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  2. I agree, but too many are now claiming as fact that M4A will save 2 trillion. The focus should be on the fact that you can save money AND cover more people. Focusing too much on the 2 trillion is going to tie your hands when the CBO numbers look different and are not assuming you paying current Medicare rates.
  3. Actually, that was Matt Yglesias from Vox. I posted them when they came out. He was looking at Matt Bruenig's numbers and notice Bruenig attributed only 1 year of 300bil savings as the savings over a decade. The problem is that the savings will probably never come. I don't think it is worth dying on when the assumptions are not likely to come true( Government not raising medicare rates while killing private insurance, who pay higher rates).
  4. M4A guys against Tapper.
  5. This is a really bad hill to die on.
  6. he never actually said it was the sole determination, you just made that assumption.
  7. Cuomo isn't doing ****. They still haven't updated their double jeopardy laws.
  8. I honestly cannot remember being a musk fanboy. You are going to have to show me evidence of that. I do like tesla and still do. But from the tech billionaires, he would probably be my favorite, but that ain't much competition.