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  1. Our secondary looks like crap. Way too many mental mistakes. Terrell the rookie is the only one playing worth a darn. Free safety has to be addressed in the off season
  2. Our secondary looks like crap. Way too many mental mistakes. Terrell the rookie is the only one playing worth a darn. Free safety has to be addressed in the off season
  3. That's one retired official trying to cover for his former colleagues. The Calvin Johnson rule says you have to maintain possession through the catch. He clearly did not
  4. When you see defensive tackles getting flagged for holding, that's a discipline problem which stems from a coaching problem
  5. Not defending Free but Noone was getting a 1st down on that play. The D was in the back field as soon as the handoff was made, there was zero push up front
  6. I don't know what Quinn saw that made him think this kid could play. He's out of position on every play, plays with poor technique, is slow. And misses too many tackles after the catch
  7. Quinn always like to recieve the ball in the 2nd half. I don't know the logic behind it, but he defers a lot.
  8. We've got to bring in a free agent interior lineman if we're going to improve this defense next year. We're getting blown off the ball and the safeties and corners are having toale then plays
  9. Some of you are such hypocrits. You get on here everyday and vent your view points/frustrations and opinions about the team. Yet Roddy, who is a life long Falcon, a veteran of the NFL, and a Falcons season ticket holder, can't answer a question posed to him about play calling in the Super Bowl???
  10. My Pat's friends have been beating their chess because they beat the Texans and the Steelers. I had to remind them that beating Osweiler isn't that great of an accomplishment. Furthermore, the Steelers team they beat was the same team that scored ZERO touchdowns a week earlier, WITH Bell, whom they was without him for most of the Pats game. Loosing Bell cost the Steelers 50% of their offense.
  11. Serious question: Can we really say it was a good draft if we picked 4 backers and only one is still around a year later? I don't expect 4-7 rounders to be starters but I do expect some of them to be backups. I think the GM makes earns his keep by making good picks in the 4-7 rounds as well as bringing in the right rookie free agents. It's not hard to pick 1st -3rd rounders, these are guys that everybody knows are good players, I can pick the first three rounds and probably get some quality players.
  12. It's too early to tell. I remember a few years ago the Lions went 4-0 in the preseason and 0-16 in the regular season, so preseason can be misleading at times. However, I do believe we'll be improved over last year with the addition of a couple of veteran line backers, an improved Hageman, the addition of clayborn and Beasley off the edges, and a head coach/coordinator who uses his players according to their strength. Bans isn't improving as a player, he's just being used as a prototypical 4/3 undertackle, which is his strength. The last regime tried to use Tyson Jackson as a DT, which he's ne
  13. I agree with gdawg, I thought Lowery played well last year,plus we wasn't paying him a whole lot of dough. Most of our secondary problems last year was due to the inability to get push up front. Maybe the staff felt bringing him back would stunt the growth of the youngsters?
  14. Defensive minded coach? wasn't Smitty a defensive coordinator when he came here? What we need more than anything is an upgrade in talent, which is what we didn't get, so far. Jake will be better, but the lg spot may be weaker, so that could be a wash. The running game may be better but we don't know how big of a leap the young fella from FSU will take. The receiving group could take step back without harry, especially if Julio goes down. The defensive line was mediocre at best, with the exception of Reshede, they won't be better. The linebackers, however, should be better with the additions
  15. For every Justin Houston there's a Justin Blackmon. Remember him? First round pick of the Jaguars. Dude had almost 900 yards rec as a rookie in Jacksonville with a sorry QB. However, he's out of the league now because he couldn't stop smoking. A wasted high first rd pick. So its a gamble that if I was GM I wouldn't take. Further more, the comparison to Hardy is applles to oranges. Hardy is Alleged to have done something in the heat of the moment, there has been know trial where he's been found guilty or even had a chance to tell his side of what happened. This kid knew ahead of time he would b
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