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  1. If Biden wins without offering a branch to the left. That would be a death blow to the movement. Party leaders would never take the left seriously again.
  2. How is she copying the PM of New Zealand? Michigan State is her Alma Mater. I doubt she supports child sexual abuse or had anything to do with it. I think being corny is the point of the video. It is meant for children. Human names for Dogs is weird. Feels like you are reaching to hate her. That is your right but it feels like misplace anger because Bernie got crushed.
  3. What is wrong with this video?
  4. He ruined it by not quoting happy gilmore.
  5. Dems committing political malpractice again. What is new.
  6. Never blamed him. My focus is on securing November then state/local primaries(which can happen as late as august for many states). Presidential primaries don't factor in. Biden is going to be the Dem nom and Trump the R nom. If Bernie and Biden switched places delegate wise, would you think it is a good idea for biden to stay in even though he was effectively eliminated from winning? Or would you argue that he should drop out?
  7. If states haven't adopted zero excuse absentee mail in ballots, do you really think they are going to be able to change the laws to get it done before the conventions? We have zero idea how long this is going to last. We have no clue if we will get hit with a second wave after we lighten restrictions. Bernie lost after Super Tuesday. We both know it. There was zero reason for him to stay in. He was going to do worse than in 2016. Mail-in ballots should be standard, but even if we started now, those probably won't be available until the November elections. Plus Republicans won't even support things that make voting easier. SCOTUS ruled against extending the absentee ballot deadline in WI.
  8. I think Inslee makes a lot of sense. I think you want someone with governing experience, since Biden is wasting away with his dementia.
  9. So? Ohio didn't. Was there an important election then? Illinois? Now the whole will they or won't they delay becomes largely moot. Now states can postpone their primaries AFTER the June 9 cutoff by the DNC with no worries, since the primary is over. Bernie did the correct thing for public safety. Primary was over and there were zero reasons to stay in when you don't have a chance, especially in a pandemic.
  10. Wisconsin is 1 state. Care to share any other examples? How about New York or Georgia?
  11. How many people were coming out just to vote in the presidential elections. Let us be real, most people are not voting down ballot as their main reason for coming out. 30+ million people across the country are not voting in primaries during nonpresidential election years. Bernie is saving countless lives because now a majority of voters on either side do not have a reason to come out. Sure there could be a primary challenge, but those can be postponed and some states already have separate dates for presidential primaries and regular primaries later in the summer, like NY.
  12. Bernie is saving countless lives this way. Good on him.