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  1. The gap between Trae and Luka is overrated. Trae is maybe a step or so behind Luka. Stat wise, Trae is at 26.8/ 3.8/8.6 on .440/.361/.815 and Luka is at 29.9/10.6/9.4 on .486/.336/.815 We also are a much less talented team currently than the Mavs and have played the toughest schedule so far by a large margin.
  2. Sucks it ended in a loss, but great night from our rookies. Hunter 3/3 3PTs 27 PTs 11 rebs. Reddish with 17pts 3/3 3PTS. I am just proud of the progress.
  3. These are the real city jerseys.
  4. I was agreeing that you weren't crazy for thinking that way. Probably should have made it clearer.
  5. Not really. I believe our coaching staff will max out their potential, but they are both lottery picks. Bruno is a 2nd round pick.
  6. Yea. The plant isn't new. It was making the trash can mac pros when they came out back in 2013.
  7. That is President Mayor Pete to you buster.
  8. December and January are the only two left before voting, but there will likely be debates during the primary.