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  1. Clinton was polling at 65% at this point.
  2. You need to put down the rose colored glasses. Primary is far from over. No one has cast a single vote. Bernie hasn't even broken 30% in any polls. Also, why would a speech by Booker DQ him? His speeches have generally been well received. DNC speech was well regarded. I have never really seen anyone view his speeches as his Achilles heel.
  3. Has Faiz actually ran a campaign before. Seems like he would a better fit for policy director.
  4. Superdelegates aren't really a thing until the second ballot. Most candidates have gotten state party endorsements.
  5. Primary gonna be wild. Beto, Bernie, Booker 3 way battle. SEND IT.
  6. Everyone is getting home state endorsements.
  7. Only candidate with a record worse than Kamala's. What is he going to run on. Cannot run on bank deregulation or 1994 Crime bill. If he wasn't Obama's VP, he would be polling at 1% again.
  8. Agree. Primary is a marathon. Voters are going to see through it sooner or later. Too many people are paying attention. IA/SC/NH/NV voters are going to want specifics. And repeating that we have to "speak the truth" is not going to cut it.
  9. My issue with her recently has the fact that she doesn't stand for something. No one knows what she believes in. I posted a video of an undocumented person asking what will she do to protect people like her and she gives a 2 min answer without saying on policy she supports. Trump is going to make immigration a key issue and how are you going to stand up to him without have a specific policy vision. She doesn't even mention the dream act, which is the easiest layup.
  10. Was waiting for someone to take the lob.