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  1. Over a meaningless endorsement?!?!
  2. @WhenFalconsWin You want to negotiate with this industry for healthcare reform.
  3. Libby is complaining about <5k in premiums. Saying it is a lot of money. She also supports M4All, which would raise a similar amount in taxes. This is a major problem for any healthcare plan the reveals how insane our healthcare spending it. You are going from a situation where people do not know the true cost to one where they will. Sure they will be saving money, but they do not know that because they have never known the true cost. Walker has a good article on this dilemma.
  4. This is why you need to sell people on the financing portion. Support is going to drop like a rock when people realize how much single payer is going to cost them.
  5. Better than Bidencare, but only barely. Not a fan of creating Another separate government healthcare program. Not sure why centrist dems are afraid of universal programs. How many government healthcare programs do we need? Premium Caps and better subsidies are good, but I would rather those go towards people on the public program vs subsidizing private insurance. At least with Medicare Advantage, you have stricter regulations. Also not mentioning reducing Out of Pocket spending is a big negative.
  6. Staff shake up in Iowa AND NH?
  7. Meh. Multiple polls have shown Castro decline after the debate performance. This isn't the first. I posted 538s net fav decline a few days ago. People who watched the debate didn't like what he did.
  8. Castro's attacks on Biden seem to have backfired as we get more post debate polling.
  9. Ignoring the fact that Medicare 4 America and KamalaCare would also be able to do that, Bernie has expectly stated that unions could negotiate wrap around services, so it wouldn't be removed from the board completely. Cobra sucks because healthcare costs suck. We need to cut down how much we pay Doctors, Hospitals, Drug Companies, etc.
  10. It isn't an aspect of M4All, but having an alternative system to rely on. Right now there isn't an alternative system. Obamacare doesn't provide subsidies for people with ESI. Having a robust public option with subsidies available to all would solve this problem as well. Like Beto would say, you are creating a false choice. Kamala's M4All would also solve the issues for employers using stripping healthcare as a negotiation tactic. Let us also note that this is the first strike in over a decade. Strikes are not common. You want to take away people's hard fought benefit and prevent them from getting it again because management COULD take it away. Plus the union is already saying they will cover the COBRA, so no one is losing health insurance either. You can check the tapes. AR never addressed it. He tried to respond to NLRB portion but ignored that I was focusing on the union clinics portion of Bernie's claim. Union Clinics cannot exist in an M4All system.