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  1. It is obvious that we are going to address DE next year and we are going to address it early, we still have questions marks at DE.
  2. Jbo you are not the only one there are a few other that will share that crow with you so make sure you dont eat it all. I really wanted our starters to be Grimes and Owens before we signed D-Rob, but Owens is not ready yet, but Grimes is playing in Beast Mode, and yesterday he had an excellent game.
  3. I agree 100% man. Spoon will be back when spoon is back.
  4. Man that was an awesome game, I am glad that i was in attendence, the atmosphere was amazing. We were on the edge of our seats the entire second half. The Falcons are truly putting together a very exciting season. These close games are what make the NFL exciting and the Falcons have probably been the most exciting team this year. I love the way the Dirty Birds are playing. We are winning, and we giving it 110% effort out there, I love every minute of it. Key Points - Matt Ryan is the Truth- nuff said - The Oline has stepped up there play, still some weak spots(Baker)LOL, but overall they
  5. What up Falcon nation. That was a huge game on Thursday, I am still hoarse from doing so much yelling especially after the game winning TD. I know it really is a time to bask in our victory, but i have had a question lingering on my mind the entire season. While at the game i noticed the Dunta Robinson finally got an opportunity to play a little press coverage. I have been wondering why he has not played press until now. We play off our WR too dang on much. I cant seem to understand this situation. Dunta is a very physical/aggressive CB, he was successful in Houston because they played
  6. Owens was doing fine at Nickel this year, he just had a bad game on the outside = Owens is going to start at the nickel position
  7. If he gets released he has to clear waivers period it is not way around that my friend. I think you might be hyping moss up too much, if he could do all of that then why did the Vikes let him go. I think that the risk of getting moss could outweigh the reward. 1). YOu have to deal with signing such a big name, 2) We may not have enough footballs to go around to keep Moss happy,
  8. Paying the remainder of a 6 million dollar contract is not free my good man.
  9. LOL I remember that Deion got the best of Rison on that one, that was a trip, I wonder do they still not like each other.
  10. I just looked at that, he got knocked out LOL. I know you are joking but Weems is a below average return man and I cant wait until we replace him with another return man, but i still think he can be on special teams and apart of the WR rotation.
  11. ON that 2 point conversion it looks like that throw was actually for Jenkins but White made an awesome catch, because Jenkins was wide open in the back of the endzone.
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