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  1. He is hellbent that we'll hit the Super Bowl. I love that attitude.
  2. I didn't count on him. I'm happy he did well when we needed him to but I didn't bank on him being the same old Finneran. But Finn also had a few years to show he was good. Lewis and Foster didn't even play a full season each.
  3. I think Romo being rated higher is pure disrespect. He will be exposed this season without TO.
  4. How has the best WR in the league, Randy Moss dropped to a 96? They are feeding too much off of last season's production instead of the player's talent. But it's nice to see our players, except Ryan, get respect. EDIT: Wow! Nice job with the Deangelo Hall rating!.
  5. Does he only do it until he's loosened up? Or until someone gets on base? I'm just curious because he just stops doing it some of the time.
  6. Sorry I overlooked the opening line in your post and went off of the title.
  7. Peele is 52 pass blocking and 55 run blocking, so I think Gonzalez is pretty under valued.
  8. I really don't know if he'll last to our 24th pick. It's just who is on the board other teams want. There are a group of LB'ers that are about equal to one another but different strengths will call for different teams to draft them.
  9. You must have been one of the people saying we didn't need a pass catcher at tight end.
  10. I think we'll be leaving New York with Dorsey. But if for some reason we don't I like Ziggy Hood a lot. The kid has a hard work ethic and comes off as pretty intelligent in his interviews. At linebacker I really like James Laurinitus.
  11. As bad as Anderson is, I don't think Johnson will be an upgrade. Especially his rookie season.
  12. The good news is none of them are the Eagles who have NEVER lost the following game under Andy Reid.
  13. I'm not the one that said we didn't need a pass catching TE, but a lot of posters were saying it'd be useless to get one in Mularky's system. I just want to know their thoughts now.
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