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  1. In that story, the albatross was good luck for the ship until they killed it.
  2. If HRC joined and endorsed Medicare for America. I would see it as an absolute win.
  3. Gabbard and Clinton are both irrelevant to the 2020 primary.
  4. Nope. Jeet's point was about people not being afraid of absorbing private insurance. He doesn't mention taxes in his original quote.
  5. Size is absolutely an important factor. The size and scope changes every. To pretend otherwise is laughable. You cannot absorb a trillion dollar increase in budget deficits like you can 17 billion dollars. The 1% wealth tax pays for most of the two programs. NDP also wants to increase the top bracket as well.
  6. 1st would be the price tag. Absorbing a Multi-billion dollar part of the industry is different from absorbing a multi-trillion dollar industry. I haven't attacked Bernie for not paying for his Medical debt cancelation plan that costs 80 billion, because that is pocket change to our government. Pharmacare and dental are suppose to cost 18 billion/ year total when fully functioning. If SP costs only 18 billion a year, I wouldn't care If Bernie paid for it. Heck, I wouldn't care if it was 180 billion dollars a year. 2nd would be the cost of failure. In 2010 our NHE was 2.6 trillion dollars. We are now spending 3.65 trillion on healthcare. If we had passed SP in 2010 and stopped NHE growth outside of inflation, we would be saving double to triple what current SP estimates say we could save on a yearly average. Every time we fail to transform this system and put controls on costs, it gets bigger and more difficult to do. The 2nd reason is why I am so critical of Bernie/Warren not being transparent and Biden's plan that doesn't solve anything. We cannot continue to afford our insane healthcare system. Our schools are underfunded and wages stagnant because all of that money is going towards healthcare spending.
  7. I don't think you understand his point. His point was that it has to be paid for. Warren isn't admitting that and only willing to claim costs go down. Bernie is willing to admit taxes will go up, but highlights premiums/deductibles/outOfPocket will be zero'd out. He is admitting that there will be premiums. My issue isn't the same as Pete's. My issue is that neither Warren or Bernie are explicitly telling people how much it will cost. My issue is that this type of trickery is only going to lead to the downfall of the bill.
  8. Why would I need to comment and what is muddy about his statement?
  9. Yea, this last tweet isn't remotely true. When has universal healthcare meant single payer exclusively? And the article he is quoting is about Medicare for All meaning Single Payer. But As I posted previously,
  10. We are also not within a year of an election.
  11. SP isn't a complex idea. If you went back two decades and proposed/implemented an SP system via taxes, you wouldn't have many of the issues you have now. The transition and funding mechanisms are complex because of their politics. It isn't as if the math itself is difficult. Heck, Warren and Sanders could copy Medicare for America's funding mechanism and this whole issue would largely disappear. No one said you had to pay for SP with taxes.
  12. Because that isn't even remotely close to the actual math. If the math was that simple, they would have tax plans.
  13. M4All is probably number 2 on my list. My criticism is because I want to see it as a viable solution. I don't want more patches on our ******** system. Patches will not work. Repeal and Replace Obamacare was super popular in every election post Obamacare, but as soon as people saw the CBO scores, they soured quickly and it became politically toxic. The same is going to be true when we finally see the sticker price in a Sanders or Warren admin. Harris' campaign seems to be dead. Going after Trump's twitter was really weird. Her team doesn't seem to have a good strategy.
  14. I don't get talking points. And what holes has he actually poked through? He is making dubious claims with no evidence and using his background to gloss over that. Pete isn't making any claims about how insurance companies operate in the video. Just that Warren isn't explaining how she would pay for M4All. Pete has said numerous times he believes a Medicare option would win out, so it isn't as if he believes insurance companies would compete.