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  1. This fees too real. Bonzai Blitz every play!
  2. Why does every player who hits the trade block need to be a future falcon? We have no cap room, they want two firsts for him, which is crazy, we may get two impact players, on cheaper deals, but using those two picks. Ramsey is about to get paid. If we were in a scenario where Ryan and Julio were going to retire in two years and we were going all in, then it would make sense. Also not sure he fits the locker room, majority of players that are top 3 at there position never sniff free agency or a trade from the franchise that drafted them. If they do, it’s a big red flag normally...that and him getting into it with the head coach...that’s probably a bad sign as well.
  3. Looks like they may actually get that. Crazy.
  4. I’d like to see less targeting Stocker, I’m terrified because the screens worked to Julio so well that Dirk is going to dial it up ten time against the colts (he loves that play), and see something going on the ground, and most importantly, staying healthy. But I agree, offense will click over next few weeks.
  5. The aren’t offering him a long term contract that he wanted. He showed up in a Brinks truck to training camp to say that he wanted paid, and he isn’t getting it. He isn’t getting what he wants, so he wants out. No thanks. He has gotten into with team mates in the passed, publicity criticized his coaches, play calling, how he was being used during a game, now the side line out bursts. 1) we don’t need the drama, 2) we can’t afford him.
  6. Why else would he be on the trading block then? Jags aren’t in rebuilding mode like the Dolphins are. They aren’t willing to pay him long term, and are willing to listen to trade talks. If he is this all pro corner, there has to be a reason they are hesitating signing arguably the most important defensive position, being a lock down corner. Red flags to me, I’d stay away.
  7. This would be awful in my opinion. There is a reason the NBA is so lopsided right now with super teams, and it’s because of their salary cap, or lack there of. The cowboys would just sign everyone.
  8. Exactly. Sacks are nice, I just want to see him put up a high pressure rate consistently. He has looked improved through two games. If he continues to improve that I will gladly take a serving of that crow myself, as I have been very critical of Beasley since he was drafted.
  9. No one picks 100%, best strategy is to load up on more picks to get at bats. They are doing a good job so far of that.
  10. If Miami got a first, Jax is getting more than a first.
  11. I get it. I root for the falcons and all cleveland sports teams, outside of the Lebron era it’s been a rough life for me for sports as well. I just see what my friends go through year after year rooting for the browns and how loyal and optimistic that fan base is, with really not a lot going right until last year, and some people here expect us to blow everyone out each week. Their best record in the last decade is Quinn’s worst in his tenure and a lot of people want him fired. A lot of people take it for granted how good this team has been over the last ten years, something a lot of other fan bases would kill for.
  12. This is exactly why the over reactions happened. We have years and years of actual game footage on these players and people would rather use one game and some glorified practices to attempt to predict future success.
  13. The point was all those players don’t suck because of one bad game. A lot of issues were corrected from week one to week two. There are still more to clean up, absolutely, but I’m excited about the progress.
  14. Agreed. 3/5 of Ryan’s INTs have come while targeting Stocker, I would assume that’s part of the issue too.