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  1. You just had to get Too Many Cooks stuck in my head.. didn't you... DIDN'T YOU!!?!?!?!?!
  2. http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2015/05/bruce-irvin-says-he-plans-on-playing-in-atl-after-contract-is-up/
  3. Lmao, I logged on specifically looking for a meltdown after that app alert.
  4. Typical boring matt ryan response.. but i wouldn't have it any other way
  5. now are you the one with no teeth? or three teeth and a beer?
  6. rhode island is a tourist attraction during the summer.. but rhode island is boring as **** and frankly isn't very nice either.. being a tourist attraction doesn't mean anything if you can even call new orleans one anymore. they're all redneck trash
  7. I love how people call Falcons fans bandwagon. I'm sure a lot of fans are bandwagon funs much like any teams. But the percentage of saints bandwagon fans to saints real fans is like 99.7% to .3%
  8. and by sweep dat you mean 2 times unless approached with a third time in which we will have a trifecta sweep
  9. Oh I wasn't saying you're an idiot for that specific comment.. I was just saying in general. Like an all around, general statement of fact.
  10. god i hope the eagles don't make it.. you have no idea haha, go giants next week! id much rather face the giants than the eagles
  11. yeah unless the team were to move out of atlanta, there will be nothing that will change these vick fan's minds
  12. i don't know if id take it that far but I do dread losing to vick at home in the nfc championship. the media, fans, everyone would be in an uproar about it
  13. well said +1. The exact point I was getting at with this post. I want the Giants to win because I'd rather see the Giants tied for 1st with them. Anything to keep Philly out of the play offs although I agree, as you said, they most likely will. I can't imagine how bad it would be having Philly come into Atlanta for the NFC Championship despite how good it would feel to pull off that win.
  14. I'm not asking about us making the playoffs. I'm saying I think we win home field advantage I just want the Giants to win so there's less a chance Philadelphia makes the playoffs.
  15. Ok so hear me out. I want the Giants to win.. Frankly I have complete confidence that we can win in Seattle and beat Carolina at home which will give us home field advantage. (I have confidence we can beat the saints as well but that's besides the point.) Every time I watch Philly it scares me. I really want anyone in the playoffs BUT Philadelphia. If it came down to us and Philly in Atlanta can you imagine that mess? Think of how bad it was last time Vick came to Atlanta not only on the field.. but in the stands which is what worries me more. I was ashamed to be a falcons fan for weeks becaus
  16. it's a shame the nfl can't suspend his a** but he sure as **** better receive a fine
  17. Pretty good friends with Sid, what I'm hearing from some of his old teammates (he pretty much doesn't talk to any college friends anymore, understandable) he really isn't sure himself why he hasn't been playing. I feel they're developing him this year and just letting him run wild next year? Idk. He's looked good every time he's in there.
  18. I'd rather see Sid in there than Anderson as a backup DE
  19. well berman is a falcons fan haha.. he told me when i interned there last year. but you didn't hear it from me
  20. hopefully it's awesome. while i enjoyed the matt ryan sports center commercial, it wasn't as good as i was hoping.
  21. he played lights out at the end of last season and he's played lights out all season this year. kid deserves some recognition and it's a sad reality that he isn't known enough to get into the pro bowl despite deserving it
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