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  1. Steve Smith catches a hail mary pass in double coverage. **** **** ****LSAHOPhgoipahgoinqoigwh
  2. well, nice win....didn't matter thanks to the saints stellar secondary
  3. Ya chalk up another Mike Smith blunder in that long list he has compiled this season. this game doesn't even matter now anyway
  4. pretty much the only thing still up for grabs
  5. Panthers are gona rape the saints. We are gona lose to the Rams. Great way to close out the season.
  6. Looks like we were all thinking along the same lines. Much Better than the media pegged us, but not great. Average.
  7. I never looked at Crumpler as a loss. He dropped a ton of balls last year, and at horrible times. It was always 3rd down.
  8. With every new height that this team reaches, I can't help but keep thinking of that Monday Night game against New Orleans last year. What a long way we've come...
  9. Well it could be, it's not over yet. But you have to take a look at how the Falcons had been pissed on the entire offseason for 2 straight years by the National Media, and now they are swinging from our balls.
  10. I work at ESPN 1180 in Knoxville, and my partner P-Max asked me on the air today "as a Falcon fan, what did you honestly expect coming into the season?" I told him 5 to 7 wins. He was like "really? that many wins?" Obviously 5-7 wins has been blown out of the water, but to be honest I'm not completely in shock at what the Falcons have done this year. My rationale on thinking we'd be at least average: 1. Crumpler, Dunn, Hall...yawn, not that big of a loss there 2. I knew if they were willing to play Matt Ryan that he'd be better even as a rookie then anything we put on the field last year 3. Addition of Turner + other rookies 4. Won 4 games last year, but lost several close games, and I knew we improved in the off season 5. The fact that it's not unusual with the parity of the NFL these days to go from 4-12 to 12-4 and vice versa Your thoughts...
  11. I think what he means is that what this year's team has done after what it went through the last 2 years plus the expectations bestowed upon them, it's quite possibly more impressive than 98
  12. I will never root for the Dallas Cowboys. EVER. They can suck my effing balls. Fly you mighty Eagle, FLY Birds of a feather flock together
  13. Was talking to my Dallas Cowboy friend on the phone earlier this evening. We were discussing how it's not insane to think that the NFC Championship game could be in Atlanta. It's not like the Giants are just pillaging through the league. They could get knocked off. It's all out there in front of us.
  14. can't get a big play on offense can't play any defense at all
  15. Let's get some a55e5 is the seats for this one and rock it out in the Dome. 1-0 would be sweet as ****
  16. Matt continues to impress. He won the starting job tonight.
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