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  1. Just curious when is the last time we won a preseason game?If already asked sorry.
  2. back in the club late night he got too comfortable MAYBE
  3. It was the way he smacks his gum,and got this smirk on his face He is a baby Lebron in the making ,just wait the word will get around once he gets cracked his body language will change he reminds me of a immature Vick after a 3 and out with a attitude like it's all good they still love me cuz i love me
  4. i guess rey hartwell is on the front cover ,we sholda kept jamaal anderson same player out there no push getting pushed around
  5. over paid , another Ed Hartwell, dude gets pushed around like J.Anderson did
  6. I agree JJ seems too be slowing down the o. Seems like they are forcing the ball too him he makes catches but how many tds?
  7. You get to watch them live soon i wish icould make the roady from norcal
  8. For us too win we need Dunta to step up is it me ?Or is it that teams dont throw his side because i see him very little everything goes Grimes way.Dunta it is time too shine
  9. I got heat last week for calling Edwards Engrin Hartwell
  10. Coach Smith needs to bust out his safari hat on gameday
  11. He looks like Payton Manning at the line until they hike it too him then he is on his back
  12. Ray Edwards was getting pushed around no pressure, looked like Jamaal Anderson
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