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  1. Thank you for pulling the data - that puts things into perspective 🙂
  2. Sorry 😞 I only saw the story on nfl and wanted to hear what those that want to get rid of MR thought. For the record I don't think it's time to replace him... And, no - I never checked Wenz contract
  3. I tried to phrase the headline as to not give the impression of anything 😢
  4. I just read some of the talking heads on nfl.com speculate that if Jalen Hurts plays well - Wenz might be traded. I wonder, those who are considering replacing Matt Ryan - would Wenz be an interesting alternative? If we speculate that he would be cheaper than trading up for one of the top QBs in the draft being thrown around?
  5. It's probably just me - but why does a tweet about 8 Stanford players entering the transfer portal indicate anything about Shaw coming to Panthers or 'Skins?
  6. how many snaps have Knappe gotten so far this preseason? - 4? 6? - hopefully he will have a chance to prove something tonight, but I'm guessing he will be on the PS.
  7. It would awesome if someone could convince Supes or Gritz to come out of retirement for a 'toon :-)
  8. If we ever deserved a proper new Supes cartoon - its now :-) this old one doesn't quite cut it
  9. if the STHs get special discount for the tickets in London - I would love to be hooked up somehow. I have to be there :-)
  10. Personally this is great news - I will for sure be flying in from Denmark to see that game. Crap that it counts as a home game
  11. From what I could see, there was no way they could get certain evidence of that being a catch from the videos. If they cannot prove it with certainty - they cannot overturn a call. If it had been called as a catch and then challenged by NO, that challenge would have been lost as well. Just a shame the ref called incomplete
  12. Good luck Mularkey, - thank you for being part of the process that made the Falcons relevant again. Hopefully we can bring someone in who will keep us at this level and improve upon what we have.
  13. My biggest issue with the game was clearly on offense - 38 yards on the ground was all we managed. Defense created two turnovers - and we came away with zero points from that. What did Smith preach when he started here "we need to be able to run the ball and stop the run" - I saw neither. Sproles had a field day.
  14. Sir! you have not been paying attention! :-D
  15. "And what of Dimitroff? With a defense which was in the bottom third, the only change was Dunta Robinson? Some may call this arrogance yet whether one views this in this manner or not it was clear that a pass rusher is more of a need than a secondary player." TD decided that instead of pursuing more players in the same positions - we should give those we have a time to shine. The Front Office believed that Jerry and Bierman would give the push we needed to get after the QB and Dunta would be an upgrade over Houston - which he absolutely was. The season has proved that it is not enough - so I'm sure we will attempt to add more pieces to this puzzle. But I understand the thinking - see what you have before you go and try to replace it. Give the defense time to work together - to gel. We are better this year that we were last year - maybe not leaps and bounds - but we are better, not bottom third. That is all I ask for.
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