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  1. difference between me and swift is im an action junkie, swift a heavy hitter. i just like the action.
  2. julie like a white dude who say he got native american in him.' he a pre-tendian. he phoney he fake. drake is what he is a brooks brothers wearing lil shite dude who will be someone boss oneday. but julie more spoiled than drake. drake, used guitar to get pooney. julie use mirrors on his shoes to looks up them burkas. Advantage Drake!!! 5:2 oddds
  3. billy what you know about that black fonz rules of the game?? shizt like a 90s banger.
  4. i have no clue, but the fact they both super light weights. means a lotts punches and no one getting knocked out or swoll up. its the pitter patt division of boxing. i got drake 5:2 odds. he privileged, but he had to grind a lil bit with baby mama. juius been spoiled
  5. -1 for negative inplications of dunta, TD the lord signed him.
  6. he do it cause mike vick do it. mike vick the messiah of black folks
  7. child please. its hilarious. dont be mr interweb sensitive dude.
  8. i love ryan, he is a great guy. got his auto too. but that dont make him an elite qb. come on dude. you usually troll better than this
  9. i knew as soon as winehouse died, he would fail his test. certain things are predictable. trigadamus>>>>>>>>>
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