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  1. With the fewest season ticket holders thanks to TD & Shanky!
  2. Texan's Hoyer is playing like our Matty Ice Pick - throwing interceptions in the red zone. While the Chief's O-line has two backups playing including the center and is reshuffled with people out of position yet Alex Smith has all day to pick out his receivers. What do you think our Organization can learn from these two teams? Do you think the Chiefs will be coming to TD was advice about the Draft? Wise Up!
  3. Yes, can't we all just get along and play nicely? Would you like some tea?
  4. Yup, I watched Hester walk off and he kept shaking his head! Our special teams had a bad day.
  5. His mistakes were killer! Every time we fought back he would seal the loss with another bonehead play! I think he tries too hard and is in serious regression. I just don't see us building a team around him as a path to the SB.
  6. LMAO Nothing will change if TD is still involved in the draft and Shanny is still running the offense!
  7. Matt has to realize he cost us so many close games this season and even tough our patchwork D tried to keep us close Matt would stick the death nail and ended our season with his new trademark! Time to clear house in the ALT. Start with TD & Shanny and then easy out Ryan! Matt's no $100m QB! But I think AB has gone soft with old age and he won't change a thing!
  8. If Matt was truly honest he'd rip-up his contract because he knows he's not worth $100m!
  9. BS! This is a $100m QB!!! He doesn't have room to make the rookie mistakes! He ain't a $100m QB!
  10. Face it - ALL the back office coaches are BS! They couldn't get jobs at other teams as towel boys!
  11. LMAO! After 12 years Im selling my season tickets and moving to Carolina!
  12. @UK Falc "The foundation for any season, is laid in June-August. Once the real games start, there is no time for making radical changes to schemes or personnel (like building an OL days before the season opener). By the time you account for game days, time spent travelling, the players having a day off every week etc. it leaves limited time to evaluate the previous week's game tape, and to evaluate, install and try to perfect the gameplan said for the forthcoming week. It is like being on a treadmill, and the season is a physical, mental and emotional grind for these everyone. That why major fixes aren't easy to fix. " Tell that to Green Bay who rebuilt their Oline mid season. Tell that to the 9ers who took people off the street and turned them into studs!
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