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  1. I somehow have no problem with coaches letting their teams play 60 minutes ... it's also a good way to show the NCAA that some teams might be unbeaten in the regular season, but still don't deserve a spot in big bowl games. Let's hope a miracle happens we finally get playoffs.
  2. Since I could only choose 3 areas, I went with DLine, LBs and Corners. Our DLine doesn't get a push, Nicholas isn't the solution, Peterson is aging and the corners are a obvious problem. But the list is much much longer ... our OLine isn't playing well either (C and OT are needs), the RB position isn't set (Snelling should stay, but as much as I like Norwood, I think he should go) ... but I don't want a Scat-Back, I'd rather get another real RB who isn't afraid to run between the tackles, a possession-type WR would be nice to have ... and I would like a more aggressive defensive system, so a new DC would be nice.
  3. I'm all for creative blitz-packages, especially with a bad secondary like ours. Make the QB throw fast and give our sub-par DBs the chance to stay in coverage, the longer they have to cover, the more they get beat. I think BVG and our players aren't made for that system at the moment, but we should find a way to be more aggressive.
  4. I usually don't give +1's, but you deserve one. We have to try to: make the best out of the last 4 games, have a good offseason and hope for a 2010 season with less injuries.
  5. I can't wait to see the footage, hope you'll be able to upload the video to AF.com!?
  6. The game so far shows why I don't like Patrick Robinson as early round corner anymore ... he has the athletic ability to be good, but his technique isn't good at all. Doesn't matter if he's up against Cooper or Hernandez, they just beat him. I like what I see from Haden tho, very nice tackles in run-support.
  7. Snelling ... he's more consistent and a better between the tackles runner. Norwood might get 3-5 more touches than with Turner as #1, but Snelling will be the workhorse.
  8. Sticking to my old prediction 9-7, missing the playoffs.
  9. You give the other team the chance to make it a 2 score game, if you don't get the 2 points (while a PAT keeps you in the game even if they score a TD) ... which is probably the single most stupid thing you can do in the 4t quarter. We had everything go our way after the 4t down TD and we handed the momentum (yes, there is a mental side of the game) right back to them by not making the 2pt conversion. I'm sure, if you ask 10 NFL coaches, 8 will tell you to kick it.
  10. I do understand that, but you should never give the opponent the chance to make it a 2 score game in the 4t and by failing, you give them the chance to finish you off. Even if you have faith in your defense, bad things can happen.
  11. We are on the same page pretty often, but in this case I have to disagree. It was the wrong call, you put the defense into a bad spot ... under no circumstances they can allow a TD, if you don't get the 2. With that much time left it's the wrong call. Keep the game tight, hope that you can limit them to 3, so a TD gets you the win ... if the worst case happens and they score, you still have a chance to tie it. If you go for 2 (like we did) and they score a TD, you're doomed, because you have to gamble, which leads to mistakes (turnovers) ... I'm a big fan of Smith, but it was the wrong call.
  12. Going for 2 that early was a terrible decision, you put your defense in a bad spot where they have to stop the opponent (if you mess up) ... if they score a TD, you're 2 scores down and it's pretty much "Game Over" ... yes, you have to make the 2pt conversion later (maybe), but at least, even if your defense gives up a TD, you get a fighting chance. Also once you're 2 scores down, the playbook gets very small, you start to gamble and it's very likely that you turn the ball over.
  13. Welcome to the bad side of the Falcons fans ... last week was so nice and enjoyable on the board, now it's back the the panic mode and trolls who only show up when we lose pop up again.
  14. Bumping a good topic ... hopefully it will move a bad one off the first page
  15. Bumping a good topic ... hopefully it will move a bad one off the first page
  16. Our tackling is terrible today ... last time I saw that many missed tackles in such a short amount of time was ... well, it was yesterday when McCluster ran all over Tennessee ... but if we don't stop it now, the result will be the same.
  17. Couldn't agree more ... but I'm sure we will still build a stadium with a retractable roof and it will end up being a very expensive dome, because there's always a reason to close the roof. It would make the dome-fans happy who want have 70-75° when they sit down ... and I'm sure they will hope to make the outdoor fans happy too, because there's the option to open the roof, even if everybody knows it won't happen.
  18. I don't really care as long as it's "Field" and not "Dome" Not a big fan of the retractable roof either, it would be closed 90% of the time anyway, it's either too hot or too cold or it rains or whatever.
  19. Maybe it has something to do with what happened earlier this week!? The defense just doesn't look ready to play.
  20. Make that 261 yards rushing and 12.4 yards per carry.
  21. I'd lie if I'd say I don't enjoy watching it ... Kiffin ran his mouth before and during the season, so I love to see his team losing. At the moment McCluster has 190 rushing yards and averages 9.5 yards per carry.
  22. It would be nice to know what the players think about this. I somehow have the feeling that either a player or Mr. Blank will donate sooner or later. I hope some radio stations start talking about it, that would really help the cause.
  23. Actually DHall has to answer every question with yes, so you're already tougher than DHall if you can answer a single question with "NO".
  24. If anybody has the time to join Pat Yasinskas' live chat at 1pm, it could be a chance to get some more publicity.
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