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  1. Ahh good to know, thanks. Still, RISE UP!
  2. I honestly think the only one you could really make an argument for there is Schofield, other than that I think We've seen Babs consistently make splash plays for us as the rest watch.
  3. Right now in total defense on nfl.com it says that the falcons have the 13th defense in terms of yards right above GB at 14 and St. Louis at 13, is that not factual?
  4. I think a huge reason we've gone 2-1 the past 3 weeks is because the defense has played so well. Sure we did play Kirk Cousins, and Mettenberger this past week, but we've played ourselves into the #13 overall defense. Is there really anything any of us would have wanted before the season than our offense staying top 5(which it is) and our defense being in the top 15 teams of the league. Huge props to Dan Quinn and the defense for being disciplined when our offense has been a little shaky the past few weeks. The fact that we're the #13 defense in the league just stuns me! The true star of our defense of course is Desmond Truant, having the least amount of balls thrown to him in the league(sees a pass every 25 snaps). But our run defense is awesome, which takes the whole D line being patient. The star on the D-line has been Jonathan Babineaux, no doubt about it! Justin Durant is the reason the linebacker core looks decent. But I think if Vic Beasly turns it on and we can get a linebacker that flies around in the draft next year, we'll be a scary team. Here's to appreciating what we have and 6-1!
  5. I'm not sure if he is a coke addict or has a mental condition, but i am saying he has elite pass catching ability for a tight end and that should at least be explored!
  6. So I know that we just wrapped up the 2014 NFL draft and its easy to get excited about all of the LB's and possible pass rushers that we just drafted; but i feel like we're forgetting about the 2 from last year. Are we considering these guys just wasted picks? Do we not see potential in either of these guys? Goodman was a 3rd round pick which should in theory be a player that could develop into a starter. Did anyone happen to see any pass rushing ability from either of these guys or read anything about the front office noticing anything with these guys. I see everyone really excited about Mass, but i don't see why these guys don't have the same potential. Thoughts? Thanks!
  7. I think we need to get this guy as an UDFA. Clearly the FO is now okay w/ overlooking some off the field issues and trusting our locker room leadership to be able to take care of everything. This guy is really talented and has just battled a bad childhood, but the measurables, talent and tape is all there, i really think we need to get this guy! Thoughts? http://www.oregonlive.com/nfl/index.ssf/2014/05/colt_lyerla_in_the_2014_nfl_dr.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c2WmPZZ3TWI
  8. I was hoping they would give one to Roddy so he could get 100 and people would start taking more notice of him. But we won the game, go FALCONS!!!!!
  9. This was exactly my status on facebook after the game. Go falcons!!!!
  10. Finally we can win games on final drives with kickers!! Thank God, thank TD, thank Mike Smith. Ohh yea and Matt Ryan and Matt Bryant. Big shoutout.
  11. Yea im thinking D Rob. But i think in the game Grimes is deffinetly faster. But the best thing about our defense is that, no one is really slow. Every one is above average so everyone can handle themselves.
  12. I seriously think everyone is about the same speed. Obviously i am talking about the secondary because the linebackers dont come into the conversation here. But i really cant tell. I think all of them are above average speed for NFL players, but no one with blazing speed. If i had to choose i would probably say Willy Mo. What do you guys think?
  13. Hope he's alright man. Prayers definetly coming from here.
  14. Just as i was cussing him out for his 2 drops. He makes me stop and make me wanna love him. Love this guy and Matt Ryan, steppin up big time.
  15. But i trust Matt Ryan to do this thing man. But Roddy has got to make that catch on third down. But here we go. FALCONS!!!!
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