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  1. 4 weeks of paid leave is a joke. Why even bother including it at that point. Also Vouchers are just going to get eaten up by insurance/hospitals/etc. Dems would be better off fighting Manchin and Sinema on the bottom two, than trying to salvage a paltry paid leave program.
  2. Cannot believe I missed the 2nd half. Loving JC's defense. Both ends of the court.
  3. Not Hawks news, but I am sure everyone can enjoy. Oh NOES. MR. "That's Not Basketball" is crying because the league's biggest foul baiter is being punished. Maybe next time don't complain about other teams star player doing it when you have the poster child on your team.
  4. LMAO. Mr. "That's not Basketball" is now reaping. Maybe you shouldn't have talked **** about Trae, when you had James FREAKING Harden on your team.
  5. Max>>>>> Stephen A. Glad the show is tanking. Dude is a snake for how he stabbed Max in the back.
  6. Loving that Cam has been showing consistency. He usually has 1 on game, then multiple off games. I think we need to stop the full bench lineup and start mixing things up.
  7. Time to pit middle class families against low income families AGAIN. Luckily, the middle class people aren't a voting block that votes consistently rain or shine.
  8. Loving what I am seeing. Been posting in ABF, but was loving seeing Cam and Hunter clamp up Luka. Collins defense really looked amazing. Defense really looks next level. I am not surprised. Nate was basically running CLP's offense/defense. Now he is implementing his own offense and defense.
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