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  1. I know punting is not the most important category. But Koenen is near the bottom of the league in punting yards and average.
  2. Link please man, cheers

  3. NFL.com is reporting that J.Cibbs wants out of Cleveland and who can bame him?! Anyone reckon we should go after this guy? I think he would be a nice addition.
  4. How many head coaches in the league would get right in the middle of a huge melee trying to get at an opponnent like Mike was?! I love that guy!
  5. Yer! But it worked out pretty well for the Falcons in the long-run!
  6. The 1999 - 2001 Rams won a lot of games by just outscoring opponents with an average D. Im not saying that our offence has the pedigree of the Greatest Show on Turf but we may have to win games in a similar method to how these Rams teams did. That said our D does have some playmakers which I'm sure will step up in the regular season. Abe, Coleman and Jerry have to step up come Miami.
  7. Obviously the 3 today: Cleveland Browns - sack R.Crennell and replace him with J.McDaniels (Pats OC) NY Jets - sack E.Mangini and replace him with J.Schwartz (Titans DC) Detroit Lions - sack R.Marinelli and replace him with J.Davidson (Panthers OC) Then some others: St Louis Rams - dont retain J.Hasslett and hire R.Ryan (Ravens DC) Dallas Cowboys - sack W.Phillips and promote J.Garrett (Jerry Jones loves him!! cant understand why) KC Chiefs - fire H.Edwards and replace him with L.Frazier (Vikings DC)
  8. Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND - started supporting the Birds in 2004-05 when the NFL became popular over here but have endured the horrible Mora & Petrino regimes as well as the Vick debacle. This is my first playoff run as an Atlanta Falcons fan!!!!!
  9. Your recent history is awsum.......since we destroyed you in 04 you've gone 6-10, 8-8, 3-13 and either 3-13 or 2-14.....thats real good man even we havnt been that bad in that time.
  10. I know but they were good from 1999 - 2004, they've flat out sucked since M.Faulk retired.
  11. In response to http://life.atlantafalcons.com/index.php?showtopic=3825223 Sure we may be a little cocky but we have reason to be....on our roster we have a core nucleus which should mean we are at least Super-Bowl contenders for the next 5yrs, the best rookie QB ever, an awsome RB with not a great amount of career carries, an improving defence and a fantastic set of coaches led by a great motivator in Mike Smith. We also have a good staff and GM as well as a good owner in Arthur Blank. Our franchise has not looked this good for a long time....arguably ever. Basically we have everything you DONT HAVE. So quit going on about the past and try and rebuild for the future. We must be thankful though a year ago we had nothing......hopefully this gives you Rams fans some hope that you can turn what has been a great, respectable franchise around.
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