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  1. This is why I say Bipartisanship is dumb. To get Rs on board we have to get rid of some important programs that will help a lot of people. I'd rather it not be bipartisan and include these programs. Bipartisanship never helps regular folks.
  2. I don't see it dying off. I am skeptical of traditional AR more so than VR. I think VR/passthrough AR will be the most popular form. Apple's passthrough AR headset is suppose to have dual 8k displays + a dozen cameras for hand/body/face/eye tracking. I think passthrough AR will be popular in office settings and VR for entertainment.
  3. Apple is jumping into VR/AR next year, and the quest 2 is probably gonna be the first Mainstream VR headset. I don't buy that it is a dying gimmick. It is just getting started. Tech is finally reaching the level with need.
  4. I'd want to have dreams at least until VR reaches the point it is indistinguishable from reality.
  5. KD is pretty injury prone. I hope he has a long career, but 7ft+ tall guys don't seem to last in the NBA. Kristaps is another example.
  6. Since you asked for it: https://ig.ft.com/coronavirus-chart/?areas=eur&areas=gbr&areas=usa&areasRegional=usny&areasRegional=usnj&areasRegional=usca&areasRegional=usnd&areasRegional=ussd&areasRegional=usmi&cumulative=0&logScale=0&per100K=1&startDate=2020-09-01&values=deaths
  7. You missed my point. The point was that Just like he could find a stat that makes him feel better, I could point one out as well. I am not focused on raw numbers or population based stats. They both have their flaws. Using either to claim success or failure doesn't matter. My focus is on unnecessary deaths because of poor distribution. We are lucky that we were able to nationalize vaccine supply and that supply has been increasing the way it has, but imagine how poorly biden and his team would be looked at if he didn't have that saving grace. The UK did a lot of the things I wanted th
  8. They just signed Kittle to a 5yr deal last season. Unless they trade him prior to the draft. It is a dumb shanny smoke screen.
  9. What about Absolute deaths. What rank are we? Oh still number 1. You care about some BS stat like per capita as if it means something. 1 surge in a tiny population country is gonna shoot them up the charts. I care about unnecessary deaths. Biden had the ability to reduce the number of deaths in this country by adopting smart and sane policies. Instead he allowed for needlessly complex systems to be allowed, allowed R governors to hoard supplies in red/rural areas when demand was in cities, and choose to follow a dosing strategy that required us to save doses so people could get their second d
  10. The UK had a largely simple age based priority system. They also did a first dose first system. I am also sure they didn't let vaccines chill where demand was low. While the US still had 100s of deaths. Biden/Dems only saving grace is that they have been apple to max out supply to minimize the pain of these issues. Sorry, you cannot be mad at Trump for his actions and not call out Biden for the actions he could have taken to minimize deaths.
  11. The funniest part of the bill gates/vaccine thing is that the vaccine he backed isn't even available here. Bill Gates was backing the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.
  12. Bipartisanship is dumb. The fact that you believe it is good shows you are wasting your time researching. Also I already pointed out that mexicans aren't pouring into our border. The Mexican immigrant population has actually been declining in recent years. The issue at the border is from Central Americans trying to come in more so than Mexicans trying to come in. You need better research if you don't even know that. Is your research "Find the first link that agrees with what I believe".
  13. Our trade with Mexico is why Mexican migration through the border is down and even negative some years. It takes time, but helping them boost their economy would do more for "securing our border" than any wall or the billions we spend now.
  14. Dems claimed there was foreign influence and that Trump and his team colluded. They were unable to prove their claims, so no one takes it seriously anymore. Same is true for "election fraud" that you believe. You had your days in court and it went nowhere, because you had zero evidence. Court Packing is good. The courts stopped being impartial a long time ago. The best solution now is court packing. When Dems are in charge, they pack, then R's pack when there are in charge. Border is getting better, but it would be easily solved by opening up the border. No border issue if there is
  15. Border is getting better. Have to undo all the crap that Trump did. Not gonna happen overnight. 50 Trillion is kids numbers. We should work towards 100 Trillion. Don't be weak. Court Packing is actually good and conseititioinal. How many Justices do you think we started with? Of course you believe in imaginary things like "Election Fraud". Do you also believe in Santa or the tooth fairy?
  16. ****. Sorry you have to make that decision. Waylon is like the ABF mascot now.
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