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  1. I think it is also worth mentioning that one of the reasons CloudFlare kicked DS off their network was because DS was claiming that CloudFlare actually secretly supported their ideology.
  2. Legal by whose standards. That is why I quoted the part of the article you ignored. Websites are not local things. Those businesses are not local either. And you do not think a government being allowed to force corporations to host/provide for content they do not want is setting its own dangerous precedent? I would think as someone who advocates for smaller government, you would be against that. Also DS can always create their own Domain Registrar and go around Google/GoDaddy/Namecheap. And CloudFlare is a DDOS protection service, It is not necessary or part of traditional internet infrastructure.
  3. That is going away soon. Also that ruling is in regarding to ISPs. ICANN is in charge of domain names and is now a private non profit with no direct oversight from the Federal Government.
  4. All of those businesses operate internationally, but the EFF's argument is based on the US First Amendment rules. Those allow just about any speech, as long as it doesn't present a "clear and present danger." However hate speech laws are much tougher in countries like France, Austria, Germany and Canada -- Holocaust denial, for instance, is illegal in 17 nations. I'll just leave this here.
  5. CNN continues to be trash.
  6. Looks like Dems were smart for supporting moving the statues. Some here complained that they were supporting an issue with only 30% support.
  7. Very Classy.