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  1. Nope he said the saints would host the packers. He is wrong already.
  2. This ^^^^ I listened to him on the BS report (Bill Simmons podcast for those not in the know) he was very very adamant that we would be one and done. He then went on to predict a GB NO nfc championship game. Really Dilfer? Really? Idk but a 5 v 6 seed can not have happened many times.
  3. HAHA I wonder if he still sticks by his Saints will host the NFC Championship theory. Bahahahaha. I looked and looked for any contact for him and couldn't find it. I would love to rub this in his arrogant face.
  4. Exactly!! Ryan is still a young qb. Early in a qbs career they are all guilty of trying to force passes to their favorite receivers. He will figure it out.
  5. It seems like there is some kind of force field between Roddys cleats and the white line. I'm very impressed with his awareness around the sideline.
  6. which is weird its usually the other way around
  7. this is the same defense the jets used to romp the pats a few years ago, the second time they played the pats had a good game plan for it and tore it up. not saying it couldnt work for a game but its not a full time scheme imo.
  8. thats why they were NFC champs last year and played the steelers in the super bowl. thank u i havent laughed this hard in ages.
  9. Im not so sure that the team has regressed as much as we pulled a stupidly difficult schedule. I dont think I need to remind people of how many teams we played off of their bye weeks and the amount of difficult road games.
  10. this. plus we were down against new england and got away from the run in the second half.
  11. isnt he that guy that used to play for the marlins? wait, no thats not right either
  12. i agree. this was the most ive ever swore at my tv in a blow out win. they really made it seem as if they just laid down and gave us the game when we just came in and took it from them
  13. i like the beer man and all but having abe on the other side is really helping his production.
  14. flacco has thrown 3 ints in the red zone in the last 2 weeks thats where they differ
  15. his deep ball will get better. brady had a pretty weak arm comin out of college but now he throws a good deep ball
  16. hes also got a crazy running style his legs are all over the place
  17. i agree with you about houston. hes takes alot of guff from this board but he has been solid and is still very young in cb years. anything is and upgrade over grimes he reminds me of rossum and webster in coverage. any third down the qb is throwin to whomever they are covering
  18. getting norwood back will be huge. his big play ability has to be accounted for every time he touches the ball
  19. you got another thing comin if u think thats true. our d line is weak against the rush indeed but babs and the beer man are both excellent pass rushers.
  20. oh btw how many times did hill get sacked last week? just checkin
  21. ur right lets all jump to conclusions after 3 games :wacko: while ur jumpin to conclusions i hear there are some high bridges in san fran... just sayin
  22. i wanted to say that but tampon bay is giving em a run for their money on getting that number one overall pick
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