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  1. Pretty sure that slogan is taken.
  2. Time for Kermit Mahomes.
  3. This and work requirements are why Dems need to pass Medicare for Ameria. Absorb Medicaid, the uninsured, individual market customers, and Medicare into one federal program called Medicare. States can pay maintenance of effort payments and the federal government will cover the rest.
  4. This honestly reminds me of May's brexit deal. No one actually likes the deal.
  5. I was implying if they did sign off and she brought it to the floor.
  6. 5.7 billion for 3 years of temporary protection is not a deal. Dream Act, which is permanent is a possible deal. Remember that Bridge Act for 25 billion didn't even get 50 votes in the Senate. Dems control the house. They are not going to vote for a BS deal because Pelosi or Schumer said so.
  7. She really hates this deal.
  8. Ann Coulter isn't happy with the Bridge Act.
  9. LMAO. Pelosi and Schumer are a fool for this one.
  10. DREAM ACT AND HR1. Sounds like a good deal to me.
  11. Interesting strategy, but I cannot blame him for going to the rally. Seems like it is about nonviolence and promoting academic excellence. Not promoting or hyping the awesomeness of charter schools.
  12. I think it makes sense in a normal election cycle, but I think 2020 is going to be different. Blue Wave is still active. Dems have been +13 on average in specials since the midterms. I think the potential for burnout is much higher than normal. Obviously given the primary schedule, you want to be in a strong position( top 3ish) by December 2019, but I do think some candidates starting now could peak too early. My goal as a non-frontrunner would be to boost up my favorability and name recognition. As long as you are on the main debate stage, your percentage doesn't matter. If a voter doesn't know who you are or doesn't like you, then you have no chance of getting their vote.
  13. .01. Third party support has collapsed under trump.
  14. Yes. We should do that. Border Patrol Union Just Deleted a Webpage Saying a Wall Would Be 'Wasting Taxpayer Money'