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  1. LOL its funny that they didnt even mention Grimes, "EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 22: Kevin Boss #89 of the New York Giants rushes past Stephen Nicholas #54 of the Atlanta Falcons for his first touchdown on November 22, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. In this photo: Kevin Boss, Stephen Nicholas" Looks like it can be PhotoShopped lmao.
  2. I keep on hearing rumors about this, I would glady let PK come back and join our defense, we need his motor on our D-Line. BTW Congrats to Schaub!
  3. Norwood needs to go, he has been too injury prone. Can't take a hit and gets injured. Snelling is Mr. Do It All: Rushing, Receiving, Special Teams, Backup FB. aks MR. POSITIVE.
  4. LOL i think we got 2 good starting O-line and 1 horrible DE in Jamaal "Busterson", Justin Blalock, and Sam Baker.
  5. Yes we had been playing good D the last 3 weeks also because JA98 and Crisp Houston were out, but to be fair we played against Terrible Offenses with QBs without experiences. Starting with NYJ, Mark Sanchez and CO. aren't really that great of an Offense team, Sanchez throws alot of Picks, while i do think Thomas Jones is pretty good, he can't win it by himself. Now onto Buffalo, their QB situation is ridiculous, noone can throw the ball to TO or Lee Evans, while their ground game is ok with Lynch and Davis pounding it, they aren't that much of a threat with their offense. Now Today's game wit
  6. 1. 2004 - Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Schaub, Luke McCown 2. 2008 - Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, Dennis Dixon 3. 2006 - Vince Young, Matt Leinert, Jay Cutler, Kellen Clemons, Charlie Whitehurst, Brodie Croyle, Bruce Gradkowski 4. 2005 - Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Jason Campbell, Charlie Frye, Kyle Orton, Matt Cassell, Ryan Fitzpatrick 5. 2007 - JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Kevin Kolb, John Beck, Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards, Troy Smith, Tyler Thigpen, Matt Moore 6. 2009 - Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Pat White I didn't name a
  7. Our defense don't have 1 elite playmaker at all. DE - Abraham(Inconsistent this year, can't beat the double team or TE chipping him) DT - Thomas Johnson (Hasn't made big plays at all this year) DT - Babineux (OK, a good player who can penetrate, but not enough) DE - JA98 (BUST!) OLB - Nicolas (NOt that much to say cause he's not good) MLB - Lofton (Just a tackling machine, doesn't make gamechanging plays) OLB - Peterson (Ability to make game changing plays, but slow and give up plays also) CB - Grimes (Burnt Grimes,can't cover tall receivers, and pass interference calls alot but sadly our best
  8. I agree on all except for Blalock, he's a great o lineman for us.
  9. I just hope Snelling has the bulk of the carries because he doesn't FALL down at the first contact.
  10. Snelling is running wayyyy better than Norwood. Norwood runs to the line and just falls, while Snelling is hitting the holes and breaking a few tackles. Snelling is the key for us to win today.
  11. Let's hope Philly let Vick run their offense in the 4th quarter because ATL is gettin murked 27-0, without our starting players on Offense.
  12. Vick's finna be 1-0 all time vs Falcons.
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