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  1. Actually, you did. Translation: I don't have anything else honest to say. But don't worry, I'm done with this thread.
  2. If overall series record is all that matters and individual eras of 'ownership' are to be discounted then no rational person would believe leading by just 4 games out of 90 would imply dominance? If that's all it took, then the moment the Saints win a majority, their fans could take that claim and it would be no more viable. Now, what we CAN say is that, based on games that were played that are relevant to this Sunday, i.e., recent history, the Saints seem to have the upper hand. I have more faith in Payton than, many on your board have in Smith. But the rivalry has been so close, I certainly don't guarantee a victory for New Orleans Problem with your analogy is that it is flawed. Historical relevance recedes as time goes on. The Lions won 3 NFL championships in the 1950's but their fans would be rightly laughed at if they tried to offset their more recent futility by using their whole 'history' as a barometer.
  3. Sounds to me like you're making a bigger deal out of the last 9 years than any Saints fan. It's a bit hypocritical for you to thump your chest over a series lead of 47-43, only a 52.2% winning difference, then castigate Saints fans who revel in the Saint's success in the last 9 years record of 13 of 16 vs the Falcons, a winning difference of over 81% . Speaking of our histories, I'm fully aware the Saints didn't even have 1 winning season in their first 20 years under John Mecom's incredibly inept ownership. They've had only 2 stretches when they consistently prevailed over the Falcons, the Mora years and the current regime. On the other hand Atlanta had only 5 winning seasons in their first 32 years, so I have no problem acknowledging that, early on, both our franchises were mostly sorry.
  4. Does that mean when the Saints overtake the Falcons for the series lead, we can make the same inane claims of overwhelming superiority over your franchise? More likely, the same Falcon fans will start saying none of that really matters. Count on it.
  5. Actually, we had a good run between 86-94, during the Mora Sr. years, when the Saints won 13 of 18 games vs the Falcons. But hey, we've gotten a little better this year. You guys have gotten a lot better this year. We'll find who did best on Sept 7th. Hoping for a good game with no injuries.
  6. I'll concede that Atlanta is the big brother considering you came into the NFL one year earlier. But despite your accurate recounting of our rivalry, I'm more than happy that y'all have been taken to the woodshed consistently in the Payton/Brees era by little brother.
  7. I agree with you except for CB. I think you're underestimating Keenan Lewis and Patrick Robinson. They are at least equally as good as Trufant and Alford.
  8. I routinely visit this board and those of teams the Saints will be playing during a given season. For what it's worth, TATF has one of the better formats, a mostly great bunch of regular posters and generally good topics. Kudos for a worthwhile site.
  9. If you're going to poke fun at someone for saying 'blowed' instead of blown, then you ought to make sure you don't say 'bath' when you meant bathe. I'll grant your error was probably just a 'typo'.
  10. I'd say the starters will play into the third quarter. 'at least' means no less than. If the coaches only meant to play the starters in the first half, they would have said 'at most'. In any case, all this speculation seems a little pointless.
  11. Does that include the 1314 Kolomoki Mound Builders? ...just kidding, I understand what you meant.....
  12. As I recall, and as others have mentioned, this ranking is based on last year's offenses and is not a projection for this year. Otherwise, it would be foolish to think, that the Falcon receiving corps including depth would not be in the top 5 at the very least.
  13. Despite being a sad commentary, this is pretty funny. Sorry guys, I know it's been a disastrous season.
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