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  1. Let's see if you can wrap your head around this, Ryan has never had a losing NFL Season while Vick and Bartkowski never had back to back winning seasons.
  2. My post reflects where we went this season, as you call it "all over the place". How does "all over the place" not describe 2008 vs 2009? dude, our entire program was a mixed bag in 2009, we must get better than this.
  3. I hope a total assessment will be done. I hope we never run the Wildcat again, it has never helped us in any way. MM runs too many reverses, fwiw, going deep in the backfield rarely works in the NFL. Defenses are way too fast for reverses etc. MM's gimmick plays are redundant and easily predicted, the man has no element of surprise in his offensive game plan. We were way too predictable on the passes to Gonzo and why can't we implement the intermediate passing game to the wide receivers we have? Why on earth did we basically abandon the no huddle offense this season, it really threw opponent's timing off in 2008. This team can be much better than barely climing above .500, we gave away three games by not being aggressive enough and retaing a "shell shocked" place kicker too long. We took a few steps back in 2009, not forward at all.
  4. After last season we should have been better than a .500 team this season. Defense? Our draft got us quite a few defensive players with potential but not healthy enough to contribute, how is that not a wash? PJ was said pre-draft to be injury prone, go figure, he missed his first season already, what is the contribution for 2009 on that one? Nada! Moore, what? Nada! By releasing too many skilled defensive veterans, even though they were older, we have zero depth, that failure to have depth is why we are struggling to remain .500 or one game better. Not anything like what was hoped for by the fans or the front office. Brooking's release was a brain fart, he looked pretty good playing for Dallas, better that much of what we fielded. Our secondary is horrendous, they seem to not be coached well at all. Our OC surprises nobody with his play calling. Our offense was completely anemic in 2009, no? I posted after the 09 draft that TD screwed up letting too many vets walk and having a rookie defense, not only that he failed to bring in starters, he also passed on depth for the oline. When the oline lost two guys to injury we couldn't protect Ryan after that. We no longer opened holes for the rb's. We kept Norwood as a #2 RB, the dude is not able to move the pile, he gets injured each season and misses too much time. Snelling is the #2 RB, Norwood is fast in the open but not very much more. I like Jerious as a person but his durability needs to be addressed. Every phase of our offense needs to be assessed as well as our defense and defensive coaches. Celebrating .500 or one game better is settling for less than was expected, nothing more. I don't even care to celebrate our first back to back non-losing season, that is just celebrating mediocrity. I don't care to be known for once in our history we didn't lose two seasons in a row. Drawing attention to that is like being happy about being one game over .500. Once in a lifetime back to back non-losing teams isn't what I want or expect from a team or organization with this kind of potential. Face it, we are not as good as we thought we were and rather than celebrating mediocrity, we should be focusing on what to do to fix the breakdowns we saw in 2009. I have followed this team since the first season, we can be much better than this and our fans should demand better. Anything less is settling for minimal performance. We need to stop settling for half measures and set our sights a bit higher than one game above .500.
  5. I didn't say anything about a new system, we need a better system and play calling. Some of the play calling was quite predictable and showed no creativity. MM didn't fool anybody in any situation when he needed to.
  6. The draft picks we took couldn't stay healthy enough to play = fail.
  7. After a bitter disappointing season, our playcalling and play selection must be addressed. Not that our defensive scheme shouldn't also be scrutinized as well, our secondary is not coached well at all. These guys do not cover anybody at any time. Our ability to run the wrong offensive plays at the right times is amazing. The upcoming draft can not be a wash as was our last draft. We simply did not bolster any defensive positions, not a single position improved after the previous draft. I believe that we need to sign some accomplished veteran players to build this team around vs trying to field a rookie team that simply is outmanned at every position. We need to spend some dollars to get talented support around Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. 2009 was quite painful to be a Falcon Fan.
  8. The Saint's performance today was dismal at best. Our FG kicker almost beat you.
  9. After Mularkey's brain fart, the Saints fake a FG, lol!
  10. Why do we abandon everything that we are to become the Dolphins when the game is on the line? Mularkey stops us again.
  11. who cares about these animal activists, have they not caused enough turmoil around our franchise? I don't see why a red carpet should be rolled out for them now.
  12. Errant throw, no way, it hit the guy in the hands he just dropped the ball. Defense had no influence on that play.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to think about what I posted. It is true, what BVG did was no different than when that 49 guy was celebrating an inteception just to be run down and stripped of the ball. Celebrate all you want after you have done something, but a DC celebrating his teams lack of coverage is inappropriate at best.
  14. During the past game I saw a camera shot of BVG clapping his hands , making enthusiastic gestures to the defense after a good defensive play? Or so it seemed... Then the TV crew showed a replay and ourdefense had not one single person near a receiver who simply dropped the ball, causing a 4th down to be next. wtf kind of coaching is that? BVG had absolutely nobody near the receiver and he cheers when the guy drops the ball as if our defense actualy made a play. I was embarrassed to see our DCoord so happy that we totally blew pass coverage and the opponent stopped themselves, then he cheers wildly as if we made a good play. That was sad to see.
  15. I took the Vick support as being that those wearing the 7 didn't see animal cruelty as being wrong. Our society has serious moral issues, how could any parent support a person who did so many things that are simply wrong and insensitive. I bet those people are raising clones of themselves, their kids too will think killing animals is cool. If parents raise their children with such an immoral sensitivity, those are the same kids that fill our prisons today, don't expect the future to be any different than the present.
  16. FYI, Dwyer will get drafted ahead of Spiller. Spiller gets hurt too much, he reminds me of Norwood. Dwyer is the physical ideal RB for the NFL.
  17. If MV has changed any at all, why did he never mention his victims, the helpless dogs he destroyed, none of which will ever get a second chance like the one he got. fwiw, MV has not changed at all, he is still only thinking about himself and possibly enjoying the pity that society has given him.
  18. Tim, It's great to se you back home! My season has been wrecked after losing my wife, I have missed most games, that sucks too. I never gave up on you, see the sig that I'm still running.
  19. These announcers do what ALL TV announcers do, they play to the audience/masses of listeners. We are a smaller market team and these guys cater to appease/butt munch the most people they can. It isn't anything personal. I relate TV Announcers to being a street hooker, they try to catch as many fish as they can. It is a numbers game for them. Giants Nation is more densely populated than Falcon Nation.
  20. Great to see you back Tim! My grandma can shank a 35 yarder and she costs less.
  21. one huge question, why were we passing with 4 minutes to go? We should have been conservative and run the ball to use the clock up and get at least close enough for a field goal or TD. That long pass was stupid, if we had scored we would have handed Carolina the ball right back. That was dumb football, not even including the int. This game had the worst play calling ever.
  22. with Hall, JWill and Vick we had a VT curse. They are all gone and we are back winning. Losers, all. We got stung on every VT pick we made.
  23. TATF, just kidding Rev, it was hard to resist a TATF reply, and I am weak.
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