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  1. Sam Baker and Harvey Dahl at a TOOL concert back in '09. They were nice dudes. Huge too!
  2. If nothing else...that dude earned some really nasty karma. I see STDs and multiple flat tires in his future.
  3. This is our year!

  4. I hope they nail whoever did that! Sounds like something Aints fans would do.
  5. They cleaned out the clearance section didn't they! I would just wear a plain red t-shirt rather than some of those jerseys... Just kidding, at least they are Falcons fans.
  6. "• That was not an onside kick for the Falcons at the end of the Seattle game. It was a bad squib kick by Matt Bryant. Nobody is dumb enough to do that. Give Mike Smith more credit than that." I thought Bosher kicked that... He was horrible yesterday. I hope he is still running punishment laps in Flowery Branch right now.
  7. I have some doucher in my section who is always being a prick like that. He told me to quit with flags as well... I just waved them even more after that. I was really trying to be polite at first, and wave them only in front of myself and over the ledge since my seats are first row... Everybody hates this guy anyways, I won't even call him a Falcons 'fan'...just some old jackhole who wears Falcons clothing. I really hope that he and his 'girlfriend' or whatever she is, DO NOT RENEW NEXT SEASON! I want their seats anyways since they are on the aisle... I am bringing twice the amount of flags wi
  8. 236 row 1! We will be fired up! I'm going to go insane!!!!!!!!
  9. Looks like some good 'Alien' tie-ins. This was going to be a prequel, but Ridley Scott changed his mind. This is going to be very interesting.
  10. 236 row 1! We are going to put this Vick thing to rest for good tonight! To **** with Vick!
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