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  1. Deductibles are going to go up.
  2. Gfan:
  3. It is a chicken or the egg thing. At the end of the day Dems want to win elections. Dems go after Panera voters because they actually vote. If poorer people voted more consistently, many people would run as left populists and make class based arguments. Same is true for young voters and what they want. Also Medicaid expansion was a huge benefit for the poor. Dems not campaigning and actually investing and running everywhere is a much bigger problem. If they do not see you, then they are not going to believe that you actually hear them. They also didn't invest/protect people's rights to vote. We would be looking at a different landscape if after 2008, dems passed a national voter ID and AVR bill to counter growing suppression techniques. Either way, this is why I think you need to copy macron, drop the political class cookie cutter candidates like David Yankovich(sp) and run everyday people like IronStache. No one is going to look at IronStache and think: yep that guy is from the political elite. They also need a economic vision that people believe will change their lives for the better, because they are still losing in the change department even after Republicans control everything.
  4. You really are delusional.