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  1. Who cares about democracy as long as we get tax cuts for the rich. /Republican
  2. 107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls for not voting in past elections: report
  3. I must've have missed that. Do you mean in 2016 or now. Also AOC is running on it. A few others are as well, but I haven't seen any 2020 candidates propose it.
  4. Someone in 2020 should really run on a Guaranteed Jobs program. Also a Guaranteed Jobs program can incorporates a lot of progressive policy goals like green jobs, raising the minimum wage, healthcare, paid family leave, etc.
  5. How do you figure that. It is a pretty bold statement your making. It isn't like Trump is massively popular.
  6. Yes. Generally speaking people do not like corruption. Draining the swamp and Washington corruption were a big part of Trump's attacks on HRC.
  7. He isn't wrong. A lot of corruption going on and no one looking at it. Corruption is definitely going to be a theme for the 2020 election if Dems take back the house. Already becoming on with so many Dems not taking corporate PAC money.
  9. Seems like Republicans will keep the senate and Dems will take the house.
  10. Warren disappointed me with the native debacle, but as long as she can put it past her, she should be fine. Booker's success depends on what the voters want. It also depends on how crowded the progressives are. You got like 6+ candidates running to be the progressive champion, while moderates/centrists have Biden, Bloomberg and maybe Booker. Lots of available support with no candidate to support. Also, recent head to head polling has Booker and Warren only a couple points behind Bernie's head to head with trump
  11. 73% of Democrats Want ‘A Fresh Face’ As 2020 Nominee
  12. 53% of people knew who he was, that is totally the same as Bernie Sanders 98+% in 2020 and nothing like Warren or Booker.
  13. Obama had NOWHERE near the name recognition of Bernie 2020. LMAO at using speculation for potential candidacy as evidence of name recognition. Deval Patrick has gotten articles and people floating his name. Booker, Warren, Avanetti, Bloomberg, Harris, Gillibrand, etc all have had that treatment as well. Are you now going to claims they have the same level of name recognition as Bernie does. Bernie Sanders gets mentioned in races across the country. Show me Republicans using Obama's name in campaign ads against folks in 2006. Don't worry i'll wait.
  14. Because Bernie hasn't coalesced the progressive vote and he has sky high favorability and name recognition. I picked Warren, because she has strong support for her name recognition and was consistently in 3rd place with double digit support in a crowded field. I could have said Harris or Gillibrand or even Avanetti. Bernie got 45% in 2016. And is now polling at 13%. That means 32% of 2016 voters voted for him and want someone else. That is bad. No matter how you slice it. You are really comparing Bernie 2020 to Obama 2008. Goodness. SMH. Obama 08 and Bernie 16 made sense because they both had little name recognition, but Bernie 2020 doesn't have that problem. Voters know him and his message and are still saying they want someone else. Early polling isn't just about core support, it is also about how well can you convert name recognition into support. Do people by hearing your name and finding out your message want to vote for you. Obama 08, Warren, Harris, etc have a high support to name recognition ratio. Bernie, Biden, and HRC 08 do not.