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  1. Enter me from all the way up here in RI please (will pay for shipping)! Awesome giveaway, can't wait to experience the stadium myself next year!
  2. I live in Rhode Island, had to watch surrounded by Pats fans, and still hear about it every single day. I have no solace.
  3. Can't wait for this guy to be the best MLB we've had since Lofton.. and then be better than Lofton.
  4. One more year under the scheme, Beasley healthy and one year older, better coverage allowing a little more time rather than dumping to the TE with this draft pick, it wont be substantial, but it'll improve.
  5. A buddy of mine is a huge Dolphins fan and works at PFF grading players, said that this was a REALLY good pickup and he really came on last year after Wake's injury. He assured me he's more than just a run stopper.
  6. If we didn't sign him, Pats would have. He's still young and has the ability to improve.
  7. It's amazing how much emotional investment goes into your sports teams when news like this hits you so hard. Prayers for Mr. Blank and his whole family.
  8. This game singlehandedly showed my roommate (a Patriots fan) why I hate Cam Newton so much. When Cam celebrated dancing, pointing for first downs, and running along the stands shouting after a first down on a 3rd and 1, he responded, "that's excessive." Then we have Matt Ryan, who jukes a defender and converts on a 3rd and 6 I think it was? He gets up, goes right to the huddle, no celebration, nothing. Those two plays alone show why I'd still take Matt Ryan over Cam Newton any day.
  9. Hey, Andy Dalton getting booed loudly by Reds fans was apparently his wake-up call and why he hasn't sucked nearly as much this year... maybe this is exactly what Ryan needs.
  10. How long was it until Anderson got his first sack? How long did it take Beasley? Exactly.
  11. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 52nd place! I'm coming for y'all! Don't call it a comeback!
  12. We had a joke thread about him and I tweeted it to him and AJC and he blocked me lol
  13. I'm going to the game against the Giants September 20th, but couldn't justify making the 4 hour driver for a preseason game.
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