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  1. They grade pass rush and coverage separate. If it is over a certain period of time they no longer fault the coverage. I think our bigger issue most the time has been bad coverage, which hasn’t given our pass rush time to ever get home and look much worse than they really are, scheme can also be faulted for this, at times rushing 3 or dropping everyone back when it’s 3rd and 25 is scheme, not the players. In our wins last year we averaged 3 sacks per game, and only 0.4 sacks per game in our losses. However, in our wins those QBs increased their average time to throw from 2.2 seconds to 2.5 seconds. Making a QB go to their next read because of coverage allows our pass rush to actually get home, which is why I feel coverage was our bigger need. If they still only had 2.2 seconds it wouldn’t matter who is rushing the passer. We only allowed a difference of 30 yards a game in wins and losses, one of the biggest differences was we also averaged 0.2 turnovers in our losses and 2.3 in our wins. Nice thing is I feel we upgraded both coverage and pass rush this offseason (potentially depending how quickly Terrell catches on).
  2. Have only had two top ten coverage units in the last 13 years, and that was with Tru, Alford, Neal, Allen and Jones on the field majority of the time. Other than that it’s been mostly mediocre to downright bad. It’s more than just a good dline, have to give them time to beat their blocks and get home. PFF Coverage Grade 2019: 24th 2018: 19th 2017: 8th 2016: 7th 2015: 20th 2014: 29th 2013: 24th 2012: 12th 2011: 18th 2010: 11th 2009: 27th 2008: 18th 2007: 24th
  3. That's the point he was making. The pass rush didn't get better the second half of the season, the coverage did, which resulted in more sacks. PFF Unit Grades Weeks 1-8 Pass Rush: 67.2 Coverage: 50.6 Weeks 10-17 Pass Rush: 65.3 Coverage: 63.7 The team played from behind a lot in the first half of the season and from ahead more often in the back half. This is one of the reasons there were more pass rush attempts in the back half of the year as well. Because of this, it's also important to look at a sack/pressure rate number to get the full story. Weeks 1-8 Pass Rush Snaps: 1,149 Sacks: 8 Sack Rate: 0.7% Pressures: 97 Pressure Rate: 8.44% Weeks 10-17 Pass Rush Snaps: 1,353 Sacks: 23 Sack Rate: 1.70% Pressures: 140 Pressure Rate: 10.35% Although pressure rate increased some, sack rate increased 250%, because with a better coverage unit those pressures were able to be turned into sacks because the pass rush had time to get to the QB. It's why we saw Takk with a very high win rate with little sack numbers, he was hurt most of the back half of the year when then coverage improved.
  4. Likely the same but is called for it less. Feel like he is better at getting away with it as you don’t see extended arms or jersey pulls a often. Sadly that is a skill at the position lol.
  5. Cam Jordan on talent and FO inability to find someone for that spot, Lattimore on need.
  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don’t you throw shade at Reed’s spin move, those majestic locks flying through the air. I sadly remember more clutch sacks from Reed than Vic.
  7. Yeah, authenticated too, so I’m sure it wasn’t cheap lol
  8. Wife got me this for my birthday (few days early). Have one similar and a Julio one framed but neither were autographed. Mentioned it randomly a few months ago and she just gave it to me tonight. So pumped!
  9. Recency bias and bad opinions mixed in.
  10. Same, I was saying this a lot last year and all off season. It will really come down to how well AJ adapts early.
  11. Likely just going off records, which Panthers, Bucs and Jags would bring it down. Says more about how brutal the first half was than how easy the second half was tbh.
  12. I appreciate that, I am also very picky. I also have the need to point out to everyone I show anything I make to every imperfection because it bugs me so much.
  13. They turned out super clean, I’ve always thought about making a set myself, but I have a tendency to over complicate things so I’d find some way to reinvent the wheel I’m sure.
  14. Haha thank you so much!!
  15. Yeah I really enjoy it. I recently posted my bench I made a few years back. Literally started it two days after the blown Super Bowl to get my mind off it haha. It’s a long video but it’s my most proud creation to date. Just realized I have “3.28”k subscribers...I feel like this is a direct attack.
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