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  1. Big Rob, so a player's affect on the game only counts if he touches the ball? Do you not agree that with the presence of Julio Jones on the field that it makes the defense have to gameplan differently? Would this not allow for other players to get more touches or easier schemes to gather 1st downs, momentum, and points? A player is only as good as how many touches he gets in my opinion is just a bit raw and unappreciative of how big an impact a player can generate by merely being on the field. I think the stat from the movie "The Little Giants" might say it best!! "football is 90% mental and 10% physical." If we are making the defense scared/change schemes each play/think too much from 1 player, then would that not count towards "touches" in a way to you?
  2. So big rob, since you mentioned that great talent has been found in the latter rounds of the draft, doesn't that conclude that you are a bit hypocritical? We do not have as many draft picks, but we do have every draft pick range that you mentioned impact receivers were found deep in the draft....You say there is talent at the latter stages of the draft, yet you complain that we have picks in the latter rounds and those picks you describe as "toilet bowl picks." Doesn't make too much sense to contradict yourself....unless that is what you are going for then bravo.
  3. I still loved watching Michael Jackson come out from the Big Screen onto the stage!!!
  4. haha, it was so funny because the announcers were like "wow what a great stiff arm by Turner!" and then they saw the replay and the announcers were like "Oh, Turner stiff armed his OWN MAN!! " lol great moment indeed.
  5. You are right. In defense of my post, I included positives and negatives. The last drive for 90 yards was mentioned in the Harry Douglas praise I gave, and also in the hurry up offense praise I gave. Then I also mentioned that we had 3 plays to get a TD which was a missed opportunity. Not to mention I praised this team for their effort Sunday and I felt that we were the better team by far all around, we just didn't have the chips fall at the right times.
  6. I thought it would be painful to watch as well, but all in all, we did a great job....our defense held up beautifully even though we gave up some 3rd and longs (ugh...). I felt like we did a great job vs. Sproles which I was very worried about. Our offense did amazing minus finishing the drives....So somehow, I actually did not feel too bad about that loss.
  7. I saw a little bit of the Titans game, and it should be noted that Chris Johnson looked a TON better than he has all season.....We better hope he does not have a coming out party on sunday.....
  8. Ok so I wanted to share some observations that I saw during the 2nd half of this past Sunday's game. - With Julio Jones out, we had to use Harry Douglas.... (finally!!) I have been so ready to see HD get some real playing time and some targets. We all know his potential, and hopefully MM saw it sunday as well. at the same time, Matt Ryan might have thrown to HD way too often in the 4th quarter when he was double teamed a bunch when he lined up as an outside receiver. (if he wouldn't have under-thrown that one pass, HD is gone for TD) - Offensive line....where is the push?!? Our O-line still cannot develop any push or gaps for Michael Turner to fit through.... - When we lined up in more of a spread look and then ran the ball, we were more successful...(duh, c'mon Mularkey, running 3 TE sets and a FB just screams run....) - Hurry up spread offense works! I keep noticing this and hearing from announcers how awesome Ryan and company do when in the no huddle or hurry up spread....yet we only run this 1 or 2 times a game....why? -Missed opportunities.....one missed field goal, 2 field goals instead of TD's vs. one of the worst red zone defenses..... and Finally, the final 30 seconds when we had so many chances at getting a TD to win instead of a FG to tie....I was happy with overtime seeing as we were down 10 with 9 minutes left, but C'MON MAN! we could have wrapped that game up easily..... I know it is wednesday and the game has been long since over, but I finally had yesterday off work to analyze the game and really see what we could have done better on....
  9. with our 2013, 2014 1st round picks! Duh! lol
  10. louis delmas was the player who hit Ovie. He was very sorry and I believe him. It just sucks lost a great blocker and energizer!
  11. Johnson was open yes because of the play fake...that is not grimes' area but rather the LB's who were sucked in from the play fake. I am sorry for calling you dumb, I just don't like it when we place the blame on someone who clearly didn't deserve blame.
  12. if you would leave it somewhere else, you would be able to see things instead of making yourself look dumb lol, I'm just trying to help.
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