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  1. We are never going to sign another star. That dream is dead. We had a chance prior to signing bogi and Gallo, but now it will never happen. Wtih or without Collins, we don't have cap space. Trae is gonna start getting paid next offseason. Huerter is also gonna be expecting another contract. Cam and Hunter are up the next year. If we want another star, it is going to have to come from a trade, which means we are going to need contracts to match as well as pieces we can lose without regressing too far. Signing someone requires Salary cap space. We will have luxury tax space, but not Salary
  2. He is an RFA. We can match any offer that he gets. Just like how the Kings had match rights on Bogi last offseason.
  3. Everyone knows you gotta use Psychic detectives like these guys.
  4. Yea. Offer was 60 per month + router rental(10 bucks) for 12 months for 1Gbps service + HBO max included. Was a no brainer compared to the comcast service he had before. Speeds aren't up to advertise, but still insanely fast and well worth the price. Edit: also worth mentioning that comcast charges 30 for unlimited data, which was included at that price with ATT.
  5. My pops has att fiber in memphis. He has the 1Gbps Up/Down. I haven't seen him get those speed with the standard router, but still gets over 500+ down and up. Well worth the price compared to the comcast he was paying for, plus he gets HBOmax included. If I remember correctly, you can put the ATT gateway in bridge mode if you have your own router.
  6. Basically this hawks squad has gone further than any other team in franchise history in atlanta.
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