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  1. It seemed like you were trying to give Kelly a pass. You were very quick to call Wilson a despicable human, attack her, and complain she wasn't being attacked enough, while trying to wave off criticism of Kelly's actions as understandable. You might want to repeat that post while looking in a mirror. And I already agreed that there are only losers in this situation when GB2.0 brought it up.
  2. It gets headlines. Second, Trump is commander in chief, if he wasn't to know what truly happened and why it happened, he could get it done. If I am in a family looking for closure and I knew the president was going to call me, it would be the first place I go.
  3. They could have and should have, but they weren't. And you claim that we didn't, but where they getting answers by being quiet? I think you mean that we shouldn't, which I agree with, but that is not the circumstances that we are dealing with. The press was ignoring the story. The administration has basically disregarded gold star families, until Trump decided to claim he was better than Obama at contacting them. If Trump didn't open his mouth, can you tell me with any certainty that we would have gotten to the bottom of these deaths without Wilson speaking up?
  4. I agree with your last sentence, but do we know that she didn't consider what it would put the family through. It is easy to say that, but you have no evidence of the contrary. Now with this whole story exposed, we are actually asking the questions we( Really the Mainstream Media) should have been asking from the start. We still haven't gotten a real answer on what happened or why we are in Niger in the first place. Maybe the mother and the rest of the intermediate family do not want answers, but if they do, then you cannot deny that this has helped push that along further than keeping quiet would have.
  5. Since you are an expert, what would be the difference.
  6. LOL @ Wilson being the despicable human in this situation. I do not agree with her actions, but she felt that the family was wronged and she went into attack mode. She is a close family friend who has known the family for years. She helps out her community and has programs to help the youth pick a better path. Kelly looks way worse in my opinion than Wilson or what she has done. She was wrong to claim the white house was full of white supremacists, but lets not act like there aren't any or that this administration hasn't been dog whistling to them. Also lets not forget that Gen. Kelly was in charge of ICE just a few months ago. He is the only that helped install the new era of ICE. When you see stories of ICE stalking women, who are trying to seek help from their abusers, outside court houses, remember who was in charge when they put those policies in place.
  7. Medicare X: the Democrats’ supercharged public option plan, explained Medicare X would allow all Americans to buy a public health insurance plan. That plan would pay doctors the same prices that Medicare currently does, and it would allow patients to be seen at the offices and hospitals that Medicare has in network. But it would have a different benefit package from the public program that covers Americans over age 65. The Medicare X plan would cover things that Medicare does not, such as pediatrics and maternity care. Bennet and Kaine envision the Medicare X plan growing slowly. In 2020, it would become available only in counties with one or zero health plans selling on the Obamacare marketplace. In 2023, it would open to the entire country and, in 2024, allow small businesses to enroll too. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), one of the sponsors, says he could foresee a future where large employers are also allowed to buy into the plan. (That is not included in the current version of the plan.) Gfan Reaction: If this bill bumps up the definition of small business to <=250, it is pretty much exactly like my dream Public Option plan. I would probably just make everyone eligible day one, but I do not think a ramp up is a bad idea.
  8. Wilson being present for a conversation between the commander in chief and one of her grieving constituents doesn't make the call not “sacred.” Neither does the fact that the mother of the fallen soldier — who confirmed Wilson's report — was present as well. Perhaps Kelly, who also listened to the call, would be less stunned if he realized that Wilson's primary identity to the Johnson family isn't as a member of Congress. The Johnsons have known Wilson for decades — most of those years before the former educator moved to Washington to join Congress. “When I saw the headline that a young man was killed in Niger from Carol City, I thought, ‘My God, please don’t let it be a role model,'" Wilson told Politico. “And it was.” The deceased soldier was an alumnus of the 5,000 Role Models of Excellence Project, a mentoring program Wilson started for youths pursuing military careers among other fields. So were his brothers. One received a full scholarship to Bethune-Cookman University, and the other is training to become a firefighter. Wilson's connection to the family goes back at least one generation. She told CNN that she was the principal of a school that Johnson's father attended. These relationships were part of why Wilson was with the family — not just because she was “a member of Congress.”
  9. The only good bug is a dead bug.