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  1. Maybe if he is gone, then Darrin Walls will get more time, I like that kid...
  2. What have happened if the Falcons won this game and then they got destroyed in Green Bay next week-end? I think that one would have hurt a lot more. Would have been nice to get a play off win though... Good night all...
  3. And not having a first round pick has me not all that excited for the off season.
  4. I normally would be really depressed. Even watching the game, by the 4th quarter, I couldn't wait for the game too just be over.
  5. Usually I am upset for a few days even after a regular season loss, but I an oddly numb about the whole thing. Anyone else feeling this way after what happened on Sunday?
  6. So this thread turned into beating down a guy that was beating down a guy who was beating down another guy?
  7. I really don't understand while QB is even a topic, O-line and a compliment RB to Turner is what this team needs. Whether Ryan is a great QB is kind of irrelevant... wait, could Denard play RB?
  8. Why is anyone even talking about drafting a QB, there are many other needs for this team than a QB... how about another CB, DE, LT.
  9. I am not even from Georgia, and I could never see myself switching teams, especially not now. I think the Falcons have already hit its lowest point and if you stuck with them through that (Vick and Quitrino), you can stick with them through anything. I do however have a second and a third fav teams, Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Oregon Ducks, but the Falcons with always be my number one love till I die.
  10. I have Maclin from the Iggles, but am not going to start him
  11. I couldn't pick a player from the Aints, Sucs, or the Panties
  12. Have a few Falcons on my fantasy teams, who is going to have a big day? Roddy Matty JJ Gonzo Quizz
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