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  1. We were supposed to do a new dynasty draft last year, didn’t because of Covid, I had planned on taken Ridley since he was going a little later. Cats out of the bag now after last year though haha.
  2. People keep responding thinking this is a post for this year instead of last year, locking thread from a year old bump just to avoid everyone’s further confusion.
  3. Oh I am also thinking there will be improvement with coaching, will be curious to see how much it improves as I do think talent is still an issue, but coaching has definitely held them back. Both sides of the ball, very little creativity, just “do you’re job better than the guy getting paid millions to do their job too.” Great coaching will make a huge difference, I’m just curious since we had such little $$ in free agency if we really got the guys year one to take a huge step forward. Time will tell.
  4. Our line has been bad for so long outside of Grady, I’m not defending or projecting anything much more than that until they show it. I’ve gotten my hopes up a lot with that unit and it’s been flat out bad since Abraham left.
  5. Secondary 32nd, defensive line 31st. Not a great combo to fielding a good defense. We all knew it was going to be a big question mark this year. At least linebackers are 12th.
  6. I hate that all 10 p’s I asked about a year ago we’re all accurate. Almost like I saw this coming a mile away.
  7. Think he is a much better assistant than head coach. He can teach, he can hype, but he doesn’t seem good at being the bad guy. Then again, not sure McCarthy is that guy either. I’m just happy Jason Garrett is gone…him and Quinn would just try to out clap the other.
  8. I’ll just keep using Ourlads instead of dled.
  9. Great read. One thing that is a little skewed with this article, there was a very clear split with there 12 vs 21 personnel. Pass play success rate 12: 54% 21: 44% Run play success rate 12: 52% 21: 62% So they had more success in run game out of 21 but more in the pass game out of 12. Not sure what the site is using as “success” as it seems very high vs normal success rate. I’d be curious to see what that calculates. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Love his demeanor and transparency (when he can be). We wanted accountability for players after Quinn, looks like we got it with Smith. Love it.
  11. I’m a fan of the Falcons, not the Titans. I have an opinion like everyone else here. When someone makes an absurd comment, I too, am able to call people out on them which is the case here. We have both given each other a hard time and have very different opinions on the draft and strategy and we have gone back and forth many times, all in good fun. If someone makes a detailed really good point, even if I disagree with it, I will give them props for it and let them know I disagree with it and why and we have an adult conversation. Being a moderator doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with
  12. I remember how many people wanted us to start Schaub over Vick, it was unbearable.
  13. So is the team that traded for him. Maybe less TE with the Smith’s gone, but still. Will be interesting to see how that plays out.
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