and not only is he guaranteed a starting spot on the roster of a half-decent team, but a
  8. Heh, "haters." LMAO! The guy has been out of the league for 2 years yet we STILL have people sobbing and getting all bent up whenever someone cracks a joke about Mr. ConVickt.
  9. Um, WTF does Beyonce have to do with this article? That was just horribly, horribly written. As if we don't get the over-rated Beyonce shoved in our faces enough as it is.
  10. Vick would perform poorly in the offense Mularkey has began to build around Ryan. He seriously lacks touch in his passes and likely couldn't resist the urge to run under pressure. A lot of Ryan's biggest plays have been with pressure in his face. And do you honestly think the rest of the team would rally behind Vick if it came down to it? Let Vick back up Jerious. The last thing we need is captain Wonderlic calling audibles.
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