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  1. But we stopped the lockdown before numbers got to that point. We didn't lockdown to eradicate the virus. but to buy our healthcare system some time. If a House is on fire and firefighters stop when only half the fire has been put out, are you gonna claim firefighting is pointless? New Zealand and Australia locked down show the effects of full lockdown to make the virus go away.
  2. Wouldn't have change anything. Look at Sweden. They tried that and are now admitting it didn't work. Lockdowns work, but we half assed ours. Masks also work, but a large chunk of people don't wear one or wear them incorrectly. People still don't social distance or stop gatherings. At the end of the day, until 80-90+% of society agree to a plan and follow it to a T, we will be seeing massive deaths.
  3. So your solution was to not shut down and have even more people die sooner?
  4. Maybe. Depends on what other teams value Gallo and Capela. Neither are on bad contracts. Worse case we attach a 1st to each player and dangle that in the Knicks/OKC/Other Tanking team with Space's face. But that is cheaper than giving up Cam + Collins + picks that you think it will cost to do an S&T with the bucks.
  5. The person they have to convince is Giannis, not the bucks. If we give up too much, then Giannis decides to join Luka and Bucks end with nothing. Giannis has zero reason to support a kings ransom from his new team. S&T has no benefit to the player other than helping him get to a team without the cap space to sign him. It is actually in his interest to sign with cap space, because he can do a shorter deal and get a 35% max instead of being stuck on a 30% for 3 years.
  6. As long as we don't extend Collins, we can just dump the contracts(Same way BK dumped Crabbe) to create the space. It would be more complicated, but still possible. We don't need the bucks. Just teams willing to take Capela/Gallo's contract without putting anything on our books and next year. a lot of teams will have cap space. Also, the leverage is only if we are the only team willing to do an S&T. Mavs/Lakers/Heat can sign Giannis with cap space. Bucks aren't necessary in those deals. They have zero leverage and will end up with nothing. Working with us is in their best interest.
  7. You are thinking of a trade + extension. In that scenario, I agree it will cost a fortune. Sign and Trade is a special type of trade done when the player is a Free Agent. DLo was a free agent and wanted to go to GS. Nets were facilitating and got a protected 1st. GS didn't want to lose KD for nothing and Nets had cap space( after we took Crabbe and they revoked their rights to DLo). GS convinced Dlo to join and paid a 1st round pick to Brooklyn for their help. Nets didn't give up DLo for KD.
  8. You keep acting like the bucks are in the driver seat. They are not. Giannis is a UFA. Giannis decides and multiple teams that want him have cap space, which means bucks get nothing. There is a reason S&Ts are rare and rarely have huge assets attached. Read up on the Hayward/Pacers S&T that fell apart. Celtics wanted the moon(Turner+Olapido) and pacers refused, so Hornets came in and got hayward. Celtics got nothing. Giannis has zero reason to push for an S&T, his new team gives up assets and he required to sign a 3-4yr deal. Giannis cannot sign a supermax and be traded.
  9. Capela is gone. Let OO add a 3pter to his game like Collins did. We want all the shooters. IMO, Huerter is the current odd man. Hunter and Reddish are still 2 of our best perimeter defenders.
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