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  1. You guys are just plain stupid. I never post here but i read these boards every week and i just had to post. I have been a falcons fan for almost 30 years and i have to say this is the most enthusiastic and confident i have been in just about any team we have ever had. I enjoy watching every game. So what..... they lost a game today and had some tight games this year. Can you remember us every making the playoffs this much and winning this many games year after year. When the ball is in matts hand at the end of the game i actually feel confident he will pull out the win, and he usually does. I remember watching vick just a few short years ago and for every drop back i just thought to myself "This will be a interception, or a run and fumble, or he will get hurt" I remember watching chandler just fold in the pocket and fall down, granted the line sucked then as well. Leftwich, harrington, redman, Kanell, johnson, Tolliver, miller chandler, CMON GET REAL. Ryan may not be elite (yet) but i will take him over 90% of the quarterbacks in the NFL right now. He is also a class act. You can keep your cam newton and michael vicks.
  2. Well guys I am back, I know a week late but I just wanted to say congratulations to the saints and their fans. You saints fans have waited a long time for that (trust me I know the feeling). Hopefully we can win it one day. I know there are a lot of bitter people here, but look at the bright side. Now we have a chance to beat the Superbowl Champs twice next year.
  3. Dilkin, thanx you just solidified my later posts in that some of you guys are just as moronic as some of the saints fans. How does it feel to be a moron? I guess ignorance is bliss.
  4. Also, someone said earlier. You wont convert anyone here. i am not trying to start a conversion thread. This is a forum for discussion. I just want to share my thoughts even if they are hated.
  5. Spy, I am glad someone here finally gets where I am coming from. You are right Brees does deserve a Superbowl. I can hate the saints again next year but for now I want the little guy to win. I am so done with the big teams like the Cowboys Steelers colts etc like I mentioned earlier. You guys just cant get over the fact that the Saints played great this year. I really want to see a team like that win. Forget the fact that they are in the NFC South, Forget the rivalry, Forget all of that. I do not want to see the SAME team win year in and year out. As far as you guys insulting their fans, Sure they have some ignorant fans. Most of them probably come here to post. I have been to the Super Dome many times to watch the Falcons / Saints and i had no issues ever. My old room mate was a saints fan and we had a great time watching the games. The fact of the matter is some of you guys on this board are just as ignorant as them. Even though I have only a few posts I have looked at these boards for years. I only signed up to ask about a falcon autograph a while back. This thread just proves my point about how ignorant some of you are. I just have an opinion on who i want to win the game, and all of the sudden I am stupid and I not a true fan blah blah blah. You want to talk more about ignorant people? When I used to live in Atlanta it was worse than Wash DC where I live now. Some of the most awful people in the world live in ATL. Just look at the falcons fans that showed up to the Eagles game. Seroiusly!!!! Our fans may be worse. Half of our stadium cheered for another team during the season for gods sake. Now I may be rooting for the saints after we are long out of the picture but i will NEVER root for another team we are playing when we still have a shot.
  6. Bigatlfan2 you are so right, you are a "REAL" fan and I am not. So glad you cleared that up for me. Also the falcons 49'ers rivalry, was not really a rivalry, they owned us year in and year out. It was a rivalry on our end, but to them just another game. It reminds me of another so called rivalry of a team in the city where I live now. Washington DC. The wizards fans like to believe that they have a rivalry with the Cavaliers but its really just that the wiz want to win so bad it becomes a one sided rivalry. I lived in ATL for about 10 years and I hated leaving the stadium after most San Fran games because they just beat us like step children year in and year out. As you said they are now long out of our division and I bet most of the falcons fans care less about the niners now. It will be the same with the saints in a matter of time. Which brings me back to my main point, to **** with teams like the niners and cowboys and colts, i want to see the small guy win. (in this case the saints)
  7. Matt Ryan 09 is right, you guys act like this is life or death. Its football. I happen to want a team from our division to win. Thats it. Has nothing to do with college mentality mr falcon Jim. You can call me a newb all you want if it makes you feel like more of a fan than me but the fact remains you are not. It sounds like you guys don't dislike the saints you are just mad at their fans. You are in a fan rivalry, not a true team rivalry. You just don't want them having bragging rights over you. I do understand that to some degree but it would be nice to see a team like the saints win a Superbowl. I really hate the dynasty teams like the patriots, the Cowboys, TheSteelers and the modern colts are almost there was well. I want to see the "other" teams win once in a while.
  8. Sorry Guys, Fact remains I am just as much of a falcons fan as you all. I am still pulling for the saints. I am sick of everyone saying every year, so what if you guys won X amounts of games, your division sucks. Our division has a combined X amount of super bowls and this many titles and blah blah blah. Fact is our division does historically suck. So once again for now GO SAINTS. and NFC South.
  9. Pretty Funny Falcon Bob, But the fact remains I AM a falcons fan, and more than likely longer than most of you guys on this board.
  10. I dont know why you guys find it so hard to believe I am A Falcons fan. This is not a joke people. I will be back with you guys next year. Until then I am NFC fan, then an NFC South Fan, and then a saints fan. Next year I will get back to hating them for the year. I think the colts are a great team but I want the NFC to win Period. The fact that its a NFC south team just makes it that much better.
  11. hahah, Just because I have 4 posts doesn't make me less of a fan than you. Posting on a board does not mean anything about how much you enjoy a team. I am DEAD serious I am a falcons fan and I am pulling for the saints.
  12. I am not sure why you guys are going so hard against the saints. I have been a Die Hard falcons fan for about 25 years and i am hoping the saints win the Superbowl. I mean they are in are division (yes I know we are rivals) but if they win that just helps solidify that the division is strong. I was happy when Tampa won as well. The saints and falcons are not so different, we both up until we went to the SB in 1999 had never been and both of our historical lowly teams need and deserve to win a title. The city was ravaged and it would be great if they get this victory. Drew Brees is a beast he and also deserves a title. I mean put this rivalry aside and think about it. We are generally thought of as a weak division up until a few years ago. i would like to get this division to be well respected such as the NFC east. Before to long the divisions will shift and it will not even matter who won the SB first. I have always went for the underdog, and the saints were in worse shape than us for most of their existence. For this year Go Saints, Next year I am back to hating them during the regular season.
  13. I switched to Directv about 4 years ago. I switched literally and solely for NFL sunday ticket. In the 4 years I have had directv my picture has gone out maybe 4 times. I am not kidding. It is WAY better than comcast even for sunday ticket alone.
  14. Thats great!! Thanx again for the confirmation guys. I have been reading these boards for years and this gave me a reason to finally post. I have been a falcons fan since i was a kid of about 12 or so. Im 34 now so i have been there through all the ups and mostly downs. This really made my day when he gave it to me. im not the biggest Rossum fan per say but still an awesome gift out of the blue. I live near DC and there are virtually no falcons fans here so these board always are really great for me.
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