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  1. Everyone see that RB screen that invited pressure into the QB on a blitz and then had nothing but lions jerseys in open space? Then the following three plays they only brought four instead of blitzing even in an obvious pass situation on 3rd and 8. Remember the last time Dirk called something like that to try and get the defense to not be able to pin their ears back against Ryan? Ya, me neither.
  2. NFL has been around since 1920. A black coach hadn’t coached in the Super Bowl until Lovie Smith and Tony Dungie both did it in 2007. There is still a long way to go when it comes to a sport that it played primarily by black men and teams are primarily ran and coached by white men. I agree that I want whomever is best for the job to get it, I’m all in favor of equality, but I think because some old school owners or GM, that came up through the league during a time when there weren’t black coaches and have a hard time adapting, will overlook a black coach, no matter how talented. I
  3. They are literally voting on adding the comp picks this year because it is still so. bad. If it was fixed this wouldn’t be a thing. So not trying to be a d!ck, but you are wrong, it’s still very broken. It’s not comfortable to talk about, or think about, and for most of us that are white will never fully understand it, but just because we aren’t affected by it doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
  4. WR/TE Julio 74.1 Gage 65.5 Ridley 64.4 Zach 59.3 Hurst 48.6 QB Ryan 55.6 OL Matthews 70.6 Lindstrom 62.0 Carpenter 57.0 Mack 55.6 McGary 36.3 Top 5 Defenders Jarrett 82.8 Walker 78.1 Sheffield 69.7 Terrell 69.4 Davison 66.0
  5. Sadly, yes, and I’m a white man, but that **** happens in every profession unfortunately. If it didn’t they wouldn’t have had to put the Rooney Rule in place or start offering comp picks for developing minority candidates. They are doing this because it’s a problem that needs fixed, and sadly for some they will have to give incentive to get some owners to sign off on it.
  6. I am tired of the defensive approach. Get an offensive HC and then get a proven DC. OCs get promoted to HC at a 4 to 1 rate as DCs, this team, especially this offense, needs some continuity for whatever remainder of time Matt and Julio are here. Of the top 13 teams in the league right now, 10 have HC with an offensive background.
  7. There is a strong chance the best candidate is a minority candidate, because unfortunately a lot of them still get passed over when they shouldn’t.
  8. These are the kind of questions we need reporters to ask at press conferences to liven things up.
  9. That would require Dirk to make adjustments based on what didn’t work. Dirk doesn’t make adjustments to what doesn’t work. More I think about it, I’m actually concerned for Ryan’s health in that game.
  10. You play to strengths. This isn’t about calling a specific play for Ryan’s skill set, it’s the type of offense that plays to their strengths. Ryan is an anticipation thrower, he excels when his WRs are schemes open or have a free release. If they don’t have that, the timing is thrown off and that hurts the offense. After Jones went down, the offense fell apart. It’s very obvious to most that the issue is Dirk. He doesn’t adjust, he has his canned 10-15 plays at the beginning of the game, that he and Ryan likely agree upon, that work and then slowly the play calling gets worse and worse as
  11. If you think there are only two schemes in the NFL, one made for a drop back QB and one made for a mobile QB, we can’t have an intelligent football conversation. There is plenty he could do to play to Ryan’s strengths, Shanny did that, Sark did it some, Dirk does very little, especially after the first half of the game.
  12. But that’s the thing, you put any of those mobile quarterbacks in this scheme and they struggle as well. Mahomes has a tailor made scheme for his strengths, as does Kyler, as does Lamar. Nothing in this scheme plays to Ryan’s strengths. A good OC knows his players strengths and weaknesses and plays to capitalize on the strengths and minimize the weaknesses. If we know Ryan isn’t extremely mobile, and a team sacked him nine times last time they played, wouldn’t you scheme receivers open, have presnap motion, use RB screens, shorter route concepts, do ANYTHING to protect him to avoid a r
  13. The two most over rated traits for a QB is mobility and arm strength. You need to meet the basic threshold in both and you are good. Can you step up in the pocket or move around in it to avoid pressure? Ryan can. Can you make throws outside the hashes and 20+ yards down field? Ryan can. Is he the best scrambler? No. Is he the best deep ball thrower? Nope. He wasn’t in 16 either. Super Bowl Winning QBs this Century 2019: Mahomes 2018: Brady 2017: Foles 2016: Brady 2015: Peyton Manning 2014: Brady 2013: Wilson 2012: Flacco 2011: Eli Manning 2010: Rodgers 20
  14. He made it to his fourth read multiple times, how long you want him to extend plays for?
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