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  1. LMAO!!!! Ummm...We want Favre!!! We want Sanders!!!.
  2. The TB game looked pretty empty for a tv stand point. I went to the bears game and the seats werent filled until after the kick-off. Also @ that bears game there were a lot of bears fans, im talkin sections full. I am huge Vick fan, but he doesnt play for my city anymore. Do I wish he was still playing with the Falcons? No. What jersey will I wear on sunday???? Vick #7...only b/c i got it from the Goodwill for like $5...LOL. Go Falcons!!! Go Redman!!!!
  3. Ok so what if they dont win what happens then?????? Falcons 5-5= wild card.
  4. I believe the Falcons will make the playoffs. some of the good teams are messing up.
  5. Grimes is about 5'7- 5'8 a the most, I saw him in person. I was super shocked when I saw him, not b/c he is a pro football player but b/c he's so little. Im guessing Houstan is the same size.
  6. SELL... Think of this as a job, you hire people that have the most exp., people that are team players, people that r not lazy, people with the most talent...ect. So with that being said if a player gets hurt there should be another player that is just as good to step in. They should've hired the best players avalible and they didnt do that so now there stuck with what they did.
  7. I Love the Faclons too. 11-5 sounds good to me. I think they will beat one of the better teams just by luck.
  8. I dont know why but it seems like this season the Falcons are not in sync. Play calling is not very wise, Elam missed fgs, Matty Ice is throwing INTs at the worst times and the D has shown their skill level. There is not much that can be fixed this season but Im hoping during the off season they get some "true talent" @ the secondary level. Im not saying the seasons over....It is what it is. 5-4 is good with me.
  9. Maybe if Sam Baker blocked better "maybe" Matty wouldnt be so off target.
  10. I guessing the falcons thought they were going to run, but if u listen to Brees he changed the play @ the last second. UMM why we didnt have tall players in on the last play IDK why but they will fix that hopefully.
  11. I say 11-5...only if they play their butts off for the rest of the season. :wacko:
  12. Jenks has butter fingers, but he "sometimes" comes up big when matty throws it to him.
  13. Wire was the only player who thought the falcons could win...How do I know?? 'cuz he PLAYED like it. Abe was already taking of his tape.
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