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  1. You can be impressed with his play but also not want to take him in the first round. There are a few really good backs in the draft, but you’d think only Harris was any good by most mocks here was my point. His size won’t matter as much in the NFL as it did in college, he’s not Derrick Henry’s size, linebackers bigger and faster in NFL than college. There are faster backs, with better hands that can be had in rounds 2 & 3 who I think will have better careers myself.
  2. Same, board is obsessed with Harris, I wouldn’t be surprised if Williams had a better career in the least.
  3. Exactly, point is rarely does big spending in free agency pay off. Part of that is some teams are way under and aren’t good and have to meet the minimum cap threshold, but a big part is teams over pay for mediocre players because they have glaring needs on their roster. IMO TD drafted unknowns better than he paid known players in FA. He was good at negotiating players to stay here that he drafted, not so much players in FA outside a select few.
  4. I get it, he had a few rough plays, every player does. People hold onto things way too long. There are 100 different things in that game players and coaches could have done differently to solidify a win, that doesn’t make them bad. Jake has been one of the least penalized left tackles per snap over the last three years. People learn and grow. Bringing in a rookie to replace him resets that and we go through all those pain points again.
  5. Outside of TD trading up too much in round one and never trading down, this was his biggest miss in my eyes. But they go hand in hand. Because you trade up you lose role players and depth, when that happens you are forced to over pay for a need in free agency. Although it won’t show it here, he couldn’t spend much at all in previous few years because of previous over spends and top heavy contracts to players.
  6. Exactly, they also act like there is no way a certain thing could happen because they haven’t seen it in a mock draft yet. Weird how in McShay’s latest big board Surtain drops two spots from 7-9 and Farley shoots up from 18-10. Highly doubt either did anything to warrant this move other than he probably has them as CB 1a and 1b and needed them closer together. Take boards with a grain of salt, this stuff happens a lot. Kiper actually called him out for this on their podcast and McShay wasn’t even on it that episode lol.
  7. I’ll never understand the Jake Matthew’s hate, he’s quietly a top 5-10 LT in the league every year, yet fans remember one holding call in the super bowl and that’s it.
  8. I remember. Also doesn’t help the site is horrible to navigate, way too many adds and logos from 50 years ago. Looks like something I made on Geocities when I was like 14.
  9. I’ve never been a huge fan of Walter Football myself.
  10. I think he will be a really good player the NFL, although not as much as most on here think. That said, I would never take a RB in round one, especially in the teens.
  11. If we could actually get that many picks and pieces I’d be so happy. I’d be immediately less happy if that first pick was a RB that high though. I’d rather use a day two pick and a early day three pick on backs than I would one day one pick. Overall I like it a lot but I’d change that one thing.
  12. Almost everything AS and TF say between now and the draft about what they value, what they want, what their strategy is...is a lie. They are trying to not give away anything, they want to make the #4 pick as valuable as possible and if teams think there is no chance they take a QB, the pick becomes less valuable because they could just trade to 6 instead of 4. Even if they know Ryan is their guy for the next few years there is zero chance anyone comes out and says Ryan is the future or anything of that nature so they don’t give away their hand. This happens every year where a GM will sa
  13. I saw a list someone compiled of I believe 2015-2019 and Kyle Crabbs was dead last lol. Mayock was #1.
  14. He used to legit watch a lot of tape, I don’t think that’s the case anymore. He used to be pretty set on his opinions on people leading up, now we will waiver more on certain points throughout the draft process. I’m not saying he was perfect by any means, but he definitely has taken a huge step back. It’s also more obvious as outlets around him continue to improve and adapt and he hasn’t.
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