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  1. Let's see if you can wrap your head around this, Ryan has never had a losing NFL Season while Vick and Bartkowski never had back to back winning seasons.
  2. My post reflects where we went this season, as you call it "all over the place". How does "all over the place" not describe 2008 vs 2009? dude, our entire program was a mixed bag in 2009, we must get better than this.
  3. I hope a total assessment will be done. I hope we never run the Wildcat again, it has never helped us in any way. MM runs too many reverses, fwiw, going deep in the backfield rarely works in the NFL. Defenses are way too fast for reverses etc. MM's gimmick plays are redundant and easily predicted, the man has no element of surprise in his offensive game plan. We were way too predictable on the passes to Gonzo and why can't we implement the intermediate passing game to the wide receivers we have? Why on earth did we basically abandon the no huddle offense this season, it really threw opponent
  4. After last season we should have been better than a .500 team this season. Defense? Our draft got us quite a few defensive players with potential but not healthy enough to contribute, how is that not a wash? PJ was said pre-draft to be injury prone, go figure, he missed his first season already, what is the contribution for 2009 on that one? Nada! Moore, what? Nada! By releasing too many skilled defensive veterans, even though they were older, we have zero depth, that failure to have depth is why we are struggling to remain .500 or one game better. Not anything like what was hoped for by the
  5. I didn't say anything about a new system, we need a better system and play calling. Some of the play calling was quite predictable and showed no creativity. MM didn't fool anybody in any situation when he needed to.
  6. The draft picks we took couldn't stay healthy enough to play = fail.
  7. After a bitter disappointing season, our playcalling and play selection must be addressed. Not that our defensive scheme shouldn't also be scrutinized as well, our secondary is not coached well at all. These guys do not cover anybody at any time. Our ability to run the wrong offensive plays at the right times is amazing. The upcoming draft can not be a wash as was our last draft. We simply did not bolster any defensive positions, not a single position improved after the previous draft. I believe that we need to sign some accomplished veteran players to build this team around vs trying to fie
  8. The Saint's performance today was dismal at best. Our FG kicker almost beat you.
  9. After Mularkey's brain fart, the Saints fake a FG, lol!
  10. Why do we abandon everything that we are to become the Dolphins when the game is on the line? Mularkey stops us again.
  11. who cares about these animal activists, have they not caused enough turmoil around our franchise? I don't see why a red carpet should be rolled out for them now.
  12. Errant throw, no way, it hit the guy in the hands he just dropped the ball. Defense had no influence on that play.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to think about what I posted. It is true, what BVG did was no different than when that 49 guy was celebrating an inteception just to be run down and stripped of the ball. Celebrate all you want after you have done something, but a DC celebrating his teams lack of coverage is inappropriate at best.
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