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  1. You said “picked out draft picks”, so I didn’t include free agents in my snarky response. 😂
  2. You think offensive guru Shanahan talked them into Vic Beasley, Jalen Collins, Grady Jarrett, Keanu Neal, Deion Jones and Devondre Campbell?
  3. What was fiction? Wins/losses being a team stat and not a QB stat? Ryan playing better in 16 than Cam in 15? Panthers defense in 15 better than ATL’s in 16?
  4. Record is a team stat. Ryan played much better that entire season than Cam did his run and he played much better in the Super Bowl than Cam did. You give Ryan the defense Cam had and ATL wins that game easily.
  5. Nice upgrade over the corners we have had the least decade in that category for sure. Refreshing.
  6. 100% This. People forget Tru didn’t get targeted very often because of how good his coverage was most the time, they just remember him dropping picks. Alford to me was the equivalent of Kazee. Nose for the ball and made highlight plays, but also made a ton of detrimental plays in blown coverage or penalties.
  7. Tell them to call up Cam, he’s got a personality. What team is he on again? He was drafted three years after Ryan, so he’s got to still be good, right?
  8. Depends how the offense is designed. Quick passing game is becoming more and more important, (which we didn’t have at all under Dirk). This requires good receivers to get separation early, and thus greatly reduces the impact a pass rusher can have. Outside of Terrell who I would put in the good category, our secondary is average to bad. More and more teams are building their defenses back to front instead of front to back like before for that reason.
  9. This is a very small sample size of the year and greatly impacted but some teams playing nobodies and some teams going through a gauntlet to start off their season. Using just straight W/L won’t ever show what team or division is the best. It’s the same reason why most places that do team power ranking don’t just put them in order from most wins to least, there is context and other factors that go into it. This isn’t a power ranking like you think it is, it’s current league standings at a division level. Our division is no where near as tough as the NFC & AFC West. The AFC North is also easily better.
  10. Julio is at 5.1 for his career and his lowest ever was 3.6 in 2019, outside of that he’s never been below a 4. Ridley is also greatly skewed by his rookie season. 2018: 5.7 2019: 2.2 2020: 3.1 2021: 3.0 Julio has a shorter average depth of target than Ridley for their careers (12.7 vs 13.1) but his yards per reception are a yard and a half better (15.1 vs 13.6) all because of YAC.
  11. Someone vetoed the heck out of whomever did the initial grades. Official grades from Sunday Lindstrom - 79.2 Matthew’s - 71.3 Hennesey - 66.7 Mayfield - 64.6 McGary - 61.2
  12. I think he is a top tier receiver in route running before the ball gets to him, he is solid catching the ball (last game he played wasn’t a great indication of that, wonder if his personal issues are a distraction for him at this point), and I think he is down right bad after the catch. That said, receivers most valuable ability is creating separation, which he does very well. Hoping Ryan and him can get on the same page in this offense because they had good chemistry end of last year and he looks lost and frustrated so far this year.
  13. Ahhh. I could have sworn I heard on their podcast during an offseason a few years ago when they explained it they used all 22 to finalize everything for those that couldn’t be seen.
  14. They do the initial grades off the different broadcast angles and grades are finalized by a second person using the all 22 the next day to double check work and for those that couldn’t be seen from the initial broadcast. That’s why the entire article mentions multiple times broadcast review/first review and then mentions should finalize after final review. Every game has two different people grade it to make sure nothing was missed and that it is accurate.
  15. He mastered that and I loved it. Of it works, keep doing it until they figure it out. If it doesn’t work after trying multiple times, just stop.
  16. I agree. I think he is normally trying to make them miss, his awareness has just been painful this season. I own his jersey, still a big fan, just hope he figures that out.
  17. I think half the time he stops hoping the defender will run by him and it never works. It’s like, I can see what you tried there, but it’s never worked for you…so why do you keep trying?
  18. It’s actually really bad. For the season he had 15 on 169 snaps. So it’s the same 9% pressure rate, which is one of the worst in the league at guard for the year. For comparison, Lindstrom has 6 on 171 pass blocking snaps, or 3.7% of the time.
  19. Agreed. Even one some of our best plays, people up front whiffed on blocks but they did their part enough to not be a major impact. Thing is 60 is still an improvement from the 20s some had to start the season haha.
  20. Be happy I used chest hair as the example…
  21. Hate to say it, but a lot of that YAC was because Ridley wasn’t out there. When Zac caught that 3rd & 13 short of sticks and instantly turned up field to get the first…I thought if that was Ridley, he’s short. I like Ridley a lot as a route runner before he has the ball, after he catches it I don’t know what he’s thinking.
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