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  1. Busy man kids, family, work. I check the board out but just don’t comment much like I used too.
  2. I check in every now and then but don’t comment much.
  3. They done made you an admin now. What has the world come to LOL.
  4. How many other teams have passed on him as well and taken other Te must say something about Hodges
  5. how are you on the board this much bro. I can spare hardly anytime to look up the news on this board
  6. This lineup is terrible. We need to stop being cute with all these dam subs and put the best players out there. We need at least one big DT that can push the dam pocket. Quinn is losing me with this defense.
  7. Collins has been ballin this offseason. He actually had great coverage on that play. I was at the event. The ball was thrown to the sideline and not to the endzone. He placed himself in the best position to defend the ball
  8. No they would not have y'all need a dose of reality. This is not your money.
  9. It is funny because Sanu had a visit lined up with the Patriots right after. If the Patriots had signed him everyone would have said it was a underrated signing and Sanu has a lot of potential. I laugh this dumb as rights ups.
  10. Yes. Philip adams has been the weakest link in our secondary
  11. Is frustrating. The entire offense outside of Freeman. This is some straight bull shiznik. WTF is going on man. This has been 4 weeks in a row. It is the coordinator, the QB the drops, the fumbles, the offensive interference penalties. Dam ma i am pissed.
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