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  1. 1 that I can remember, against the giants on that shut out
  2. with this D we will be lucky to get 5 wins
  3. HC is what we need and Gm. I like Gruden, hated him in tampa but he has the attitude that we need for a HC and has won a ring. He did build that team that went to the superbowl in Oakland.
  4. dude the players we have are so soft they will be the ones getting beat.
  5. yea I agree, this coaching staff don't realize this is business, don't worry about making a player mad, if you take him out fk it, he will make d@mn sure the next time he is in he shows he is the number 1 guy... wait wait wait, I take that back. With these scrubs we don't have enough talent on D for a true number 1 guy.
  6. tomorrow night I hate to say it but ive seen it many times before from this D, mcowan will look like an all pro QB because of our defense.
  7. yep sipping on some sh!t tonight. but maybe 9-7 is good enough to make the playoffs. count us in
  8. <p>yes move up stairs and pack his sh!t. time to go. let TD and smitty ride out with him. oh and take kroy and those other scrubs with them. may need a bus
  9. were not like the win now mode broncos, go out and spend money on legit defensive players. TD does not believe in FA. This why he is a failure and our team will be until he and the others are gone..
  10. GM that can draft REAL talent and use free agency to fix our weaknesses instead of being a tight azz
  11. I agree on most of this post, I also think its time for smith and TD to go, as long as they are here nothing will change. TD is a cheap fck that pays scrubs to play football on defense. Smith is just nutless and I cant stand the way he handles things. I don't even want to hear his pressers any more because they are so sh!tty and the same ole bull every year. Arthur blank needs to grow a set and send those 2 guys packing
  12. if it makes it better to say we were more focused on tampa then hey I feel much better if that's why we lost to the bengals. so wtf im on board with that bull sh!t of a reason. Btw if that was the reason we should have played our back ups
  13. Tice tried head coaching. didn't work
  14. we aren't just fine with a win. this D cant stop sh!t and our O is back from last year. bunch of candy azzes
  15. I was thinking the same thing the giants shut out. that's it
  16. to crappy D's playing is what made us look half way decent
  17. SB . may be in 16 years then. not this year
  18. he looked like he wanted to cry on his presser. Same ole sh!t he always says though
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