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  1. Really comes down if he is all in on football or is going to jump ship to baseball. A lot of people think he only signed up for the draft just to create leverage to get the A’s to pay him a 15mil signing bonus. As of now he only received 4-5mil as a signing bonus, a pick around ours would net him somewhere around 19mil. But if he has to sit behind a vet for a couple years, he likely jets to go play baseball.
  2. Not sure if this has been discussed at all over the last couple of weeks, but the last three times Quinn has been in charge of calling defensive plays for his team, he has made it to the Super Bowl. (SEA 13 & 14, ATL 16). When he has let others try to call his scheme it hasn’t always worked out the best. I for one am very excited about this, I’m fine with the Koetter pick, not amazed but also not mad like some. But I think the biggest change in our team this year will be our defense, some from injury obviously, but also from defensive play calling as well.
  3. We don’t need to. Wentz is always hurt, they need Foles. Ryan has missed two games (2009) in 11 seasons. 174/176 games. Backup is literally just holding a clip board.
  4. Yeah those are the actual scores. Watching his grade throughout the season it was for sure better the back half. He struggled outdoors, particularly early in the season in Philly and in Pittsburgh. He also had one of the highest pressure rates of any QB, which isn’t his fault necessarily, but normally that hurts quality of play from a QB. I think they said on their podcast that indoors Ryan was 90+, but outdoors somewhere in the high 60s.
  5. Two years ago almost the entire team was 70+. A lot of same faces and play has either fallen off, play calling isn’t doing them any favors, or those next to them that covered up some major weakness got hurt and they were exposed.
  6. Brees, Mahomes, Luck, Rivers, Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, Goff, Mayfield and Fitzmagic.
  7. Depends if the new HC, if not him, wants to keep him. Would be excited to see what he could do with our weapons, but I doubt he leaves that building.
  8. He has already said he will have someone this year to help with that since he will be calling the defense.
  9. Mike McCarthy would also be from the trash pile.
  10. LJ isn’t playing in a typical pro style offense, and he is the 34th ranked qb this year. Nothing racist about it. Mayock didn’t want Josh Allen starting either. He said after the draft he wished Tyrod (black) was still there for Allen to sit behind for a year while he learned.
  11. Are we not hiring a DC at all or is Quinn just taking over play calling like he did in 16?
  12. Then Andy Reid isn’t a top tier coach either, who calls offensive plays as the HC.
  13. We have had the best 3 year draft stretch I can ever remember this team having. Similar to free agency since Quinn has been here, very few head scratching signings like we got under Mike Smith. Felt like Smith we had a new opportunity every year and we threw money at it and signed a bunch of people for a ton of money wether they were scheme fit or not. Ray Edwards, Danta Robinson, Paul Solia, Tyson Jackson...not to mention signing Sam Baker to an extension all come to mind. We haven’t had any of those moments since Quinn has been here. We can point out some draft picks that haven’t planned out, but every team has that, and we are hitting at a higher rate than most. The draft and free agency are the least of my concern right now.
  14. A lot of teams started doing that, it’s the worst. But it does seem to be even more nauseating when the Saints do it for sure.
  15. Bengals were 5-4 before he got fired. They went 1-6 after they fired him and brought Hue in...