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  1. Waiting for everyone that normally bashes PFF to show up.
  2. Being a falcons fan from Cleveland, I would recommend watching one Browns game and how Hue manages a game, you will be much happier with Quinn I promise.
  3. Yes, it was. Our defense improved when Quinn took over play calling last year.
  4. We outscored them in them in the second half this time at least.
  5. Matt is the best QB this franchise has ever had in 50+ years. But your logic makes sense, it should be super simple to draft a replacement. It is bad coaching, both sides of the ball were not prepared, weren’t lined up on defense, bad communication on routes ran. But you are right. Hey, what’s Shanny’s record so far? Matt and Shanny worked well together, both are struggling without each other for sure, but to say Shanny is the MVP is idiotic. How many other QBs won MVP under him? I’ll wait...
  6. I hate this fan base sometimes. Dude was MVP last year, there are SO many bad QBs in this league. I live in Cleveland and see that crap every week. More than half this league would kill for Ryan to be their QB.
  7. Projector will be in my next one I have a feeling.
  8. I was polite about it, but when your job is to report and write news for a living, and you don't bother proof reading...there is a problem.
  9. He blocked me for complaining about how un-readable his posts are.
  10. I hate that I actually laughed out loud during this thread and the take on ET.
  11. Not fully sure how to take that, but, thank you?
  12. 2x 49" Sony 4k's 1x 65" Sony 4k
  13. There is a lot more to playing edge than just sacks. That's like saying QBs that have more completions are better and ignore all other stats. They also include post season, where Beasley played 148 snaps and record 0 sacks and 0 solo tackles. That didn't help his grade.
  14. If they were absolutely worthless, 29/32 NFL teams wouldn't pay for their advanced stats every year. Are there misses? Absolutely. But overall their observations are pretty solid I think. Actually listening to their podcast and hearing how and why they grade how they do makes a lot of sense.