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  1. You’re good bro. Sorry, I’m a pissy mood tonight.
  2. No. I was talking about how this turned into a Chaisson discussion. Why I commented in the first place. Which was: My initial reply was responding to the OP who was responding to this. You don’t have to defend Chaisson every time someone doesn’t think of him the same way you do.
  3. Your double commas and five periods make your sentences hard as **** to read, I had no clue what you meant by “,, for the pick in the draft... =“
  4. You think a likely 7th round/udfa is the best guard/center in the draft? He has short arms and still only put up 11 reps at bench press (Peter Konz anyone?), struggles getting to second level. I remember watching Kinlaw destroy him over and over when I watched his tape. Solid in pass pro, not good against the run, but I’d be worried if you lack strength AND athleticism how you will do well at the next level, technique and effort will only get you so far.
  5. I’ll go on record that I think Josh Jones has a longer and better pro career than Becton.
  6. Not saying he isn’t, but I’m also not saying the OP has to be on drugs to not be sold on Chaisson like he is a slam dunk, no brainer.
  7. I said the same thing. In a vacuum, CB is more valuable than DT. But you are going to have times that there are more impactful DTs on the board than the best CB. If it was both Henderson and Kinlaw, I would lean Henderson because I don’t think the gap is that big and when it’s that close and value is very close, you look at need and that would lean corner currently.
  8. If we are talking value, CB > DT. I think Kinlaw will be a better DT than Henderson will be CB, but I don’t know if that gap is big enough to justify taking Kinlaw over Henderson when taking positional value into account. Kinlaw would be a nice to have for sure, but we are screwed if we wait too long to take a corner. With us just paying Davison and cutting Tru, I think it makes sense to go CB if the right guy is there without having to reach. Then again, they paid two guards in FA last year then took one at 14 so who the **** knows what TD will do.
  9. I normally like a lot of her stuff, but this is just throwing the word “analytics” around to be different. Analytics, and for that matter anyone in football, all point to QB being the most important thing, yet none go until five. They say that run stuffing DTs aren’t as valuable and typically unathletic DTs won’t be good pass rushers, Brown goes 3. Say RBs don’t matter, has Swift in the first (which I think is just lazy and people always want to give Baltimore a RB because they are a run first team). Just happy she doesn’t have Becton up super high because he tested well, think he has bust written all over him.
  10. Agreed. My yeah was a facetious “yeah, about that” type tone, not agreeing with it.
  11. Jarrett + Davison > Sheffield + Oliver We need CBs so bad. Neither of those guys are for sure CB2, let alone CB1.
  12. I’d love it, can never have enough corners.
  13. Yeah........ Watson and Lamar haven’t proven consistently they can be top tier. Higher ceiling than Matt, much lower floor. Brees should be in the too old category and Rodgers hasn’t been a super star in years. Ryan has out played him the the last four seasons.