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  1. Schlenk's *** must be on the line to do a midseason change like this.
  2. I wish I was a Senator. I'd make it clear. Overrule the parliamentarian or find another vote.
  3. Dems in 2008 believed there was zero chance Rs would recover after destroying the economy and creating two forever wars, but Rs won the house in 2010. Trump was in charge as those 100,000s folks were dying of covid and still received more voters than any other candidate in history not named Joe Biden. Trump came out of nowhere politically and was able to sweep into office. Don't assume we have seen the person who will take the Trump mantle. Trump could technically run again. You are being presumptive. I am judging based on how elections will go based on what has happened so f
  4. Overrule the parliamentarian and make a deal with Sinema/Manchin to raise it to 12.50 for their vote.
  5. This type of mentality is gonna lead to Dems getting beat in 2022 and 2024 while having the pikachu meme face. They are the challengers. Elections are a referendum on the party in power. Being Anti-Trump worked in 2020, but it won't in 2022 or 2024. You need to run on your own accomplishments, which so far isn't looking impressive.
  6. Best Buy lays off 5,000 workers as it shifts focus to online sales The pandemic has accelerated Best Buy's transition to selling online. But that doesn't seem to be the situation at Best Buy, which has weathered the pandemic fairly well. In the last quarter, same-store sales at Best Buy's brick and mortar stores were up 12 percent compared to a year earlier. Meanwhile, online sales were up an impressive 89 percent. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/02/best-buy-lays-off-5000-workers-as-it-shifts-focus-to-online-sales/ Even companies that thrived in the pandemic a
  7. Did he not promise to fix the ACA/Healthcare? They already rolled over on 15 Min Wage. Didn't even let Kamala overrule the Parliamentarian or fire her. If you think people are gonna wait 2 hrs to vote for a 10k student loan cancellation, I have a bridge to sell you. Also, just because you didn't promise something doesn't mean voters are not expecting Dems to fix problems that they have. The whole "He didn't promise it' means jack ****.
  8. Sinema/Manchin are at 11. Who knows if they would agree to more, but Biden has already signaled that he is dropping it completely. I am not convinced that they will either, because they keep folding instead of pushing through. Some of this is on Manchin and Sinema digging their heels, but Biden also deserves some blame for digging his heels against Student loan cancelation. If the elections were next week, what could dems point to to say they deserve a larger majority.
  9. Rs are already signaling that they will run a far right white nationalist authoritarian candidate. They are embracing it, because Trump got more votes than any of them could. Without Trump turning out those voters, 2020 is a bloodbath. This is why I am pissing about Dems not fighting harder. They need to convince voters that the above candidate is not appealing, which means giving them raises, making sure people are vaccinated, getting people out of crushing student loan debt, cutting child poverty by creating a child allowance, reviving the economy as quickly as possible with as few pe
  10. Cannot raise the minimum wage and cannot protect people from evictions during a pandemic, but we can still bomb people.
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