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  1. You just had to get Too Many Cooks stuck in my head.. didn't you... DIDN'T YOU!!?!?!?!?!
  2. http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2015/05/bruce-irvin-says-he-plans-on-playing-in-atl-after-contract-is-up/
  3. Lmao, I logged on specifically looking for a meltdown after that app alert.
  4. it's a matter of no one wanting to trade for the second highest paid TE in the league.. its like randy moss, no one wanted his contract, only reason patriots took him is cause he was willing to restructure for them
  5. and look up how many dropped passes he's had over the past 2 years.. more specifically dropped td passes.
  6. we were projected to have 23 million if the salary cap gets raised 10 million.. that means we will probably have about 27-30 million in cap space if that goes through
  7. I admit I think the fact that Crumpler was cut was a good move. He's at the age now and with all the surgeries, his injury was going to slow him down for seasons that are approaching. But I will admit I'm going to miss hearing "TOUCHDOWN ALGERNON" everytime he scored a Falcon's touchdown..
  8. this one is a shocker, i thought coleman was our best d-tackle despite his injury, i think this may open the door to drafting one with our pick now..
  9. umm no he shouldnt be resigned, he went to Seattle and incase you were wondering, his first snap with the seahawks was a punt against the saints.. guess what happened, oh yeah it was a botched snap, there's a reason he was cut
  10. i think he had 2 good games, the one against tampa shouldnt even count, the entire team just had way too much on their mind, and no one played good at all and yeah, shockley has played against third string defenses and he still cant score a touchdown. dont get me wrong, i like shockley, but i dont think he's a starter, he's a third stringer, backup at best
  11. im aware he is a free agent, but i think he'll be resigned, i highly doubt he's going to keep in his contract with the philadelphia soul
  12. I dont know what everyone else thinks, but I dont think a first round pick needs to be used on a quarterback. Blank said they are committed to drafting a qb and having him sit a year or two to allow him to season into a quality quarterback. This team wants to win now, why draft someone who isn't going to start with a first round pick? Incase you all forgot, Chris Redman was our starter at the end of the season, and in my opinion, he'll be the started at the beginning of next season also. Besides that one bad game against tampa where the entire team played back, i thought redman did amazing, he
  13. i like him, he's quick, big, and has a nose for the ball, definately lete d-mo go and sign this guy
  14. the only two falcons jerseys i own (not counting vick) is a black and white dunn jersey, and a black brooking jersey, but im going to be a fan still, i hope to get my hands on a r. white jersey or an abraham one
  15. as long as he stops hitting the dang punter or kicker or something and giving the team a good first down AND momentum
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