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  1. I have the Sunday ticket but I go crazy in preseason because I can't watch the games . Anyone know how I can watch it or even listen to the games
  2. I just seen Jackson will prob play Sunday now .. No freeman now
  3. We need the fans this week .. Every home game I watch on tv is embarrassing, all I see are the fans of the other team .. It kills us at home , you fans are a big part of the game and we need it as loud as it can get this week . Don't let the players down
  4. Don't get me wrong there going to make there plays . But the o line is getting foot to butt right now so they should play better . Just wish they would give Steven Jackson the ball more then11 times in the game
  5. We lost the game against a team we always play close , and as bad as we played we could of still win , everyone on here has the heads down already wow . I feel Steven Jackson knows his old team real good and that going to help us out
  6. Are we going to have some mistakes , sure but mark my words .... We will play lights out this week at home
  7. Can't wait, I'll post up anything that I might see that you won't on tv
  8. Jackson signs but then retracts , what this about . Said maybe he jumped the gun
  9. Last week 113 DB , lets see you bust that record of 117.8 DB . Dome was loud on tv and my sorrows sound was only on 65db lol wow
  10. Did we change the defence or what. Get tired, or just out played
  11. Great to hear everyone , rock the dome , good luck
  12. I want be see my tv shake off the stand and be so loud like never before, the falcons need you guys today
  13. Looks like there money in that 20-30 yd range
  14. It seems when we played Denver we did alot of moving around on def to confuse the QB witch I thought worked great but then it seems we stopped . Do we still do this and I just don't see it as much . And how much do you think we will see babs at DE , think he does a good job
  15. I love it , do what you do guys, ill be making my noise here in Maryland
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