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    For an old guy, I stay fairly active. I played football in HS, but frankly
    was just too small to be effective (5'6") at much of anything. So, I
    swam competitively and ran competitively. Played
    intramural ball in college. Today, triathlons, as much as I can. I'm
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    Nobody looks good in those damned spandex biking shorts!!! Well,
    other than this one woman that I tend to follow (not terrible, looking
    up at her *** for 50+ miles)... Yes, that's definitely an interest!

    Also, while I grew up in surburbs of Atlanta and lived there until
    2005, I relocated down to the center of the state on Lake Sinclair.
    Now, lots of swimming, boating, floating, drankin', and watching
    the Falcons on TV...

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  1. Arguably there's probably 6 QB's who all could be first rounders. I'm thinking we'll pick somewhere else, and if one of those 6+- is still around come our second pic we're more likely to grab someone then.
  2. Please, please, please get Najee. ****, if Etienne is available at 36, grab him too, but I dont think either of these guys will make it past 20.
  3. IMHO we should be 4-1; we have the talent. I've seen years when we had nearly no talent except for maybe 4 players total and yet the team found a way to manage a win or two because they didn't want to lose; they refused to lose, even though they really didnt have the talent... This team is extremely talented and deep with talent. Yet, it's acceptable to be 0-5. And, this isn't H/S or college. These guys are professionals. They make millions of dollars at their chosen profession, and yet losing is acceptable. I like Dan Quinn; who doesn't?!?! But, he, Dirk, McKay, possibly anothe
  4. I'm over here thinking "this is what professionals produce"? REALLY? If I did this, on my job, making a small fraction of what these guys make, I'd be fired in a heartbeat. You see, I AM a professional, highly regarded. If I f'd up like that on-side kick, I could expect my next day at the office would be packing my bags... Seriously; where is the accountability? Do we have coaches whose #1 job is training everyone on the rules of the game? If not, then the responsibility falls on Blank and he needs to admit it, take responsibility for it, and put a few people there and hold them a
  5. I've got nearly $1,000 in jerseys and falcons garb in the closet. I re-arrange every day they play so that I can see the game in its entirity, and I've done this since 1966. I had season tickets for 16 years; ROW 1 when the GA Dome opened up; we'd high-five Dionne Sanders all the time... I will not disown the Falcons, but I'm pretty much done with this season. I'm going to get my Sunday's back. Losing because the guys on the field, and I will say yelling, PROFESSIONALS, dont know the ****ed rules of the very game they are PROFESSIONALS at and play; I'm done. Perhaps next year.
  6. For the last 6 or 8 years I've seen MANY games won or lost because a bone head or two just don't know the rules of the game. In many ways we gave away this game, but none so glaring as about 4 or 5 Atlanta Falcons who dont know the rules of the kick, in particular when the ball is in-play for the receiving team. In that case, jump on the F'ing ball! It doesn't matter who recovers it, if it hasn't gone 10 yards, it's Atlanta ball no matter what. JUMP ON THE ****IN' BALL ALREADY. So, the question is, do we have a game rules coach? If not, why not? I know every team has strength
  7. I'm not sure that Arthur honestly understands what being in the heart of SEC territory and football country really means. I mean, why doesn't the state of Alabama need an NFL team? Because they already ****ed near 2 of 'em; that's why. I'm not here to debate with you, merely to chime in further in that I think your cries will fall upon deaf ears. And, this old hard-core fan will still be a hard-core fan tomorrow, next year, and God willing for many years to come.
  8. Like you, I'm too old to relive this Rankin Smith crap... I like Quinn, but the team as a whole seemed largely ill-prepared and out-manned at nearly every turn. We had some beautiful individual performances, notably Grady and Sanu looked good. I was disappointed in #11, he seems lethargic. And Freeman; great guy but Ito is doing a helluva lot better... And the offense play calling was boring and predictable.
  9. Doug, I think you nailed it. The new guy fetching punts did a pretty good job. Grady was and is a beast. Jones looked really good; glad to have him back. I haven't seen much criticism of Freeman; he's not getting it done. MR2 looks ok, but seems to make ghastly bad decisions from time to time. O play calling; GHASTLY! WTF? Really? My daughter literally calls plays for the O in her H/S, and she does one helluva lot better than what we saw on Sunday; unbelievably predictable and uninspired. Sometimes, when it's an obvious run situation, you need to call a play-act
  10. I dont know about DQ being a "fuvkin idiot", but the team as a whole looks BAD. O play calling is predictive. O line isn't showing why we drafted O line... D isn't jelling at all. Run D seems to be non-existant. Ryan is frustrated and forcing the ball; he doesn't force it well; never has. Then, he's throwing late or looking at the receiver the whole time. Did I mention that Freeman looks like he should've been cut? It's bad. I didnt necessarily expect a win, but this is flat out embarrassing.
  11. Tim was more than a good player; he was simply great. He is and was extremely smart, and he quite literally have it (the game, and therefor us) his all. It's just how he is. He IS very strong; even when his body leaves him, he is strong in mind and spirit. Please, lets debate the merits and risks of playing football in another place. I'm glad he's had a chance to see his kids grow and mature. I wish his kids could've seen him 30 years ago... He, truly, is a LIFE mentor for us all.
  12. Props also to the team. Starting this season they seem to loaf around, almost lethargic. Not the last 2 games, particularly this one. Everyone was scrapping, both early and late. It's like (for a nice change) they actually WANTED to win the danged game vs. felt like it was owed to them.
  13. Topic typo: We're NOT going 12-4. We'll have to really recover and find who we are to even salvage 8-8... We're hurting.
  14. Anyone remember our 3-13 season; we were lucky to get 2 of those wins... No, this is not our worst team, not by a long shot.
  15. I'll say this: They've been a helluva lot better, season to season, than we were under the previous ownership... Frankly, I'm of the opinion that anyone predicting our season in the 12+ wins this year had their head firmly up their wazoo. As a team though, we have to decide whether we're folding and punting this season, or whether we refuse to accept loss. There are two types of winners; those who relish the win, and those who absolutely refuse to lose. If we're the "relish the win" team, we're screwed. If we're the "refuse to lose" team, then there's still a chance for 8 or 9 wins.
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