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  1. Exactly, he can employ all the zone he wants and be calling from Shanny’s exact playbook, but it’s the calls themselves that need to change regardless of everything else. One of my favorite things Kyle does is his ability to run so many plays out of the same formation and the defense is forced to hesitate once the ball is snapped. For example, using a full back in multiple ways, not just as a blocker. Dirk is the opposite, there is very little disguising what he plans to do. Keith Smith was on the field 196 snaps, 81 were pass plays, pretty solid balance there honestly, however 54 of them he actually ran a route and he was targeted only twice. 2/81 isn’t making the defense guess. Decoys only work if there is a threat of actually using them on a play. We had more successful onside kicks last season than we targeted our FB despite him running over 50 routes. Either use them or don’t, stop being so predictable and trying to be something you're not. This one foot in, one foot out crap isn’t getting it done. I’m not even suggesting he needs a lot of targets, but if you only plan on targeting him twice, why waste 52 snaps on him running a route when you have no interest in actually having Matt throw him the ball when you have better backs and receivers that you are taking snaps away from that we could actually use.
  2. This holds true for linebackers and safeties as well, not just the offense.
  3. I’m just curious on game day decision making and play calling from Stefanski, I’ll be intrigued to see what he puts out there on game day, how much of the creativity was Kubiak? How much of the lack of aggression a Zimmer thing? Watching the play calling in Saturday’s game made me question some things, not that you should base your decision off one game, but let’s be honest it’s the haslems we are talking about, who openly admitted losing to the Bengals cost Kitchens his job.
  4. I hope so. Both NFC teams still in the playoffs run it, although Shanny has started sprinkling in a little power as well. Titans run some of it throughout the game as well. Our line is built better for it than power, the few times we ran it this year was the best our run game had looked all season. My biggest thing is regardless of what we run, we need to make different run and pass sets look the same to keep them guessing what we do. The whole point of that scheme with play action is to keep them guessing. If we are just going to run it up the middle for one yard between the guards on first down, it won't matter what scheme we run if the play calling doesn't get less predictable out of different sets.
  5. What part of a thread you started titled "Falcons Defense is Hot Trash" would you consider to be "Upbeat and positive"?
  6. Was just going to post this. Well, the thread starting part, not the Russian Aints fan part.
  7. That's why so many people started using DVOA, it takes situational things into account much better than normal stats do.
  8. Since 2016 there have been 9 first round trade ups for a QB. These are the extra picks that were given up in order to move up for those QBs 1st Round Picks: 4 2nd Round Picks: 9 3rd Round Picks: 7 4th Round Picks: 3 5th Round Picks 1 Those QBs were Wentz, Goff, Jackson, Watson, Tribisky, Mahomes, Josh Allen, Rosen & Darnold. Some really good, some meh, some bad. If you don't have a franchise QB, you take the risk to move up hoping for a Mahomes and not a Rosen, but it's always a crap shoot either way. You don't trade away those picks when you still have a guy that is a top 10 QB.
  9. Did they trade up to the 1st overall pick for him?
  10. The point was a second WR isn't strange because he can be on the field the same time as Julio...a second QB would not be.
  11. No, just stupidly optimistic people will get smarter as the years go by.
  12. Meanwhile, live look at the NFC South Offenses.
  13. Could always be worse, as normal if you need cheered up, look no further than Cleveland...1994 staff Head Coach: BILL BELICHICK Defensive Coordinator: NICK SABAN Defensive Assistant: PHIL SAVAGE Director of Pro Personnel: OZZIE NEWSOME Director of Player Personnel: MICHAEL LOMBARDI Coaches Assistant: ERIC MANGINI Pro Personnel Assistant: SCOTT PIOLI Personnel Assistant: MIKE TANNENBAUM Pro & College Scout: JIM SCHWARTZ Ground Crew: THOMAS DIMITROFF Team moved to Baltimore the next year. Ahhh what could have been.
  14. I think he is a good player, too early to tell where he will fall prior to combines and pro days.
  15. Such a bad take. Quinn just had the best defense in back to back years, and before you say that was all Pete Carroll's doing, Seattle has only been to the Super Bowl twice under Carroll, both years Quinn was there. Also, here were the other coaches hired that year: Dan Quinn: 5 seasons, 43-37 (still coaching) Rex Ryan: 2 seasons, 15-16 (fired) Jack Del Rio: 3 seasons, 25-23 (fired) John Fox: 3 seasons, 14-34 (fired) Todd Bowles: 4 seasons, 24-40 (fired) Gary Kubiak: 2 seasons, 21 - 11 (Retired due to health issues) Jim Tomsula: 1 season, 5-11 (fired) Quinn is the only one still coaching, second best record outside Kubiak who retired (would have happened if he was here as it was health). Quinn was widely thought of as the best hire, from media outlets, from consulting firms, from a lot of people...and it played out that way. Is here perfect? No. But he was the best option that year, and it wasn't close.