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  1. Pelosi attack ads didn't work so on to the next woman.
  2. Honest question, How is it a rebuke of Warren and Brown? Also Donnelly and Heitkamp were two members on the committee who lost reelection. There were openings. Was he not suppose to give her any committee assignments?
  3. [insert Wrong.gif] Don't worry wfw. House Dems will investigate and if Trump is innocent, then he has nothing to worry about.
  4. Looks like Bernie and Warren are collapsing.
  5. Country wants accountability otherwise they would have voted Republican. And the country would be better off with zero criminals in the white house.
  6. Get you a speaker who can do both.
  7. Not terrible, but definitely some head scratchers. Castro doesn't belong on the list. I'd give it to Inslee or Hickenlooper. I'd swap Bernie and Biden as well. And probably move Harris around Booker.
  8. Meh. It is definitely possible but with the 15% threshold, I still don't think it is likely. As it currently stands, Bernie and Biden would be the only two to get any delegates. Also, I think the Dem side will see a lot more rapid narrowing than Rs in 2016 did. No Dem candidate will get over 15% while relying on Super PAC money and a few billionaire donors. And if you are at 0-2% with no Super PAC, you are not likely raising much in individual donations either. Plus grift presidential campaigns don't seem prevalent on the Dem side.
  9. Dem primary is going to effectively be over by Apri 1st. 2020 is definitely the year to be a weak frontrunner. I will not that this is probably not going to be the final lineup. Utah/Wash are looking at switching to primaries which could affect the date. And NY is currently on Feb 3rd, but will probably change.