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  1. i couldnt name more than 5 players on the rams offense
  2. We need a sack or somethin to force them into long situations
  3. get back to running the ball And take some more shots deep to Roddy
  4. Bodden in black and red? 10:14 AM ETLeigh Bodden | Patriots | Interested: Falcons?, Ravens? Top Email ESPNBoston's Mike Reiss reported on Friday that Leigh Bodden has re-hired former agent Alvin Keels, potentially improving the chances that the cornerback remains with the Patriots. Reiss writes that the move "shouldn't have a major impact when it comes to the possibility of the Patriots re-signing Bodden," but "with Bodden re-hiring Keels, the sides could potentially pick up where they left off last year on the talks regarding a longer-term deal." 2009 was a good season for Leigh Bodden in New
  5. Adam Schefter on Mike and Mike said his top team to land Peppers would be Atlanta! Said Arthur Blank would spend the money, a division rival, and Atlanta needs another DE and with an uncapped year it would be a great fit... BRING HIM HOME TD!!!
  6. Can anyone help me as to how many picks we have in the upcoming draft? I know we have the 19th or 20th pick in the first round but other than than I am in the dark
  7. We basically just spotted them 3 but I see our D having a big game today....We put up 17 points and we win
  8. I honestly dont remember when I saw a defense this bad
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